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Working Daddy as Blogger?

Do you want to earn money from blogging? Maybe you’re already a keen blogger hoping to monetise, or you might be looking for a new side hustle or job and feel like blogging is a good fit for you. If so, read on to find out more. It’s a great way to earn money and be flexible enough to be a dad.

Find Your Niche

Start off by figuring out what you love to talk about, then set up your blog based on that. This needs to be a project of passion, something that you genuinely want to continue so it’s really important to write on a topic that’s interesting and meaningful to you. This will show through in your writing and give you a strong voice that your readers want to come back for. It can really be on anything- travel, fashion, lifestyle or a unique mix, but having a specific focus will help you attract the right audience and encourage that audience to stay. You dont have to know everything about your topic as you can learn as you go, as long as it’s interesting to you you’ll want to keep on learning and improving. 

Set Up Your Blog

It’s important to make your blog look professional and easy to use, blogs these days look very sleek and so the wrong design might put people off even looking at what you have to say. Sites like Etsy have premade templates that you can install that give you a clean and responsive design, they dont cost much and you dont need any special coding skills to instal them. 

Create Quality Content

This is the most important step- produce content that people find interesting and helpful. With the rise of AI, there’s plenty of churned out content out there so be sure to share your unique perspective and knowledge. This is what will keep readers coming back, as they’re interested in what YOU have to say- not just what some bot can reel off about the topic. Consistency is key so aim to regularly update your blog with fresh, engaging posts. Pick a schedule that works for you and go off that. 

Learn Basic SEO

Understanding the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial as this will help your blog get discovered. You need to use relevant keywords in your content, titles, and descriptions to improve your blog’s visibility on search engines. If you’re a complete beginner to SEO, there are lots of cheap and free courses you can do that are worth taking, this way you have some knowledge and can put in place strategies to get your blog out there and help it to grow. 

Monetize Wisely

Finally, once you’ve built a steady flow of traffic, consider monetizing your blog. This isn’t something that will happen overnight, chances are you’ll be writing your blog for quite some time before any paid work ever comes your way so be aware of this. Explore avenues such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content or selling your products. Sometimes companies will contact you to promote their content on your blog, but you can also be proactive and sign up to blogger sites and marketplaces that connect advertisers with blog owners. The better stats you have (such as views, engagement, domain authority etc) the more chance you have of securing paid work. So work on these things before trying to earn money. And remember when you do start earning money you will need to declare it. Even if you don’t earn enough to pay any tax right away it should still be declared on a self assessment tax return. You can sign up for this easily online, and will just need to fill it in once a year to stay within the law.