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3 Perfect Gift Ideas for Friends and Family in 2023

Whether it’s a family member’s birthday, Christmas is fast approaching or you’re simply looking for an excuse to treat a loved one, finding the perfect gift ideas can be tough. In 2023, we simply have too much variety available, and this can leave us spoiled for choice.

To help you find a gift idea that your friends and family will truly love, we’ve decided to compile the following list of three perfect gift ideas in 2023 from Varvikas. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a grandparent or a child, we’re sure you will find something truly special. If you are currently looking for buying a gift, join Yoto Club for 10% off all orders and free shipping

Diamond Painting on Wood Kit

Do you ever finish an art project only for it to be missing a certain sparkle? Perhaps you’ve heard of Diamond Painting – this is when you apply dazzling resin rhinestones to a canvas painting, resulting in a beautifully refractive creation. It’s a common favorite in arts and crafts groups of all age groups, but many people refrain from giving it a go because of all the materials needed. 

Thankfully, in 2023 you can purchase Diamond Painting on Wood kits, which come with all the rhinestones you will need, an applicator, and instructions for creating your first dazzling artwork! The kit stands out from others with its rustic wooden canvas, and is available in a huge range of designs, including cute animals, detailed flowers, spiritual symbols, and much more!

Gift 2: Roombox 

You had probably heard of diamond painting, but Roombox – https://varvikas.com/roombox. is probably a new concept to you! Roombox is a unique construction kit for the creation of your own miniature doll house, and all you need to get started is scissors and glue! Roombox comes in a huge range of designs, so you can choose from creating a thriving fruit store, a country home, a bookshop, or even a greenhouse!

Many people dream of crafting their own doll houses, and Roombox provides a unique opportunity to do this without having to worry about materials and designs. The receiver of this gift can get started creating right away with high-quality and carefully designed paper components, with all materials used being chosen for their eco-friendliness. They might require some patience, but they’re pretty easy to create too, so all ages can get involved! 

Gift 3: Wooden Constructors

If the last two ideas felt too simple for your uncle, mother, or grandfather, Wooden Constructors might be more appropriate for you! These are eco-friendly wooden construction kits that come in a huge range of designs including constructor classics such as a train or classic car to more unique designs such as a clock or a robot. Some of the kits even come with electronic components, such as the fully-functioning record player constructor!

Wooden Constructors are certainly more difficult for beginner crafters than diamond painting and dollhouse making, but they can be very rewarding and are still designed to inspire all ages. If you’re already a collector of wooden constructor kits, then these will not disappoint – the high-quality designs and sustainable materials show that these wooden constructors have been curated with care. 

Final Thoughts

Arts and crafts kits have changed a lot over recent years, and the range of unique gift opportunities can be overwhelming. All three ideas presented in this idea list and solid starting points if you’re feeling lost, but our personal favorite would be the Roombox – https://varvikas.com/roombox. This is because Roomboxes are super accessible to all ages with their scissors and glue assembly, whilst still appealing to constructors of all ages with their wide range of dollhouse designs.

So, shop online today for a huge range of arts and craft gift ideas – you’ll certainly find a huge variety compared to the past, with different kits aimed at different audiences. Good luck with your search, and don’t forget to offer a patient and helpful hand when the crafting commences!