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Where to Save and Splurge: A Homeowner’s Guide

Sometimes, people can focus on home maintenance so much that they go to another level of spending that might not be required. However, sometimes, homeowners try to cut down expenses in some areas where maintenance is required, but saving money might not be advantageous in the long run. Hence it is important to know where to save and splurge.


Splurge is to spend freely. Splurging on home maintenance involves spending money on maintenance tasks that are worth it. Below are areas where you should splurge as a homeowner. 

Window Replacement

It is worth spending freely on good quality windows as installing them will save you money on electricity bills. You can call the installation staff to secure the windows perfectly so they are well sealed, which will prevent air seepage. 

Replacement of the Roof

As the roof protects your house, you should not wait if it requires maintenance or replacement. If your roof requires replacement, you should hire a reputable roofing contractor’s team. Doing so will give you excellent results that will also be long-lasting. As installing good roofs comes with more than fifty years of warranty, you won’t have to pay for maintenance all the time. Therefore, you should splurge on a replacement or repair of your roof. 

Repairing and Cleaning the Gutters

If you try to save on cleaning and repairing your gutter line, you will not eliminate the drainage problem. The damage will worsen, causing leaks, clogged toilets, and drains. Splurging by calling professionals for your drainage issue is a wise choice. The complete repair will allow toilets to flush properly and water to drain, reducing the sign of pests and other diseases. 

Kitchen Appliances 

Spending generously on your kitchen is recommended if you are a cook or a baker by profession. You can splurge on a good-quality cooking range, some baking utensils, or an aesthetic knife set that will last forever. Having a good kitchen will also increase the value of your home.

Air Conditioner 

Splurging on a good energy-efficient central air conditioner is wise as it will save your electricity bills. According to research sources, modern ACs use around forty percent less energy than old ACs sold to you ten to fifteen years ago. 

Where to Save

It is wise to save on the following home maintenance essentials.

Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors

Buying the basic battery-operated or hard-wired smoke detectorsis sufficient as it will do the job for its intended time. However, spending on fancy remote control smoke detectors to turn off the smoke alarm is optional and not worth splurging on.

Filter Change for HVAC 

When changing the HVAC filter, buying an expensive electrostatic filter is unnecessary as the basic inexpensive filters work perfectly. However, if you live around smokers, an electrostatic filter will be a good choice, but only for some homeowners.

The Tile Design and Materials

Beautifully carved tiles or tiles made from the natural stone will be appealing and add beauty to your home. However, the purpose will be the same as inexpensive ceramic tiles that can be installed for a fourth of the cost of natural stone tiles. 

Pros of Splurging 

Splurging might be seen as a negative action homeowners take, but it can prove advantageous.

Retail Therapy

Spending freely every once in a while is healthy. You can give your brain a positive charge if you splurge sometimes. By this, you can relieve some of your stress as a homeowner and get past the difficult challenges your home gives you. The key is to budget your splurges to avoid guilt. 

Increases the Value of the Home

When you splurge on your kitchen, gutters, or roof, you will increase the house’s value. The maintenance will be expensive, but that particular area will get a new and long life which will be efficient, causing buyers to offer more prices for the house. 

It Saves Money in the Long Run

Splurging saves money as you invest in a good quality item that stays with you for years. Splurging on new windows, for instance, will increase efficiency as good quality windows have excellent insulation, maintaining the house’s air temperature for longer. Thus, you will save a lot on electricity bills and see a noticeable decrease in electrical expenses in the long run. 


Follow the above homeowner’s Guide to know where to splurge and where to save. Knowing the areas of your home that can work well without splurging can save lots of money. Similarly, knowing the appliances or areas that will benefit you when splurged on is also important.