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Advantages & disadvantages of installing a garage door yourself

Installing a new garage door brings all sorts of benefits. It improves your home’s appearance, adds value, boosts safety and reduces maintenance.

However, homeowners have a choice when it comes to installation. They can install new garage doors themselves or get professionals to do it for them.

But which is best? Find out here.

Advantages Of Installing A Garage Door Yourself

Here are some of the advantages of installing a garage door yourself:

It Improves Your DIY Skills

Installing something as complicated as a new garage door involves a steep learning curve. Depending on the type of door, you may learn how to install new equipment you wouldn’t otherwise get an opportunity to work with, adding to your repertoire.

It Saves On Labour Costs

When you get professionals to install garage doors, you have to pay their labour costs. But when you do it yourself, all you’re spending is your own time.

Installation fees aren’t usually high, but if you’re on a tight budget, you might think it’s worth doing yourself. Be warned, though: installing a new garage door from scratch with no experience isn’t easy. You may spend far longer on the project than you anticipate, taking you away from other paid work.

It’s Easy If You Want To Install A Simple Door

Lastly, installing a garage door is easy if the fittings are simple and you don’t have to do any electrical work. Most manufacturers supply helpful guides with their door kits so all you need are the right tools and minimal DIY experience.

Disadvantages Of Installing A Garage Door Yourself

Of course, there are some significant disadvantages of installing a garage door yourself:

It Can Get Expensive

If you make a mistake and damage fittings or the structure of your garage, things can get costly fast. A new garage door installation could cost more than simply hiring professionals from a garage door company tallahassee (or in your local area), who can do the work correctly and reliably the first time. They can also plan your new garage door project quickly and concisely, give you plenty of advice, and help you decide exactly what kind of installation you need based on your environment and other factors.

It Takes A Long Time

Secondly, it can take inexperienced DIY enthusiasts a long time to fit new garage doors. If the door isn’t fitted quickly, the garage might remain open overnight – a significant security risk.

By contrast, professionals, like this Garage Door Repairman, will fit your new garage door on the same day. They work to a strict timetable, making sure that the new hardware is ready and functioning properly by the evening. If you try to do it yourself, it could eat into your time massively.

It’s A Health And Safety Risk

Falling from ladders is another severe risk when fitting new garage doors yourself. You could lose your balance while screwing bolts into the wall, causing injury. Getting doors fitted professionally eliminates this risk.


Ultimately, performing garage door installation yourself isn’t worth it unless you have industry experience. Therefore, always use professionals. While they charge a fee, they can install your garage door quickly (in a single day) without making mistakes. Contact The Garage Door Suppliers & Installers Glasgow for a free quote!