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How to Dress Well: 4 Fashion Tips all Men Should Adopt

Want to be confident? Dress well. Want to be respected by your colleague? Dress well. Want to be attractive? Dress well.

There are many benefits attached to dressing well and looking your best. And while every man wants to wear outfits that make them noticeable and admired, only a few men understand what it takes to achieve that look that makes them stand out.

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Here are 4 fashion tips that teach you how to dress well.

1. Wear a suit well

A suit needs to be fitted to look good on you.

If you buy your suit off-the-peg, keep an eye on the fit across the shoulders as it’s hard to adjust this area, unlike the chest and waist.

Be careful about wearing a period suit. You should only do so if you are chasing a total period look, as in isolation, the suits start to appear like a novelty.

Go for classic suit pieces. They are the best and most useful—dark, two-button, single-breasted, little details. It’s simple and eye-catching. Remember, it’s the way you wear the suit that makes you stand out, not the label on the inner side of the suit collar.

2. Accessorize

Your outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories.

The right accessories help you express your personality and highlight body features like neck, face, arms, etc. Plus, they can help improve your appearance.

As a man, it’s important you have the right collection of accessories in your drawer or closet. This includes a neck chain, possibly a cuban chain. You should also have wrist wears (wristwatches, wrist chains, wrist beads, etc.), head wears (hats and flat caps), rings, eye wears, and elegant footwear (dress shoes, loafers, boots, sandals, brogues, etc.).

While accessorizing is an excellent way to stand out, you mustn’t overdo it. It makes your outfit look cluttered.

3. Maintain your clothing

Buying the best outfits is one thing, and maintaining them is another. If you invested money in your clothing, it’s important you take care of it.

And how do you do that?

Don’t toss your clothes on the floor after use, or keep them in a damp area. Instead, hang them on suit hangers. And keep your shoes on the shoe trees. Your suits should be dry-cleaned and pressed.

In addition, always wash your clothes regularly and don’t tumble dry them as it can wear out the fabric. As for your shoes, try to polish them with the right polish. And don’t forget about your physical appearance. Brush your hair, cut your nails, and use a good deodorant.

4. Know when to ignore the rules

The fashion world is governed by dress codes that must be adhered to. However, not all dress codes are to be followed; some are meant to be broken.

While some of these dress codes are there for a good reason—probably because the occasion demands it’s a standard set by a higher authority like your boss—some do not consider individual preferences or comfort, and hence, need to be ignored. Enjoy the freedom that comes with breaking fashion rules.


Wearing nice clothes and complementing your look with stylish accessories isn’t enough to make you stand out. To dress well, you need to focus on the basics.

You must groom yourself well— comb your hair, put on a good deodorant, walk confidently, and smile. It’s the small things that matter when it comes to looking your best.