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Digital Sign Strategies Firms Should Employ In Future

In 2022, we talked about how digital signage would likely be the future. There’s more to add to that argument now, especially regarding the minutia of how businesses use this technology for their marketing campaigns. 

For example, interactivity is a key part of the proceedings here, allowing customers to engage with businesses in new and exciting ways. Advertisements can be actively enjoyed rather than passively consumed. But what else can be said for them?

It’s great that you’re considering using digital signage more in your firm’s marketing campaigns. Here are some inspired ways to make use of them!

Mobile Screens

Word gets around, but so too can your digital signs. It’s good to have some in a fixed position and others always on the move.

For example, you could explore the world of taxi advertising so that your digital signs are seen regularly. Many of these benefits can be non-digital; taxis being operational 24/7 in populated areas, making a good impression on visiting clients, and a requirement for the vehicles to stay clean to represent the brand. But some of these vehicles come with fitted screens on the roof or with those installed into the backs of seats. Featuring your digital advertising in those areas could be interesting. 

Of course, it’s not just about taxis either. Busses, vans and lorries can incorporate elements of digital advertising too. So, you’re not light on options here, and while your marketing shouldn’t distract people driving, some light digital signage on a vehicle can be of interest to pedestrians on the pavement walking by. It’s all more interesting to look at than just another billboard, at least, and it keeps things feeling fresh! 

Streaming Live

Who said your digital sign has to put out content that’s pre-recorded? Of course, that’s pretty standard, and doing so has obvious benefits. Still, there could be other types of content to put out. 

After all, live streaming is getting so popular that it’s now dubbed a revolution, overhauling how content is consumed across films, television, music and gaming. There’s plenty you could be live-streaming to your customers, such as:

  • Product unveilings. 
  • Corporate events. 
  • Conference proceedings. 
  • Educational videos on how to use your products. 
  • Welcome and orientation videos. 
  • Trailers for any commercial video products. 

As you can see, there’s a range of content you can put out under a live-streaming approach. It can all add layers of anticipation and help viewers feel more compelled to witness the content before them, especially if it feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Cloud Usage

Digital signs used to be installed and updated through sluggish software and even USB drives. Today, the cloud has radically redefined these matters. 

Now, the contents of digital signage can often be updated through a secure cloud connection. Changes can be instantaneous, keeping content fresh without any delays or disruptions. Even if a subtle tweak is made, it can be carried out in the blink of an eye. 

The main benefit of using the cloud for digital signage, though, is scalability. No longer must a business change each screen individually across multiple premises and formats. It can all be switched out at once with the press of a button remotely. Obviously, that’s far more efficient!