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Top Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Spring is traditionally the time for cleaning out our homes, freeing ourselves of unwanted clutter, and making sure everything looks spick and span. If you’ve begun to find yourself confronted by piles of books, clothing and gadgets that you don’t actually need, and you can’t even remember why you bought them in the first place, then perhaps it’s time to regain control of your home. 

Here are some top tips to help you declutter in no time, for a cleaner, tidier, and more stylish-looking abode.

Prioritise Your Decluttering

As you survey your home and decide where to start, it might be tempting to begin your decluttering with lighter items, or with a part of the house that isn’t that untidy. However, it’s probably best to dive right in at the deep end and get the most daunting tasks out of the way first. 

For instance, perhaps there’s a bookcase with shelves on the verge of buckling from holding too many weighty tomes, or maybe you have a big wardrobe bursting with clothes, blankets and bedding – much of which you don’t actually need. 

Send Some Stuff To Storage

The general rule, when decluttering, is to divide your belongings into three piles: a pile you want to keep, a pile you want to sell or give away, and a pile that needs to be binned. 

Once you have sorted things into those piles, you may want to send some of the stuff you plan to keep – but that isn’t essential or urgently needed – to storage, rather than putting it back in cupboards or on shelves. That way, you will know that it’s all safe and sound, but it won’t be taking up space unnecessarily. 

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However, it is essential that you take a look around at what is available in your area diligently, as you do not want to jump the gun and go for something too quickly that really doesn’t fit in with what you are looking for, resulting in you having to hunt once again to find somewhere better. If you need help finding self-storage units in your location, searching online is always a good choice as it can help you narrow down your choices.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Of course, while decluttering can be incredibly rewarding and give you a glowing sense of satisfaction at a job well done, it’s not the most fun-filled household task. As a result, it’s best not to spend hours doing it.

Instead, break the job down into 20 or 30-minute increments, and have a cup of tea or coffee in between to refresh yourself so you’re fresh to tackle the next part.

Use Your Memories To Guide You

Once you’ve completed your initial decluttering, you may still feel like you have too many items in the ‘keep’ pile. 

To help you whittle it down even further, you may want to use your memories and emotions as a guide. By thinking about what has the most sentimental value to you, you should be able to more easily choose what you really want to keep and what can be given away without being missed. In other words, if a particular book or garment or mug makes you smile when you think about how you got it or what it represents, then that object is a definite keeper! 

Final Thoughts

Unless you’re a dedicated minimalist, these days it’s very easy to find yourself acquiring hoards of unnecessary belongings. By embarking on a thorough decluttering, you can free yourself of the burden of unwanted stuff, while still making sure you keep the items that you really need – and that have special significance in your life.