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Could Your Attitude Be Messing Up Your Money Ambitions?

When we’re young, adults, caregivers and parents tell us regularly that we need to improve our attitude. We need to be more benevolent, patient, forgiving, empathetic, and happy.

However, once we enter the adult world, that sort of admonition reduces. Our friends and co-workers aren’t as vocal in their criticisms of our character and they don’t always tell us what’s wrong. Instead, things just blow up out of nowhere – or so it seems.

What’s more, they don’t have conversations with us about the things that really matter to our well-being. We’re never told about the problems with our attitude towards making money. Most of the time, we just follow the track society lays out for us, whatever that happens to be.

But this approach causes a lot of suffering. Many people languish in underpaid jobs, hoping for a better day that never arrives.

Different Money Attitudes

Much of it comes down to our individual “money attitudes.” Many people have a specific way of relating to money, based on their emotions, beliefs and childhood programming. Worse still, most of these are unconscious, which may explain why so few people break out and become successful.

For instance, a person who always believes that they will be poor and work in low-end jobs will probably do that all their lives. They might set a ceiling for themselves financially and never go beyond that.

Other people, though, might have a fundamentally different take on things. They might see money as a tool they can use to make more money and become extremely wealthy as a consequence.

These attitudes tend to be self-fulfilling. The more you believe and invest in them, the more likely they are to come true.

How Your Attitude Could Be Holding You Back

Therefore, it is wise to consider your money attitude. It could be getting in the way of achieving the life of freedom and luxury you imagine for yourself.

People with a scarcity mindset who are pessimistic about money always worry about where the next income will come from. They look at the world and see a lack of resources everywhere. Because of this, they tend to work incessantly, become jealous of others with more, and think the system is rigged against them. They create a lot of resistance in their minds which plays out in their attitudes.

For instance, they may get stuck in inaction and not take the necessary steps to climb their way out of poverty. They may also miss opportunities, even when they could lead to substantial improvements in income.

By contrast, people who have an abundance mindset see money as a tool to help them build wealth. They don’t mind spending it today if it means a brighter future tomorrow. These individuals tend to have a long-term planning horizon and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks, for example, offering employee rewards to increase productivity.

Therefore, while it might sound strange, the trick to financial success is to genuinely believe you can do it. The more you think it is a reality in your life, the more likely it will happen.