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Men’s Casual Outfit Guide

Are you trying to elevate your casual look, but you’re unsure where to start? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re about to tell you all about the casual style many men are striving to achieve. What pieces to combine, how to avoid colours clashing, and how to make accessories work to your advantage. Additionally, you can explore 10,000+ styles and enjoy up to 70% OFF final reduction at House of Fraser!

Jeans for every occasion

Jeans have been around for decades and never fail to make a casual look appear trendier. Dark-washed denim, light-washed denim, blue jeans or plain black denim, they’re never out of style. Casual style is all about feeling comfortable while also making heads turn. So, when it comes to the choice of jeans, we suggest a relaxed straight leg with a regular waist. Nothing too snug, tight or short. You need to feel cosy in your clothes to look casual. Rolled-up legs to your ankles during warm months look laid-back and send a message that you have no care in the world while looking your best.

T-shirts rule

When you throw a t-shirt on top, the jeans will look even trendier. Remember that casual doesn’t mean frumpy. So, when you pick out t-shirts, don’t necessarily go for the one that looks like it’s time you throw it away. Instead, go for comfortable Terry Cloth shirts for men that look stylish without making you look like you’re trying too hard. They add just enough style to make every outfit stand out but still speak cosy. Whether you pair them with jeans or shorts, Terry Cloth shirts will elevate your style instantly.


Footwear is another vital element of every outfit. Casual style means you’ll be going for casual footwear such as trainers. One of the best characteristics of trainers is their versatility. You’ll invest money in the most covetable shoe style and wear them as a part of your casual, formal, and any other outfit. Go for the classic white trainers to match any colour from the palette. Whether you go for plain white, those featuring a vibrantly coloured sole or those with whimsical stripes, white trainers will inevitably be the cherry on top of a trendy casual outfit.

Versatile jackets

Do you tend to layer up your clothes? In autumn and winter, not only is it fashionable but practical as well. If you’re wearing a t-shirt, throw over a jacket for a casual look. Denim jackets are ideal for spring and autumn when the temperatures aren’t cold yet. A light-washed denim jacket will match best with every other shade of jeans. Avoid matching the same shade of jeans with your jacket’s to avoid looking like you’re wearing a uniform. Bomber jackets have been a huge trend in recent years, so invest in one of them too. Biker jackets never go out of style and match perfectly with jeans, flannel shirts and t-shirts.

An array of knitwear

Knitwear has never been more popular than in recent years. It brings us back to layering. The beauty of knitwear jumpers, for instance, is that you can wear them over your t-shirt or throw them over your shoulders and tie them loosely around your neck. Depending on the weather, you can wear it immediately if it’s cold, or bring it for later by casually throwing it over the shoulders, like you’re about to play a game of golf. Layer it underneath a bomber jacket or wear them as an outer layer – either way, your casual look will be top-notch.

Add a few details

Who says accessories are just for women? A man looks more fashionable with a trendy accessory, even if he’s aiming for a casual look. On top of that, men have their necessities to bring along and a backpack will store them much better than a jacket pocket. For those men who carry their work or hobby with them, a backpack will be a necessity as much as a trendy detail to show off. Caps are making a comeback, so look into trendy ones to make your casual outfit the talk of the town. How do you feel about scarves? During winter, they keep you warm and make the coat more stylish. For warmer months, you can throw a silk scarf over your shoulders purely for a touch of style. Sunglasses will make the cap even more modish while preventing you from losing your eyesight over those bright sunbeams.

Final thoughts

Casual outfits go beyond t-shirts and sweatpants. While you want to feel comfortable, you don’t have to look like a hobo. Avoid the main mistakes of achieving a casual look by following the tips above. All you need is a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and white trainers to start on a good note. Add a trendy jacket and a couple of stylish details, and you’ve got a casual outfit that will turn heads around town.