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Is erectile dysfunction a mental state?

As many as a million men in the United Kingdom experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. In most cases of ED, the underlying health issue is something external like a heart condition, diabetes, or being overweight. Erectile dysfunction can be exacerbated by unhealthy lifestyle choices including smoking and drinking heavily. However, for other men, problems with their minds or psychology are the root cause of their erectile dysfunction.

If the root cause of ED is physical then various drugs are prescribed by renowned UK doctors and pharmacies, such as “Access Doctor”. Access doctor Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are commonly prescribed. But if the underlying cause is psychological then different approaches are used. 

Continue reading to know more about the link between ED and a mental condition as well as the treatment options available for psychological ED.

The Mental Roots of Erectile Dysfunction 

Problems with the mind that contribute to ED are trickier to spot, diagnose, and cure. Some of the most typical mental factors contributing to erectile dysfunction are:

1. Stress 

There will always be a time of tension in everyone’s lives. In some cases, pressure can be a great spur to action. But even relatively minor sources of worry, like having to give a presentation at work tomorrow, can have a negative impact on your ability to reach and sustain sexual performance. It can negatively impact your sexual health even if you’re not under a lot of pressure.

2. Depression 

Biological changes in the brain are often at the root of depressive episodes. It has the potential to dampen a person’s arousal and make the sexual activity less satisfying. But diagnosing depression in guys isn’t always as straightforward. Some guys are reluctant to get therapy as they don’t know the spot signs of depression.

The good news is that with effective treatment for depression, most men will heal, redevelop a normal sexual interest, and overcome their ED.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest physically in a number of ways, including elevated heart rate, blood pressure issues, and fatigue. This can have a knock-on effect on your sexual performance. Anxiety is one of the most common mental issues of ED.

4. Troubled Relationships

If there is tension in the relationship, it may alter how you interact sexually.

Sexual desire and performance can be negatively impacted by arguments, poor communication, and anger. Together you and your partner can work through these issues, which may lessen your ED symptoms.

5. Worried about sexual problems 

When experiencing ED for the first time, it’s typical to worry that it won’t ever go away. The resulting emotions may be fear or low self-esteem. Your next sexual encounter may be impacted by your inability to get or keep an erection due to these emotions.

Until you see a doctor and get help, you may be stuck in this cycle. Your anxiety about sexual dysfunction should decrease once you begin receiving treatment.

Therapies for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) that Target the Mind

In order to effectively treat psychological erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to deal with the underlying cause, which may be a mental health issue or fear related to sexual activity.

Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are often treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

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