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Top Hotel Amenities Guests Love

The hospitality industry can be extremely lucrative, making it highly competitive. 

Attracting guests to your hotel is a carefully crafted combination of the perfect design, staff, and rates. But more and more lately, guests prefer to shop for lodging based on the amenities offered, especially if they plan a long-term stay.

Instead of spending a large chunk of your budget investing in expensive renovations, consider making your facility stand out by adding innovative, popular amenities like these top guest favorites.

1. Luxury Personal Care

Hotels today are expected to carry basic toiletries. But what if yours went beyond the standard shampoos and lotions and offered luxury personal care items?

This doesn’t have to break the bank. Switching to eco-friendly containers, such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap dispensers, instead of individual items saves you money while stepping up your brands. 

The environment is on everyone’s mind, so if you offer 100% recyclable bottles and soaps, you can boost your hotel’s reputation at the same time.

In addition to the typical offerings, guests love being surprised with extras in the bathroom. Sewing kits, q-tips, lotion, toothpaste and a toothbrush, and a bubble bath are fun add-ons to your bathroom toiletry line that can help you stand out from the other hotels.

2. Plush Bathrobes and Slippers

A thick, plush bathrobe and cozy slippers are the ultimate sign of indulgence in a hotel. While the robe can be washed and reused, disposable slippers are acceptable. 

Keep in mind that one-size-fits-most doesn’t account for big discrepancies in size. You might want to have some extra-small and large robes on hand for those who request them.

3. High-Quality Room Service

An affordable room service option fills a serious need that helps guests when they need it most. 

Weary travelers don’t want to leave their rooms to get their meals, but they don’t always want to deal with the hassle and expense of a delivery service. 

Having your hotel’s kitchen available at reasonable hours (breakfast through late dinners) and a variety of high-quality meals on the menu will get tongues wagging long after the food is gone.

4. Complimentary Wi-Fi

The days of having guests pay to connect to your wireless services are long over. Now, if you don’t offer free wi-fi, guests may cancel their reservation. 

Wi-fi services are often a deal breaker, as people are away from their local towers. They want to ensure their provider doesn’t charge them for extra phone usage and that they can connect with their loved ones back home if their signal isn’t the best.

As long as you have a complimentary wi-fi option for basic services, you can provide upgraded connections for a fee should guests want to stream video and music or make conference calls.

5. An Espresso Maker

Coffee in the room is a must. But if you really want to make your guests happy, install an espresso maker. Cappuccinos, mocha lattes, and your energy shot are brewed at the touch of a button. 

Your guests will appreciate the extra touch, and if you stock standard espresso options in the room and sell barista-quality products in your hotel shop, you’ll boost your profits, too.

6. A Pillow Menu

No matter how fluffy and soft your pillows are, they’re not going to be ideal for everyone. You can’t account for side, back, and neck sleepers, those with back and neck issues, and just plain picky people. If your standard pillows leave your guests tossing and turning, they might be cranky enough to leave a bad review.

So, why not have a pillow menu and let them choose which kind of pillow will help them get the best night’s sleep? They’ll sleep better, and you’ll be more likely to get a rave review.

7. Contactless Check-In and Out

Want to save your staff from unnecessary paperwork? Install a contactless check-in and-out program in your system. Guests will love skipping the line and avoiding the hassle of repeating the same things they already wrote when they made the reservations. 

Depending on the software you use, guests will receive a link with the information they need to complete before checking in. They’ll attach a copy of their personal ID, which is verified through the system. When it clears, they receive a mobile key or code to get into their room.

Most hotels offer contactless check-out already. Guests can call the front desk and let them know they’re leaving or submit the info through another link or text.


Your hotel’s reputation is a combination of multiple factors, including the amenities you have available for use. With these seven top hotel amenities, you can stick with the standard, expected items or really make your guests’ stay one to remember.