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Gearing Up for Festival Season: What Staff Will You Need?

As we hurtle towards the warmer months, that only means one thing for event professionals – festival season. Whilst the focus over summer is more or less on music festivals, there are always all sorts of events like these that require staff throughout the year.

The punters and the artists make the gigs a sell-out. However, it’s the event staff that turn it into a perfect moment in time that attendees will remember forever.

A successful event needs multiple members of staff covering multifaceted roles, so let’s take a look at the types of pros you’ll need to make sure your festival season even really does go with a swing.

Audio technicians and stage crew

A festival wouldn’t happen without the acts or punters. However, it’s the audio technicians and stage crew that bring them all to life and ensure they sound 100% at the top of their game. Without these guys and gals, there’d be no stages, no microphones, no video walls, and no sound equipment. They’ll work closely with the acts, their stage manager, and other festival staff to make sure everything sounds tip-top and that there’s a completely smooth transition between acts.

Security teams

One of the most important parts of event staffing is keeping everybody on site safe and protected at all times and having trained security personnel makes it happen, like the event staffing experts Event People, which has a community of highly experienced young workers to ensure security at an event. They’ll keep crowds under control, keep a lookout on entrances and exits, and handle any emergencies that arise. Most folks attending festivals aren’t even aware of issues and that’s because of highly trained and experienced staff like this who work hard to make sites safe and keep everyone happy.

Hospitality staff and crew

Your artists and crew all need to be taken care of and this is where hospitality staff come in. They’re often hired to handle catering, backstage arrangements, accommodation for artists and crew, and any issues that arise with any of this during the festival.

Catering teams

Festival food has come on leaps and bounds over the years and where would we be without gourmet burgers and high-quality street food stalls provided by excellent catering staff? Now, more than ever, attention is paid to specialist diets, vegan and veggie food and much better quality, locally sourced produce for punters to eat  – and professional catering staff make it all happen to delicious perfection.

Bar staff
There are always bar staff needed too. You need trained bartenders to make sure alcoholic drinks are served appropriately. They’ve also got to ensure they’re complying with all local laws and regulations and keep a lookout for people who are in danger of over consuming. Whilst security teams will always engage with any punters who have issues with alcohol, bar staff are responsible for making their areas safe and enjoyable for everyone.

First-aid and medical teams

Just as with any other event, accidents and medical emergencies can happen. That’s why experienced first aid teams such as St John’s Ambulance are always on standby, alongside other medical professionals to provide healthcare assistance for anyone that requires it. Whether it’s a simple cut or graze or something like dehydration or fainting from heat exhaustion, these staff are essential to keeping everyone safe and healthy on site. In the event of serious accidents or illness emergencies, ambulances or air ambulances can be called upon to assist.

Customer service staff

You might not think it, but customer service reps have a place on a festival site. Attendees who have questions or problems about their stay on a festival site can seek these folks out to help manage their issues, resolve any complaints, and make sure everyone on site has a great festival experience.

Cleaning staff

Last, but by no means least are the dedicated cleaning staff who not only keep the sites safe and as clean as possible, they stay back afterward to help with site maintenance and regeneration to leave it exactly as it was before everyone descended on it!

Dedicated cleaning teams keep restrooms fresh, festival areas tidy and litter-free and all common areas as hygienic as possible.

All these professionals help to keep festival sites running like clockwork, the punters happy and the artists keen to come back every year. Without them, the festival season would be a much less attractive prospect – and their hard work and dedication are what make this season extra special for everyone attending.