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Child Control from Saltfeld – Parental Control App Review

Concerned about your child’s online safety and screen time management? We have a look at Salfeld Child Control a parental control app. This parental control app, available for both Android and Windows devices, empowers you to monitor and manage your child’s online activities. It can set time limits, manage screen time, and ensure your child’s safety online with ease. It is a parental control software that can help in social media monitoring and manage excessive device usage of children. The question is, can Salfeld Child Control give peace of mind.

Saltfeld the company

Saltfield, a parental control app and a innovator in parental control software has been dedicated to empowering parents to manage their children’s media consumption, by giving parents authority over their child’s device usage. Situated in German-speaking countries, Saltfield has been a company in the development and promotion of parental control apps as well as parental control software. Their parental control app is available on Android devices and Windows. Users can test the free parental control apps free of charge for 30 days, safeguarding their children’s digital experiences and social media monitoring.

Parental Control Apps to Manage Screen Time (and Keep Your Kid Safer Online)

Salfeld’s robust features make it one of the best parental control apps available. Its time-limiting feature allows you to set precise boundaries on device usage, ensuring your child’s screen time remains balanced. You can establish daily, weekly, or monthly limits, with the added flexibility to grant time credits for educational software.

The parental control software empowers parents with content filtering capabilities. It enables you to restrict access to certain websites, applications or social media apps. Whether by category, age, or a custom list, you have full control over your child’s online experience. The detailed logging feature provides insights into your child’s activities, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The solid parental control app control functionalities on Windows

Looking to choose the best parental control software for your PC, Salfeld Child Control stands out as one of the best parental control apps available, offering comprehensive functionalities to address these concerns. With this parental control software installed on Windows and a control app on Android devices, parents can breathe easily knowing they have a reliable tool to manage their children’s screen time effectively. The web portal gives access to all settings, where one can set limits, and view reports. This is possible via using any browser with our parental controls features.


The parental control apps for daily/weekly/monthly limit device and browser

As a app management tool, setting time limits for computer and smartphone app usage is important. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, this app management feature allows you to customize limits according to your preferences. Once the set time is reached, the app automatically shuts down the computer or displays a block screen on the smartphone. This ensures adherence to the designated screen time. With the total limit, you set time limits for the whole device. All limits can be combined (daily/weekly, monthly, block times, etc.).

But that’s not all – this app management feature goes beyond simple time restrictions. You can also block specific apps or only allow access to predefined programs after the allotted time has elapsed. Plus, it offers the flexibility to grant automatic time bonuses for educational apps, encouraging productive screen time.

Device Limit

Blocked times in 15-minute increments

The Saltfield Parental Control App offers precise management of screen time for children, allowing parents to set usage limits in 15-minute increments. Whether on computers or smartphones, this versatile control app empowers parents to enforce daily, weekly, or monthly limits effortlessly. Once the set time is reached, the app takes action, shutting down the device or displaying a block screen on smartphones after configurable warnings.

Time limits for individual programs/URLs

We were able to create pre-warnings and define a family image or logo. We saw one can also import and export existing settings if you used such a tool in the past or in parallel.


We have very tech savy children, so it was great to see that Child Control provides additional security settings that are harder to crack.


Time limits for groups of programs

You can easily set time limits for groups of programs, ensuring balanced device usage. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, these apps allow you to tailor time restrictions to suit your preferences. Once the allocated time is up, designated programs can be blocked automatically, signaling to your child that their screen time has ended. This precise app management can create different groups that can apply the same rules for each device in the group. Moreover, you have the flexibility to grant time credits for school-approved software, encouraging educational use while maintaining control over app usage.

Extension possible for each limit

With a short daily time limit, you can enforce and incentivize the use of specific bonus applications. By setting bonus apps, your child must engage with them to earn additional screen time. This unique approach encourages productive app usage while limiting excessive screen time on other apps. TANS are time vouchers that can be used by the kids to extend time. For example, you can generate bonus TANS when using a vocabulary trainer.

This control app tracks the creation and redemption of Bonus TAN vouchers in the Report section of the web portal. You can monitor when bonus applications are started and when Bonus TANs are generated. These TAN vouchers, visible alongside normal TANs in the web portal, offer a tangible reward system for your child’s responsible app usage


Web filters by categories and age

With advanced content filtering capabilities, this app empowers parents to safeguard their children’s online experience effectively. Easily filter web content by categories such as sex, chat, and social media, or tailor restrictions based on age. Take charge of the app with the ability to block apps or set screen time limits, ensuring a balanced screen time for your child. Additionally, manage web access by creating custom lists of permitted websites, giving you full control over your child’s online environment. With intuitive app management features, you can make informed decisions about which apps your child can access, promoting a safe and healthy digital lifestyle.

Web Categories

Web filter with blacklist/whitelist

The Saltfield parental control app offers robust features including web filtering with blacklist/whitelist capabilities, content filtering, and app management. This implies that you have control over which websites your child can access and which applications they can use. Utilize the app’s web filtering features by categories such as adult content, chat, and social media, or tailor restrictions based on age. Individual website permissions allow you to whitelist trusted sites, so these websites can be visited by them. If you blacklist harmful ones, it ensures a safe browsing experience, because they are not accessible.

Apps Filter

The screnshots show how you can define apps that should always be allowed. You can also define that a bonus is automatically generated when a specific app is run.

White Listed Apps

Web filter unlock request with notification

The Salfield parental control app offers advanced content filtering capabilities. It allows parents to customize and manage their child’s online experience effectively. With this app, parents can easily determine which websites their child can access and which applications they can use. The app provides options to set filters based on categories or age restrictions, ensuring a safe browsing environment. Additionally, parents can create a whitelist of approved websites, empowering them to review and approve sites before granting access. With features like app management and app usage controls, parents can block apps or set limits on screen time, promoting healthier digital habits for their children. The app also notifies parents of any unlock requests, providing transparency and accountability in their child’s online activities.

Email report per day/week and release request

We used the reports to see what happened when on the devices of our children. We set it up also via e-mail report (daily/weekly).

Email Report

The parental control software for all current Windows versions

Compatible with all current Windows versions, this control app is great for any family looking to manage screen time effectively and promote healthy device usage habits. Parents can stay informed with daily or weekly email reports and have the option to release restrictions remotely. App management becomes much easier with the ability to set time limits for individual programs, URLs, or groups of programs.

Installation process

We downloaded the software from the Download section to our children’s device. Afterwards we set up a few settings and the Child Control app was ready to use.

Installation process

Differences on Android

We noticed that the Screenshots Feature, where you see what happened does not exist on Android only on Windows. In addition, the location request when GPS is enabled exists only on Android devices. It helps to get the current position of the Android child device.

GPS to locate the child device

Testing the Child Control app

We were quite happy with the app. We focused on setting limits and when it expired, the child’s device received multiple warnings, providing ample time for adjustments. Additionally, we appreciated the flexibility to extend limits using their passwords, to manage app usage and screen time. With its intuitive interface and effective app management capabilities, this app was convenient to use, also compared to other parental control apps. Whether it’s blocking apps or monitoring app usage, this control app proves to be a valuable asset for parents seeking to regulate their children’s screen time responsibly.

Expire notification

Child Control Pricing and Buying Options

The Salfield control app offers flexible licensing for 1, 3, or 5 devices, compatible with Android and Windows platforms. With a one-time payment and license delivered via email, you can use it for 24 months without any subscription hassles.

For 29,95€ (25£), you can secure control over one device, ensuring comprehensive app management and screen time control. If you need coverage for multiple devices, you can go for the 3-device or 5-device package, priced at 49,95€ (43£) and 59,95€ (51£) respectively. You can also check out the multi-device Calculator https://salfeld.com/en/order/parental-control/

For this price you get features like app blocking and usage monitoring, the parental control app empowers you to enforce screen time limits and safeguard your child’s online experience effectively.

Free Trial for 30 days

Experience the best parental control app with a free 30-day trial with the Salfied Child Control app. With no obligation, you can explore all the features and benefits our app offers, including app management, app blocker, and screen time control. Experience peace of mind knowing you have the tools to regulate screen time and block apps deemed inappropriate.

If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase within 30 days of ordering, they will provide a full refund. Take control of your child’s device usage and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the ultimate tool to manage screen time and block apps effectively.

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