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5 Industries AI Will Play a Major Role Within

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the horizon for some time, but technology is becoming more sophisticated all the time, and new applications are being discovered. AI can revolutionise industries, but it is not all good news. There are some disadvantages to AI at the same time.

IT Industry 

The IT industry is changing, and AI is at the heart of many of the developments. AI influences software, hardware, and intelligent data-gathering processes. Two of the areas in IT most likely o be affected by the AI changes are data security and process automation, such as coding. 

Cybercrime is a major threat to businesses in the global economy and needs to be taken seriously. It’s thought that AI tech can protect businesses by identifying threats and breaches early. Process automation is likely to be used in businesses of all sizes and many industries.   

Financial Industry 

AI tech is already being used extensively in the financial sector to make better financial decisions, especially investments. AI is excellent at processing big data and managing systems, so it is perfect for investment strategy. According to research, robo-advisors are more common. 

A robo-advisor is a class of AI that is programmed to assist with financial advice online. A robo-advisor uses advanced technology, algorithms, and calculations to serve the best financial advice to users based on their input data. This technology has applications in many sectors.   

Recruitment Industry 

The recruitment industry will also be changed by the introduction of new AI processes. The recruitment industry, formally a human-centred industry, is giving up more of its processes to data-driven AI algorithms. These have applications for creating job ads and screening people. 

Automated AI processes like these significantly reduce the number of human hours needed in the industry for mundane tasks allowing workers to apply specialist knowledge elsewhere. Find out more about AI in Recruitment and how it can help or hinder the industry in the coming years.

Marketing Industry 

One industry that is massively benefiting from AI at the moment and is expected to continue in the future is the marketing industry. Marketing is essential to business development and growth, and AI is helping companies to segment their audiences and create better user experiences.  

Not only that, AI is making an impact in the customer service industry. Conventional customer services use human operators to help customers make decisions and find the information needed, but chatbots are revolutionizing the industry allowing companies to develop further.  

Healthcare industry 

AI also has an application in the healthcare sector. It can be used to track symptoms, check symptoms, offer advice, and manage routine operations in a hospital. While AI can have an impact in this area, questions have been raised about its impact and the reality of its benefits.  

At the moment, it is unclear what the direction of AI technology is likely to be, but it’s clear that most businesses and industries are keen to know how it will affect them and if there is a way to harness the technology for better results. It’s also clear that AI technology is hear to stay.