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Tar and Chip Driveways: Common Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

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Tar and chip driveways have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years and have become highly sought-after by our customers. However, some several myths and misconceptions still lead to confusion and hesitation for those considering a tar and chip driveway So, let’s sort fact from fiction! 

Tar and chip driveways are not durable

When properly installed and maintained, tar and chip driveways are highly durable. Our team members know how to carry out installation so that you are left with a strong and resilient surface once the tar and chip has dried. With good upkeep, tar and chip driveways can last for many, many years.

Tar and chip driveways are hard to maintain

Just like any other type of drive, tar and chip driveways do require regular maintenance. However, this upkeep is straightforward. Basic maintenance includes keeping your drive clean, having it sealed to protect against weathering and filling any cracks promptly. Doing this will help to keep them in great condition. 

Tar and chip driveways are prone to loose stones

Lots of people think that tar and chip driveways are prone to loose stones and gravel displacement. However, when installed correctly, the stone chips are firmly embedded, resulting in an extremely strong surface. Our commitment to using tried and tested sealing techniques ensure that the stones remain in place for years to come. 

Tar and chip driveways aren’t suitable for modern properties

While tar and chip driveways are commonly associated with rural properties – and we have worked on many – this isn’t their only application. Tar and chip driveways come in many different aggregate sizes and colours, so you can easily tailor yours to suit your property. It’s for this reason that it’s a great choice for both modern and period properties.

Tar and chip driveways are more expensive than concrete

Tar and chip driveways are often more cost-effective than concrete driveways, particularly when you factor in maintenance and repair costs. While the price that you pay for installation will depend on the size of your driveway and the location, the overall cost of a tar and chip driveway is one of the lowest out there – making it suitable for a variety of budgets. 

Tar and chip driveways are difficult to install

While installing a tar and chip driveway requires specific equipment and expertise, we still can complete the process quickly. We pay close attention to proper site preparation, careful application of hot liquid asphalt, and even distribution of stone chips. We have years of experience when it comes to carrying this work out, and we are prepared for any eventuality on a job. 

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By debunking these myths, we hope that you can see just how good a choice tar and chip could be for your driveway. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home or business premises, we are here to bring the vision you have for your outdoor space to life.