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Ways to build a rock-solid relationship with your teens

Teenage is a tricky age for both parents and children. While the children do not understand many things and undergo hormonal, physical, and mental changes in their bodies. The parents also find maintaining their relationship with teens challenging, given their behavior changes.

However, it is also true that most teenage behavior is correlated to the bond with their parents. According to reports, good relationships between parents/teens result in good academic performance. Moreover, such kids also stay happier than their peers who do not have a stable and positively correlated relationship with their parents.

Do you also struggle to create a rock-solid relationship with your adolescent? If yes, you’re on the right page! Here, we mention some tried and tested tips to help you develop a lovely friendly bond with the blossoming person. Read on!

1. Plan Recreational Time Together

Teenage is a stressful time for children. They are unaware of how to handle many types of stress and pressure. Thus, parents need to plan recreational time together once a day. You can speak about how your day went and how certain things made you feel. It will create a safe space for your children to share their emotions with you.

Many parents/teen duos visit the church as a part of their daily routine to unwind. The ministries at the church are trained in making disciples; thus, they help nurture the relationship by providing guidance. Finding solace in the same place can help bond deeper and better understand situations. Interestingly, many people have benefited from the discipleship programs at the church. They have had significant help in keeping control of the running thoughts in mind.

2. Do not push them into independence

It is a natural urge to live independently, make self-decisions, and behave maturely in adolescence. However, as a parent, you are responsible for ensuring they are always under guidance. Make them understand the essence of independence; it means making relationships with others and not being rebellious about everything.

Therefore, please do not push your teen into independence on the pretext of preparing them for life ahead. When a child feels they are being forced into standing alone over and over again, they may become overly dependent on their peer group. Thus, it may get too plate when you realize what damage early independence has done.

3. Eat Meals Together

Eating meals together in many parts of the world has been a traditional practice. However, gradually, people drifted apart and now less than often, families eat a meal together. But it has a downside, children feel alone and do not connect well with their parents. Therefore, you must ensure that your family eats at least one meal of the day together.

Mostly, it is dinner time that is preferred and suitable for everyone. So, when you’re at the table, you can discuss various things, such as how the day went and others. Likewise, listen to what your teen has to share about their days and life. Use this as an opportunity to spot the brewing problems in their life. Teens are highly influenced when they hang out and talk with their parents.

Bottom Line

It is imperative to understand that parenting a teenager is difficult. In addition, there is no guide for the same. So, stay calm, and learn through things. Do what is right, but extreme of anything, be it love or anger, can harm your child’s relationship.