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4 Father-Son Bonding Activities for You to Try with Your Teen

Are you a dad to a teenage boy who’s finding it hard to connect with him? The first thing to note is that you’re not alone; it’s something many parents feel with their teens in particular, as the divide seems massive at this stage. Teenagers are notorious for wanting to show their independence, and spending time with parents probably isn’t high on their priority list. This is why it’s important to come up with ways the two of you can bond through activities that are engaging to your teen.

Here’s a look at four father-son bonding activities that could be perfect for you and your teen.

Get Active in Sports Together

If you’ve got a teen who loves being active and playing an array of sports, this is the ideal bonding opportunity. Any time you can take part in a sport he loves and play with him, you know you’re creating positive memories. It shows you share an interest in his passion, you’re encouraging it, and you may be able to help him improve or work on his training. Even if your teen isn’t on any sports teams, you can do non-competitive activities together like biking, hiking, walking the dog, etc.

Teach Him How to Shave

If your teen is starting to show the signs of growing facial hair soon then dads have the perfect bonding activity and that’s to teach them how to shave. Your teen may be asking “What age should I start shaving?” leaving you wondering the same question. You might also wonder what is the best razor for a teenage boy. Each teen will be different in terms of when to get started, but generally speaking, once they hit the age of 11 there is no harm in introducing them to the concept of shaving.

A simple solution is to look for a first shaving kit for teenager.You can even look into a personalised razor gift set to mark this special milestone and make it special for your teen. A kit or set will contain all the important items he’ll need, and if it’s a starter set, the razor typically features an easy-grip design.You want to make the experience fun and not a chore.

Video Gaming Can Be a Perfect De-Stressor and Bonding Activity

Nowadays, teens are often fans of video gaming and once again this offers a great bonding opportunity. Get your teen to show you the ropes of his favourite game and the two of you can then share some laughs and some competitive fun. You don’t have to be a gamer yourself, nor do you need to become an expert gamer. Again, it’s just about showing an active interest in things he likes.

Build and Repair Things Around the Home

For the handy-minded teen, why not tackle some DIY projects together? Perhaps you have things that need to be repaired or built around the home and could use an extra hand. It gives the two of you a chance to hang out and you can teach your teen some DIY skills.

This is just a small look at the many bonding activities you and your teen can enjoy together. Remember, making the effort is half the battle.