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The 5 Must Haves For Your Man Cave in 2023

It’s 2023, and in a post pandemic world, we’re seeing a huge shift in the lifestyle priorities of homeowners. According to this article by The Washington Post, consumer’s behavior have changed drastically including how people live and interact at home.

With the array of lifestyle funitures that are now accessible to private homes today, homeowners are now increasingly creative in creating fun spaces at home. 

With that in mind, today, we will cover 5 incredible ideas to fill your man-cave with. Enjoy! 

5. Beer Kegerator

What’s.. a Kegerator?

In short, a refrigerator for Beer Kegs. Why would you need one you might ask? In our view, a Kegerator is a true must have in a man cave given it’s versatility in the day to day lifestyle of a gent who knows how to entertain. No more inferior quality beer for your mates, but only fresh, crisply carbonated beer that is tapped professionally at home. 

For beer lovers, what better than to brew your own? if you do decide to engage in the wonderful hobby of beer brewing, your Kegerator will then be an indispensable equipment that gives you the full freedom to tap your beer at the desired temperature and carbonation. 

And if you thought that a Kegerator is just for beer, you’re mistaken. This versatile equipment is fully capable of tapping all sorts of beverages, from sparkling water, to cold brew coffee  and even your party cocktails. 

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4. NOMO Super Mini Arcade Machine

The NOMO Super Mini is a recent release by The Men’s Cave over in Singapore, and is currently available exclusively through them. 

Don’t let the compact and humble size of this arcade machine deceive you. The Nomo Super Mini is every bit a competent arcade machine, that plays thousands of classic arcade games in one compact form. The Super Mini is built with authentic arcade parts from Sanwa, and plays amazingly similarly to an actual arcade several times larger in size. 

With a two player setup, this bartop arcade is a guaranteed hit whether it’s games night with your mates, or an arcade games night with your spouse. 

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3. Stern James Bond Pinball Machine

Epitome of masculinity and style – 007.

Aston Martins, Bond Girls and a Martini – How does it feel to play 007 for a day? The next up in our list is the 2022 release, officially licensed James Bond pinball machine. If you think pinball is boring, we advise that you reconsider your choice because in our books – and we’ve seen plenty of awesome stuff -, pinball machines are truly special in their own right.

Every title – be it James Bond or Jurassic Park – is unique in design, and requires on average 1 year to design. There’s literally half a mile of wires in one machine, can you imagine the how intricate these machines are? There’s just nothing like a mechanical pinball machine.

Back to the James Bond Pinball Machine. Highlights include a custom built Aston Martin toy that features a ball ejector (What!?),  classic villains and Bond girls from 6 different timelines, and of course, original footage and vocals from the Bondest of Bond – Sean Connery’s James Bond. It is clear as day why the James Bond Pinball makes our list of man cave must haves. 

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2. Sound Leisure Rocket CD Jukebox

Purists will know and appreciate that a fine music experience is truly a luxury to experience. 

Next up on our list is the Sound Leisure Rocket CD Jukebox that is proudly handcrafted in Leeds, Uk. Why is this special? It’s simple. This is quite simply nostalgia meets audiophile performance. There’s just nothing like it. 

The Sound Leisure Rocket Jukebox stays true to the Silver Age of Jukeboxes – 1950s – 1960s – and is the one and only of it’s kind in the big wide world that we live in. Can you imagine? One and only.

Each unit is handcrafted to order in Leeds, UK, and takes an average of 6 – 9 months from order to delivery. The true charm of a mechanical jukebox lies in the artistry of playing music in it’s original and intended form – be it CD or Vinyl. The sound is warm, charming and carries an unmistakable ‘Jukebox’ sound. Whether you’re entertaining friends or seeking a tranquil alone time, the Rocket is truly something that elevates your home to the next level.

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1. Zeta Pool Table by Bilhares Carrinho

Now onto the number 1 spot on our list, the pinnacle of every Man Cave out there. The Zeta Pool Table by Bilhares Carrinho is not just a pool table, but a true work of art. Let me explain.

While most pool tables are unimaginative in design, the Zeta Pool Table is truly of a different league. Designed by Bilhares Carrinho – A luxury pool manufacturer based out in Portugal, each Zeta is handcrafted to your required finish and detail. 

Featuring a cabinet form in the shape of a ‘Z’, the Zeta stands out as one of the most beautiful pool table that you will ever see. While most pool tables adopt a conventional 4 legs structure, the Zeta bucked the trend and went with a unique table leg that just looks out of the world in person.

Don’t let its looks fool you however. The Zeta is every bit a capable pool table with Bilhares Carrinho being a professional maker in their own rights, with tables being chosen as official tournament tables of FPB. With the Zeta, you can be doubly sure that you’re getting the best of both looks and play.

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