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How To Free Up Time When Balancing Running A Business With Parenting

More and more people are choosing to set up a business or take control of their schedules through freelancing. If you have kids, being your own boss can provide more flexibility, but it’s often difficult to balance parenting with working and running a business. If you’re looking to free up time or adjust your routine to find a healthier work-life balance, here are some top tips.

Make use of software and online tools

Today, business owners have a huge range of tools and software programmes at their disposal. Embracing modern technologies and tools can help to boost efficiency, eliminate time-consuming tasks and create more time for fundamental jobs that underpin the daily running of the company. Consider options like automation software and online accounting tools, as well as social media marketing scheduling and timetable management apps. It’s also a brilliant idea to capitalise on tech that enables you to make calls and join video conferences and virtual events. If you can make a video call or attend an event virtually rather than travelling or staying away, this will give you more time to spend with your family.

Work with third parties

It’s challenging to take care of every task involved in running a business in-house. If you have a small team, or you don’t want to hire additional employees, it’s beneficial to work with third parties. You can outsource certain jobs, work with external agencies or online businesses, or hire freelancers. From a cloud accountant and a digital marketing agency to a logistics company that will take care of delivering orders to customers, there are opportunities to enhance customer service and efficiency and save time and effort without adding to your wage bill permanently. It’s also incredibly beneficial to gain access to expertise and skills you don’t have on your team to improve performance and outcomes.

Learn to say no

Most entrepreneurs are naturally ambitious and hard-working. They tend to work all hours of the day and they rarely take breaks or turn down requests and invitations. It’s important to be dedicated and committed when you run a company, but it’s also crucial to understand that you can’t be in two places at once and to recognise that you need breaks and time away from your desk. Learn to say no. Prioritise invitations and events and manage your time to ensure that you get the rest you need and you have quality time with family and friends.


Delegating can have an incredibly positive impact on time management and work-life balance, but it doesn’t always come easily. Many bosses are reluctant to delegate, especially during the early days of getting a business off the ground. Have faith in your team and encourage them to take on more responsibility.

Running a business and raising kids at the same time can be challenging. If you feel like you’re chasing your tail, or your schedule lacks balance, it’s important to make changes. Take advantage of technology and tools to free up time, work with third parties and learn to say no. Manage your time to allow for breaks, delegate and have confidence in your employees.