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Back to school presents for your kids

The back-to-school season is the time for new beginnings and fresh opportunities for growth and learning. As your kids prepare to go back to the classroom, a fun gift can be a wonderful way to show your support and excitement for the upcoming school year. Whether it’s a practical item to help them in the following year or a fun accessory to add a touch of personality, choosing the right back-to-school present can make this time even more special. We put together some thoughtful and creative gift ideas to consider for your kids if you want to keep them motivated and excited for the next school year.

Personalized school supplies

Add a personal touch to their back-to-school essentials with customized school supplies. Personalized notebooks, pencils, water bottles, and backpacks can make them feel extra special and excited about using their new items. Make sure you don’t exaggerate, pick some items to personalize and keep the rest simple.


Get your kids into the school feeling with some fun books to read, make sure you consider their reading level and their favorite genres. Whether it’s a captivating adventure, a motivational story, or an educational book, choose something that will spark their imagination and curiosity.

Clothes and accessories

A stylish and functional backpack, some new jeans or a cozy and warm sweater made with 100% merino wool as you can find here https://www.shamrockgift.com/kids-irish-clothing/kids-irish-sweaters are all perfect presents for your kids. Buying something practical that they can use both in school and outside of it is a way of getting them more excited about the next year.

Art supplies

For the artistic kids, consider gifting a set of high-quality art supplies. Whether it’s colored pencils, markers, sketchbooks, or watercolors, these supplies can encourage their creative talents and get them outside the classroom.

Games and puzzles

Learning can be fun, and that’s what you want your kids to think. Educational games and puzzles are a great way to teach them important skills while having a good time. Look for games that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity and make sure they are colorful and fun to look at as well.

Tech accessories

If your kids use digital devices for schoolwork, tech accessories can be both practical and stylish. Consider items like laptop sleeves, tablet stands, or wireless headphones. This suggestion will be appreciated a lot by the teenagers of the family so consider it if you have little rebels.


If your kids bring their lunch to school, consider upgrading their lunchbox with a fun and functional option. Look for lunch boxes with compartments to keep different foods separate and fresh, pick a fun design or even go with a customized one for extra originality. This way they can be excited about school not just for learning, but also for showing off their new purchases.