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5 Reasons To Enrol Your Kids In A Football Academy

Football is a brilliant sport for kids to get involved in for many reasons. Even if your kid isn’t dreaming big and wanting to one day play for a professional club, playing football, as an out of school hobby is great for building confidence and the skills required for children to thrive.  

An easy way to get your child involved in football is by enrolling them in a football academy for kids – they’re popping up all over the country and are suitable for kids of all ages and abilities. Kixx is one such company with academies across the UK, all of which are run by dedicated coaches and most accept children between 18 months and 10.

Why You Should Enrol Your Kids In A Football Academy

There are so many reasons to enrol your kids in a football academy – here, we provide the top 5 reasons. 

Develop Social Skills

As with many out of school activities, being part of a football academy can have a great impact on your child’s social development. Being part of a class with other kids of a similar age, and learning the same skill is crucial for not only being part of a team but gaining friends. Football academies are designed to promote teamwork, thus encouraging kids to develop social skills and make new friends, a huge benefit that will help them in later life.

Encourage A Health Lifestyle

Football is a great extra-curriculum activity to promote living a healthy lifestyle. Children who attend a football academy, are encouraged to be active, often outdoors which has a positive impact on their physical health and fitness. Playing football can have a knock-on effect on other areas of a child’s life. Children who take part in a sport are more likely to be aware of healthy lifestyle choices such as the food they eat, how much exercise they do and how much sleep they get.

Build Self-Esteem

Being part of a football academy is brilliant for building self esteem and confidence. When children develop a new skill, they often push through thresholds and improve – having a positive impact on their self esteem. Football coaches encourage creativity, and experimentation and compliment children when they do well. Being part of a sporting success, which kids will likely experience at a football academy, can have a great effect on their confidence.

Encourage Mental Resilience

Football isn’t just about success, but the failures that come with the sport too. Playing football can not only improve physical health but can also have a massive impact on a child’s mental health. By experiencing setbacks and defeat, children are encouraged to develop mental resilience when it comes to playing football. Embracing challenges and learning from mistakes are skills that can greatly impact children later in their personal and professional lives.

Have Fun

At the forefront of a parent’s mind when enrolling their kid into an out of school activity is – will they enjoy it? One of the main reasons to enrol your child in a football academy is the fun factor! Children are encouraged to be creative and have fun, all whilst learning a skill that can greatly impact their physical and mental health.


There are so many reasons why you should enrol your child in a football academy, this blog has just touched the surface! If you are keen for your kid to develop social skills, improve their physical and mental health and have an abundance of fun – enrol them in a football academy today!