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10 Laundry Hacks That Make Wash Day So Much Easier

Let’s face it. Hardly anyone looks forward to doing laundry. It is a day when sorting, washing, and folding never seems to end. So, what do we often do? We keep postponing laundry till the time there are huge piles of clothes all over the house. 

While doing laundry is inevitable, it can be made simpler. 

This blog brings together some of the top tips that you didn’t know to organise your laundry day better. Right from changing the products that will help you save time to hacks that will clean out the stains in a jiffy, this blog has it all.

Our 10 Tips for an Easy Laundry Day

Here are some of the best no-fail laundry hacks to help your clothes last longer while you save time doing laundry services.

Tip 1:  Sort Your Laundry

While this is basic, we often forget to sort our clothes before washing them. More often than not, it results in colour bleeding and transfer, ruining your clothes. 

Save time by sorting the clothes into different categories like:

  • Heavily stained
  • Whites
  • Darks
  • Coloured
  • Delicates

Tip 2: Pre-Treat the Stains

While it may add a few minutes to your laundry routine, pre-treating the stains goes a long way in keeping your clothes refreshed and saving monies. Consider using:

  • Vinegar for removing odour
  • Dishwashing liquid for oily and greasy stains
  • Water and oxygen-based bleach for tea and coffee stains

Tip 3:  Opt For Shorter Wash Cycles

Clothing that is mildly dirty or stained doesn’t need longer wash cycles. Instead, opt for a shorter washing cycle and light settings for 6-8 minutes, which will give you equally cleaner clothes. 

Tip 4: Use a Mesh Bag For Your Socks

Hunting for missing socks takes a lot of time, especially kid’s socks. To avoid this, get all your socks together, put them in a mesh bag and throw them into the wash. Doing this, you will never have to waste time looking for socks again.

Tip 5: Prevent Wrinkles

Here’s a tip to save your time ironing. To prevent your clothes from getting heavily wrinkled, take them out from the machine as soon as the wash cycle ends and put them out to dry. 

Tip 6: Use a Tennis Ball to Prevent Clumping

Who doesn’t love fluffy pillow covers and bed linen? However, most of the time, they are all clumped up when we take them out of the washing machine. 

To prevent this, just toss a tennis ball in the machine next time. The foil-covered ball works by reducing static energy and keeping the clothes separate from each other. 

Tip 7: Treat Shrinkage with Hair Conditioner

How many times do we wash our sweaters only to find them shrunk a little? 

But worry not! Just soak the sweater in lukewarm water with a little hair conditioner for 20 minutes. The conditioner will relax the fabric of your sweater and return it to its original size. 

Tip 8: Use a Salad Spinner

While this may sound strange, it does work. ‘Hand-wash only’ clothes can also take a lot of time to clean. To save time, simply toss them in a salad spinner with water and detergent to get squeaky-clean clothes. 

Tip 9: Fold Smarter

We know folding is a chore. You can do it faster with a cardboard template that allows you to fold the sleeves first followed by the shirt’s bottom. 

Tip 10: Clean Your Machine

It’s not a good idea to put your dirty laundry into a dirtier washing machine. Clean your machine well to get cleaner clothes and improve its efficiency. 

Summing Up

Use these smart hacks to put more hours into your day doing things that you love. Prime Laundry makes your life even easier. Our professional same-day cleaning services keep your clothes look like new without you having to worry about spending time laundering them.