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Must have features for a Smart Home

For homeowners who love technology and want to get the best from their property, a smart home can provide the ultimate union of security, technology and convenience.

Here we talk through some of the many great smart products on offer which combine the latest technological advancements and automation to deliver increased efficiency, safety and productivity.

Home network

In order to work effectively, there needs to be a robust automation infrastructure at the centre of your home that will act as the central nervous system for your smart home. It might seem like wireless is everything nowadays, but we also know that wireless can be unreliable so you need to ensure that you have an advanced wired system in addition to wireless access points. This will work to integrate the various different components, ensuring that they function well and bring everything together at the touch of a remote or app.

Smart blinds

When people imagine a smart home, they don’t tend to think of things like window dressings as being included in that. However, smart blinds can be installed to replace old blinds or curtains and offer many benefits including;

  • Help to protect privacy
  • Can be drawn or open whilst you are out or away to deter burglars
  • Cordless so are safe for children and pets
  • Extremely convenient and can be set to timers


A smart security system is the ultimate way to keep you, your family, your home and your belongings safe. An automated security system can include cameras, doors, locks, lighting, motion detectors, access control, doorbells, CCTV and intercoms, all working together in harmony to protect your property.

These systems work in real time, allowing users to remotely manage their homes, alerting them of everything from someone ringing the front door with a parcel to access attempts or unusual activity. This allows you to respond when necessary and can even notify the respective authorities if needed.


Lighting control has long been one of the key features of any smart home and switching to LED light bulbs proves advantageous in more ways than one as they use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. However, smart lighting has evolved way beyond simply allowing users to turn lights on and off. Smart lightbulbs now mean they can even choose the colour or brightness they want and change them via remote, app or voice control.


Speakers, TV’s and devices from tablets and video games consoles to stereos and smartphones can all be combined to create the ultimate smart entertainment system. Smart TV’s can now connect to the internet giving access to a new world of entertainment and apps for streaming and gaming. With more appliances than ever now offering voice controllable capabilities, this means that you can connect your TV to a wireless speaker and search or change channels using just your voice, delivering a whole host of entertainment options.


Having a smart heating system or thermostat is a great way to monitor and optimise your energy consumption. Using sensors placed around the home, a smart system works by constantly monitoring the temperature and automatically switching the heating on or off based on your predetermined preferences. You can also boost your heating or hot water wherever you are from an app, which is perfect if you are on your way home from being out or have been away on holiday.