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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen design is a core part of home aesthetics, and it constitutes an important factor of satisfaction for homeowners. Traditionally, the kitchen is a place for cooking food, but in recent times, kitchens serve more purposes than just that. Time spent in the kitchen is a good time for bonding between couples, and in fact, for the whole family. Kitchens can also be a place of solitude, personal ambience and comfort. Storage is also an important factor in kitchen design. These days, the kitchen can also be a good place to receive zoom calls and have meetings on Google meet. Kitchen design in these modern times has to incorporate these novel uses of the kitchen space.

Modern kitchen design is a style of kitchen design that falls somewhere between transitional and contemporary. Modern kitchen design features primarily clean lines, open spaces, and minimalistic design elements with highly functional Kitchen appliances. It utilises most of the kitchen space, and includes an organised cabinet with doors to match the aesthetic of the kitchen with the help from companies like Lovech to make the kitchen as useful as possible.

This article outlines different modern kitchen designs in no particular order. These designs incorporate, and make the kitchen comely for the novel uses of a kitchen space.

1. Practical and Classy

This design delivers on practicality, and proper organisation, but still incorporates attractiveness and aesthetic appeal. The colour scheme stays neutral, giving it a timeless look. A few chic golden pendant ceiling lights adds some colour. A white kitchen with oak worktops is the best design to have, for a kitchen that will feel fresh and open. A grey kitchen gives the feel of sophistication and style in a kitchen.

2. Minimalist Design

A minimalist kitchen design is best with a duo charismatic colour palette. A white kitchen is the best colour choice, and it goes well with designs for matt grey handleless kitchens. Painting the walls white makes them look taller, and the cabinets, worktops and other kitchen accessories can have different shades of solid colours. Minimalist design is not necessarily boring, and the careful addition of kitchen furniture, and some herbs can add colour to this kitchen design and make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Lofty and Modern

This design is best with a spacious kitchen. An eye-catching chandelier is paramount to making the space look splendid. Painting the wall white with white furniture makes the kitchen space look larger. Adding a bowl of fruits, herbs or flowers stands out in the white environment, and adds some calm to the kitchen look.

4.  Elegant and Luxurious

Furniture and accessories are necessary to make a contemporary kitchen design. White wall and white shelving add a touch of elegance and luxury. Blending with grey colours makes it look exclusive and distinguished. Grey accessories and grey chairs give the kitchen space a royal look. This duo chromatic design is pleasing, and makes the kitchen layout look more spacious.

5. Space Grey Design

Choosing to go monochromatic for a kitchen design can be risky, but when paired with the right flooring and lighting, it can be a delightful sight to behold. The space grey design is neat, minimalistic and futuristic. It includes high tech accessories, a storage solution fitted for small kitchens, with a comfortable kitchen island.

6. Creativity and Simplicity

Creativity is seen more in simplicity, and the best kitchen designs do not overwhelm or overstimulate sight. Simple colours and transparent furniture are the best to add for this design. Transparent plastic chairs make the dining table the center of attention and attraction. Glass worktops and glass kitchen shelves display the sheer simplicity in this design. White is one of the most popular kitchen colour schemes, and will be most appropriate in this design. Other colours include, grey, black and brown. When kitchen appliances are well blended with these colours, it creates a simple and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Industrial Design

This kitchen design can feature an exposed brick wall. The furniture and chairs have dark, deep tones which will be tempered with the white walls and floors. Industrial design can also come with patterned floors, tall ceilings and touches of black with the kitchen appliances. Limited exposure to natural light makes the kitchen atmosphere homely and gives it a feel of calmness. It’s an easy design to get wrong, however, with hard surfaces making the space look harsh and unwelcoming. To avoid this, use a kitchen design and installation service like Ultimate Home Solutions, Glasgow (or a similar service near you) to get it right.

8. Metallic Kitchen

This design incorporates various metallic materials such as gold, nickel, silver and copper. This variety gives it a layered look. The chair stands and the dining table stands can be made of different metallic materials. A kitchen faucet does not necessarily have to match with the cabinet, or the vent. Kitchen hardware, lights and appliances also incorporate this colour and material mix. This creates an interesting Kitchen environment that sparks interest.

This list undoubtedly compiles wonderful ideas for modern kitchen designs, but definitely does not contain all modern kitchen designs possible. These are part of trending modern designs, and they incorporate solutions for modern demands of the kitchen space.