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How Do I Prepare a Parcel to Send?

Whether you are shipping a bundle, a birthday gift to a companion, or delivering things to shoppers, it is vital to comprehend how to pack them correctly. 

As shipments are exposed to a wide range of stresses and temperature varieties during transit, you do not want your merchandise to be harmed in any capacity. Keep reading this article to save your parcels from any harm and have them arrive in great shape. 

Additionally, you’ll discover important information about preparing the shipment and how to send it using the best carriers.

Steps for Preparing Your Package 

Whether you want to send parcel to Australia, US, Great Britain, etc. you must fulfil some conditions. Below are a few tips on how to effectively pack your parcels.

Ensure that your stuff is well-packaged 

You must remember three things: weight, size/shape, and item value. The heavier the item, the more grounded the bundling material should be. Also, regarding the size/shape. While utilizing a box, your parcel shouldn’t touch the side, and you want to have sufficient space for padding material.

Regarding the value of your item, high-value and delicate stuff will require additional protection and padding. Something like a shirt can be bundled in a mailer, where beauty care products or housewares should be boxed. You should pick a box sufficiently able to safeguard the items and big enough to oblige padding. This will assist the item in enduring any rough handling it could encounter in transit. 

Things will generally move around on the way, and it is essential to guarantee that the item is secure in the bundle.

Wrap and safeguard your item

Wrap your stuff with protective wrapping to occupy the space within the package. Bubble wrap is a decent material to utilize. If your item is enormous and odd molded, a void filler might be a better choice. Moreover, a few items might require shaped inserts or special cushioning.

Seal package well

Your bundle should be fixed to prevent unwanted openings on the way. While taping, you want to ensure any address or labeling is noticeable and you can get to the bundle shipping/tracking information. 

It is ideal to use something like 2-inch-wide packaging tape to seal the openings of your box along its whole length. Well-known options incorporate clear or brown bundling tape, reinforced tape, or paper tape. Do not use masking tape, string, or cellophane tape.

Mark your parcel 

Correctly labeling your parcel is unquestionably necessary to guarantee its arrival at its destination with practically no issues. Try not to put the label over any seams on your bundle.

IfIf you’re writing the address, ensure your handwriting is neat and use basic print with a pen or good marker. If you’re delivering hazardous or delicate items, check the standards to see what extra labeling might be required. Including shipping details inside your container should your shipment be damaged is also recommended.


By now, you should better understand the basics of shipping. You can now go ahead and pack your parcel to be delivered, following the tips offered above. Moreover, it’s good to always pick a carrier like Happy-post that provides cost-effective services.