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Low-Maintenance, Kid-Safe Garden Ideas For Busy Dads

When we talk about parenting, we often discuss the toll it has on mothers and the hidden work mothers have to do to keep their families together

While this is true and an important societal issue, dads also have a lot to do, whether you’re a working father or the primary caregiver for your kids. 

As a result, 82% of parents, both mums and dads, are at risk of burnout, thanks to their extensive workloads and lack of free time.

If you do get any free time, it’s nice to spend it relaxing with your kids. In the summer, it’s fun to spend time in your garden if you’re lucky enough to have one. 

However, if your garden is unsafe or just plain untidy, then it won’t be a welcoming place for you and your kids to relax in. 

To help busy fathers create a low-maintenance, kid-friendly garden, we’ve put together this list of practical tips and design ideas. 

Pick Native Plants That Won’t Need As Much Care

When you’re choosing plants for your garden, it’s worth picking out native plants that are well-adapted to the local climate and require less maintenance. Plants that are used to growing in your local area will usually have fewer pest problems and can tolerate a range of weather conditions. Trees and shrubs are the easiest plants to care for, so check out native trees and shrubbery that you can add to your garden to make it look amazing, provide shade and absorb excess moisture from the rain.  

Add Climbing Frames And Other Outdoor Play Equipment For Your Kids 

Kids love climbing things and want interactive toys to enjoy the outdoors. While playing in trees is a fun game, it can be dangerous and cause damage to your foliage, so it’s worth providing your children with fun, kid-friendly garden play equipment. As well as small garden climbing frames, add slides, swings and other traditional outdoor toys that your kids can enjoy. You should also add tools like paddling pools and sand pits for sensory play during the summer. When the toys aren’t in use, keep them stored in a shed or other garden outbuilding, like your garage, to ensure they’re always clean and ready for whenever your kids want to play on them. 

Partition Spaces Off With Gabion Basket Walls

For any parts of your garden that you want to section off and keep your kids away from, you need to find an easy-to-install wall. Gabion baskets are an ideal choice, as providers like Fine Mesh Metals offer baskets and stones that you can use to quickly create a wall without much additional equipment. These baskets are sturdy and reliable, and because the stones are contained in the mesh baskets, there’s no chance of them falling and hurting any of your little ones. 

Undertake Basic Garden Maintenance Regularly To Avoid Things Getting Out Of Control

Once you’ve designed your dream child-friendly garden, you might think you’re all done. However, you need to make sure that you continually maintain your garden by removing weeds, cutting any grass and other basic garden care tasks. In the long term, it’s quicker if you do these for a short while every week than if you leave it until the garden gets overgrown before you start to clear it. By maintaining your garden regularly, you’ll always have a great space to spend time in with your beloved family whenever the sun pops out.