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The ideal office setup to stay comfortable and productive during the work day

There are many discussions around the topic on how to make the employees productive in the office. Industry leading companies have tried to optimize the workspace to ensure that the teams are at their best when engaging in the professional challenges of everyday competition in the market. With this development it becomes clear that a proper set up of the office can make the difference between the market leader or losing market shares, between attracting the best talent or losing it to the competition. So, let’s have a look at how to make sure that employees can stay comfortable and productive in the ideal office setup.

Ergonomic Equipment

Ergonomic furniture and equipment can contribute to the well-being of the employees of a company. Starting with the topic of avoiding back problems to sheer neck pain. During the Covid crisis many people worked from home, some of them without a proper setup leading to back problems and increased sick days not related to Covid. This has an impact on the performance of the company, but also on the private life of the people working at your organization. Not being able to engage in important professional matters and focusing on a work life balance can lead to long-term issues with performance and employee satisfaction.

If you want to address this issue head on, start with desk chairs that reflect the needs of protecting the wellbeing of hard-working employees, while keeping them comfortable. These ergonomic office chairs are designed to prevent back or neck pains. Furthermore, we recommend tables that are adjustable to provide the possibility of working while standing. This provides the colleagues flexibility to work in the position that is most healthy for them. This leads us to the importance of the correct monitor setup, which should be aligned with a comfortable line of sight. A monitor to high or too low can lead to neck problems.

Lighting and Ambiance

Lighting can have a major impact on the ambiance in an office environment. Have too little light and people get sleepy and depressive tendencies. Have too much light and you will give your colleagues a headache. Find the right mix for your office. In addition, the type of light makes an impact. Is it only from the top or also from the side. We recommend a mix of both; asymmetric lighting provides the best results. The last point to reflect on if it comes to lighting is the colour of the light. Make sure it is not too white, as it is linked to being too aggressive and exhausting. Add some warm colours, a slight golden tone, that is more comfortable for the eyes. On the other hand, do not go too far down this road, as working during a constant sunset ambiance decreases the productivity by creating an afterwork drink atmosphere in the morning.

Office Layout

Find the right layout for the different teams by respecting the needs of their activities. The office layout can support and ensure the necessary performance or simply disrupt it. For instance, are the activities dominated by creative interaction between the team members, then provide more brainstorm rooms with a flexible set up. Are the teams mostly engaged in focused work with having to sit in silence, then provide separate rooms where they can work undisturbed in their reflection process. Put yourself in the shoes of the different team members and their priorities to identify the ideal office setup. Different approaches can help here, from a simple survey among colleagues to a sophisticated design thinking workshop.


Depending on your line of work, your organization requires more or less technology and connectivity. But almost every business is dependent on it, highlighting the importance of it. Thus, an ideal office setup includes reliable technology and connectivity. If your connectivity is too weak, you slow down your colleagues and their processes. If the computers or the software is not reliable one will see the same result. Ensure you have the correct level of quality technology and connectivity. This includes the processes that manage them and trained people that operate them. The biggest take away from this paragraph is that it is important to think of technology always in relation with adequate processes and trained people. Never just buy software and think the problems will go away.


Give the people in your company enough room for personalization. They spent a lot of time at work, make sure they feel like home. Give them space, let them bring pictures of their loved ones and if your office policy allows it their dogs. The best advisers on what this would look like are the colleagues themselves. Use the wisdom of the crowd to make them comfortable enough to perform on their best level, take corrective measures only if it is really necessary. Trust your colleagues, mostly they know best what they need. This will motivate them, draw them back to the office and lead to a productive work environment.


An organization is only as good as the human beings working in it. Take care of the employees and they will take care of the company. Thus, it is a win-win situation if an enterprise invests in an ideal office setup to make sure everybody feels comfortable and performs on their best level. This starts with ergonomic furniture to keep the people in a healthy estate and continues with the ideal lighting, which provides the necessary ambiance to stay sharp. Find a layout that fits the needs of the different teams and make sure the technology of your company is set up with the right processes and trained personnel. If colleagues are allowed to add a final personal touch to the office, an organization will see results, motived employees and quarterly numbers that surpass the CFOs forecast.