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Know the Best Blackjack Strategies

Do you enjoy playing the game of Blackjack? Want to make the most of the game? In that case, knowing about the Blackjack strategies can help. Blackjack is one of the most played online casino games. Most players have a good understanding of the rules of the game. However, not all players have knowledge of the best strategies to use. In this blog, you will get to know the top Blackjack strategies. Let’s take a look!

Split a Pair of Aces and 8s

When you have a pair of aces and 8s, you must always split. Irrespective of the upcard of the dealer, splitting is the right move. Splitting the aces can provide you with significant gains. On the other hand, splitting the 8s can cut down the losses and enhance winning chances.

Avoid the Insurance Bets

The term insurance sounds positive to the players. So, making insurance bets may be quite tempting for the players. However, to enhance your Blackjack online UK gameplay, avoid such bets. Insurance bets are often referred to as sucker bets. Even if you have a really good hand, do not make the insurance bets. The payoff of such bets is quite less.

Hit Ace-7 When the Upcard of the Dealer is Ace, 9, or 10

Most players have a perception that when a hand totals 18, there is a chance of a sure win. That is why they opt to stand. However, it is actually not the right approach. When you have a soft 18 hand, it is always recommended to hit. By hitting, you may draw a small card like 2, 3, or Ace. This can ultimately enhance your gameplay at Blackjack.

Don’t Split a Pair of Tens or 5s

When you have a pair of tens or 5s, avoid going for a split. Instead, you must choose to draw one or more cards. It is likely to have a positive impact on your overall gameplay.

Double Down a Hard 11

If you have a hard 11, it is best to double down, irrespective of the upcard of the dealer. However, there is one exception to this strategy. When you play the multi-deck cards, you will find that the dealer needs to stand on soft 17 as per the specified rules. In such a situation, it is better to hit against the Ace of the dealer instead of doubling down.

Stand on a Pair of 9s

Most players consider splitting the pairs of 9s if the upcard of the dealer is 9 or less. However, when the upcard of the dealer is 7, it is ideal to stand on a pair of 9s. Instead of hitting or splitting, the best strategy is to stand.

Avoid Playing 6 to 5 Blackjack Games

Traditionally, a Blackjack hand was always paid at an odd of 3 to 2. However, things have changed significantly over the years. Today, a number of casinos are offering 6 to 5 odds to Blackjack players. Such games can increase the house edge by nearly 1.45% in the case of single-deck games. If you are playing multiple deck games, the house edge increases even more. It becomes more than 2%. So, try to avoid engaging in such types of Blackjack games.


These are some of the best Blackjack strategies that you can leverage when you learn to play blackjack. Blackjack is one of the most interesting and exciting casino games online. All you need to know is the right strategies to make the most of the game. Now that you know the strategies, it is time to implement them. Choose a reliable and reputed online casino platform and start playing Blackjack using these strategies.