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Where To Store Your Luggage While Visiting London

Let’s face it: the one thing that can ruin any sightseeing trip is having to lug your bags and suitcases around with you.

Day trips are made so much more complicated by not being able to use a hotel’s luggage storage service – and the storage prices at train stations and airports are designed to make you pay more and more.

It’s a logistical – and expensive – nightmare.

So why not use Stasher?

Let’s explore what this secure method of storage can do for you – and how your trips to London just got a whole lot easier.

Why should I use Stasher instead of a hotel or transport station?

When you’re not staying at a hotel – or even if you are, and you just want some peace of mind – Stasher can connect you to one of their many StashPoints.

StashPoints are hotels or shops which can store your luggage securely – whether for a short period or a long one, there’ll be a StashPoint nearby to accommodate you.

And as far as having a stress-free trip to London is concerned, Stasher also insures each stashed bag, so you can enjoy your sightseeing without worrying about your luggage.

Photo ID is also needed to collect your bags from a StashPoint, making it much more secure than the “return slip” methods at hotels or transport stations!

How is using a StashPoint more convenient?

It goes without saying that trying to find somewhere safe to secure your bags isn’t fun – especially if you like vetting each and every option for security.

Stasher removes that inconvenience.

You can book a StashPoint on the same day through Stasher’s website or app – and since every StashPoint is already vetted by Stasher, you don’t need to worry.

How do I actually use Stasher?

Simplicity is at the basis of everything Stasher does – so using the website and app is easy.

As Stasher has thousands of locations all around the world, it can be wherever you want it to be!

And with the size and opportunities that London brings, Stasher’s presence is well-founded there.

if you type your location into the search bar of the website, the website will automatically search nearby locations based on their proximity to your current location.

Each site’s opening hours and price per bag will also be shown next to each StashPoint.

Is Stasher cheaper than other options?

Traveling economically is a big concern for many people in 2023. Using Stasher is one way to curb your travel expenditure.

With a price of £6 or $6 per day for each item, using Stasher is approximately 50% cheaper than using luggage storage facilities at London train stations.

For example, keeping a bag overnight at King’s Cross is currently at a cost of £8 – and when you take into account the insurance of bags that Stasher provides, using other storage facilities just doesn’t seem worth it.

If you’re flying into London, it’s also not cheap to store your bags in the city’s airports. At Heathrow for instance, storing a bag for 24 hours will cost you £15: almost 3 times more than Stasher charges!

The future of your luggage

The task of packing, storing, and keeping your luggage safe can be challenging, especially if you’re traveling to a big city like London, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

While you can still rely on the traditional luggage storage at hotels, train stations, and airports, you can now trust Stasher with your time, your money, and your suitcases!

Free yourself from lugging your bags around, and let Stasher do the work for you.

London is calling!