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Ale Tracker

During the past year or so I’ve started to drink ales more than lager because there are so many different types of ale to try out! I’m intrigued by the vast amount of flavours out there and the weird but wonderful names too.

I have also found that ales are smoother than lager and go down the hatch much easier ? But I’ve struggled to keep track of which ales I’ve tried and the names of those I really enjoyed.

So that’s why I decided to set up this ale tracker where I can keep a record of which ales I’ve tried and enjoyed. Hopefully this will also act as guidance if you are also on the lookout for tasty ales to try!

Here is the list of ales I’ve tried and enjoyed along with pictures to make it easier to identify them!

The Golden Champion

This is the write up on the bottle: This is a bright golden ale with floral hints of elderflower. Light and refreshing, a crisp taste of summer.

I really enjoyed this ale, it is very light as promised on the bottle! It is brewed in Dorset by Badger ales and comes in at 4.5%.

The Wicked Wyvern

This is another one brewed by Badger Ales that I really enjoyed!

It’s promise on the bottle is to deliver a citrus aroma of zesty grapefruit and it definitely does. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as The Golden Champion just above but it was a good ale!


I chose to try this ale because of the name. Not many people know this but I used to be in the air cadets whilst I was young. During my time in the air cadets, I visited various RAF bases and loved identifying aircraft. The Spitfire was a favourite of mine, so the name of this ale reminded me of those younger days in the cadets!

The write up on the bottle: Spitfire golden ale is well-balanced ale. Its sweet malt base is complemented by subtle bitterness and tropical aromas.

I have to agree with the write up, I can taste the tropical aromas which gives this ale a very summery feel. Absolutely love it ? Brewed Abdul bottled by Shepherd Neame in Kent.

Two Hoots

This golden ale is brewed in Manchester by Joseph Holt LTD and I must say, it has a lovely taste!

It’s described on the bottle as a light, fruity ale which is certainly is ? thumbs up for this one!

Gatekeepers Golden Ale

I was intrigued by the caramel aromas supposedly present within this ale.

The write up on the bottle is: English pale malts coupled with Challenger and Golding hops provide the bitterness and aroma. The result is a highly distinctive light, golden ale with caramel aromas, a pleasing toffee apple flavour and a late bitterness.

Really, really enjoyed this one! It’s brewed by St Peters Brewery in Suffolk.

Let The Dragon Roar

So I went to a pub in Sutton the other night and I spotted a very interesting looking ale, I just had to try it. It’s an ale from Boss Brewing Company.

Just look at the image on the pump ……. you can see why I had to give this one a try!


I liked the name of this ale! The write up on this bottle is: A light golden beer with a big personality, bursting with fruity hop flavours, citrus notes and a refreshing finish.

I can definitely taste the citrus which is really refreshing as promised! This is a good ale! ? Its brewed in Peterborough by Oakham Ales.

Boon Doggle

Very strange name for this ale! It’s brewed by Ringwood Brewery and is described as a fruity ale and best enjoyed with a spicy burrito!

As I’m not a fan of spicy food myself, I won’t be trying that! Not overly impressed with this ale but it was still nice.


This classic pale ale is brewed in Keighley by Timothy Taylor’s. It’s described as having a complex citrus and hoppy aroma.

I wasn’t blown away tbh but I did still enjoy it ?

The Fursty Ferret

I loved the name of this ale when I spotted it on the shelf, it was straight into the trolley! Before drinking it, I had a read of the label and had a little chuckle!

This is what’s on the back of the bottle: Ferret comes from the Latin word for ‘little thief’. When there about, you can be sure trouble is about. We still remember the night one such furry ne’er-do-well tiptoed into the thatched Gribble Inn and stole himself a taste of our tantalising tawny tipple, loved For it’s full bodied biscuity taste. Now then, what’s Latin for ‘little thief with great taste in beer?’

It’s described as having a subtle floral and lemon hop aroma. I did enjoy this ale but not as much as the others brewed by Badger Ales such as The Golden Champion.

More to be added soon!