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Bali Family Holidays: Activities & Resorts for 2024

Bali Family Holidays as the destination of your family holiday can provide a mix of engaging activities suitable for children, cultural attractions and resorts perfect for relaxation. Aimed at families in search of both entertainment and enrichment, our guide provides recommendations on top-tier experiences in Bali. It encompasses open-air excursions, serene sanctuaries, ideal for unwinding with your loved ones, and practical advice tailored to facilitate travel with young travellers.

Bali Hollidays

Key Takeaways of a Bali Holiday

  • Bali is a family-friendly destination offering beautiful beaches, rich culture, and diverse attractions, with family-oriented resorts in Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Ubud providing convenient access to local experiences.
  • Families can enjoy a wide range of activities in Bali, from adventure sports and nature trails to theme parks and cultural classes, catering to children and teens’ varied interests.
  • Ideal travel time is during the dry season from April to June and September for favorable weather and lower accommodation costs, while direct flights from Virgin Atlantic and Kappa Senses Ubud’s architecture and immersion offer ease and a unique experience.

Exploring Bali with the Family: Why It’s a Top Choice

Exploring Bali

Bali Family Holidays are very appealing, and for good reason. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this tropical haven boasts idyllic beaches with skies painted in hues of blue and ocean waters so clear they sparkle. The island is a treasure trove of culture, offering numerous possibilities to engage with its rich heritage at every corner. The inner heartlands offer an equally mesmerizing experience. Imagine volcanic landscapes beside serene rice paddies that act as havens for those who find solace and beauty in nature’s tranquility.

When on holiday here, there’s no shortage of opportunities to delve into Balinese culture or make memories that will last a lifetime. Families can enjoy from awe-inspiring temple tours to delicious local cuisine while basking under the beautiful Bali landscape. With activities suited for all ages – from adventurous day trips exploring neighbouring islands to participating in authentic cultural experiences – the essence of Indonesia shines through amidst Bali’s famed hospitality. These elements combined ensure that holidays spent here are more than remarkable. They’re unforgettable journeys into paradise.

Best Resorts for Family Comfort in Bali

 Bali Family Holidays: Family Comfort

If you’re planning Bali Family Holidays, selecting an ideal resort is crucial for a smooth experience. Renowned for their luxury and accommodating families, regions such as Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Ubud boast hotels and villas that come with amenities like kids’ swimming pool and clubs while being near numerous attractions across Bali. These resorts offer the dual advantage of providing luxurious comfort and serving as strategic points from which to discover everything Bali has to offer – be it soaking up the sun by the beach or immersing yourself in local culture.

Nusa Dua Family Retreats

Nusa Dua in Bali elevates the family holiday experience with resorts that cater to both luxury and child-friendly adventures, such as:

  • The Mulia, which blends grandeur with amenities designed for children.
  • The St Regis Bali Resort, where families can start their day witnessing a beautiful sunrise.
  • The Grand Hyatt offers an ambience like a Balinese water palace featuring a network of interlinking swimming pools.
  • The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa provides five-star service with a scenery of pristine white beaches and azure waters.

For those seeking an idyllic escape tailored for families, Marriott’s Bali Nusa Dua Gardens and the Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa stand out. These sanctuaries offer spacious tropical environments along with extensive amenities specifically aimed at younger guests. Here you will find a harmonious blend of serenity and adventure readily accessible right outside your accommodation.

Seminyak’s Family Stays

Seminyak is renowned accross Bali for its lodging options, perfectly suited for families who want to savor the joys of a beach vacation along with the excitement of a vibrant nightlife. In close proximity to Seminyak Beach, resorts that cater specifically to family needs are ideally situated, giving guests unrivaled access to ocean views and sandy escapades. The shoreline is speckled with beach clubs designed with amenities specially for families, guaranteeing delightful experiences even for the smallest members.

Families will find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to having dinner in Seminyak. A wide array of eateries offer both international dishes and traditional Balinese fare, often accompanied by child-friendly facilities like play zones or special menus just for kids. As dusk falls over Seminyak, a lively night scene emerges suitable not only for adults but also for younger visitors thanks to early entertainment offerings found at venues prioritising security and cultivating a welcoming environment suitable for families.

Ubud’s Cultural Spots for Families

Ubud is Bali’s cultural heart, a great place for families to immerse themselves in the island’s rich heritage. Attractions in Ubud include:

  • The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which provides educational and exciting experiences, allowing close encounters with the local wildlife in a conserved natural habitat.
  • Art galleries and museums, which offer a chance to explore and appreciate local art and culture.
  • The vibrant local bar scene, which provides entertainment and a chance to experience the local nightlife.

Tucked away among the rice paddies and lush greenery, Ubud’s resorts offer a peaceful retreat with cultural highlights at your fingertips. From traditional dance performances to hands-on art workshops, Ubud is the perfect place for families to find inspiration, engage with the locals, and experience the authentic spirit of Bali.

Bali Family Holidays: Activities for Kids and Teens

Bali presents an array of child-friendly activities that range from mild to thrilling, appealing both to the adventurous and those who prefer a slower pace. Highlights include:

  • Excitement is guaranteed with adventure sports like rafting and snorkeling.
  • For exploration at a relaxed tempo, hiking paths traverse Bali’s quaint villages and lush jungles.
  • Attractions such as the Bali Wake Park and Bali Bird Park are designed specifically to delight younger kids.
  • The family-oriented environments of the Bali Safari & Marine Park and the Bali Zoo provide interactive animal experiences that educate while they entertain.

For families looking for immersive cultural experiences, engaging in local arts such as batik craft workshops or culinary classes offers invaluable insights into Balinese culture. Meanwhile spots geared towards physical activity, including places like the Bali Equestrian Centre or Bounce Trampoline Centre, ensure children and teens have ample opportunities for active fun. These varied options assure that each member of your family will find something enjoyable amid what balmy island has in store.

The Perfect 14-Day Bali Family Holiday Itinerary

Family Holiday Itinerary

An ideal two-week itinerary for a family holiday in Bali should include both relaxation and excitement. Begin your adventure in Ubud, the cultural core of the island, by embarking on an unforgettable bicycle tour through lush rice paddies with your family. After that, spend seven days in Canggu where its surf schools will enthral you, along with eateries offering healthy cuisine options and various activities to delight each member of the family.

Next up is Seminyak’s lively scene where KU DE TA hosts child-friendly Sundays perfect for entertaining kids while allowing adults some downtime. Cap off your island escapade with an exclusive yacht excursion that offers a safe and delightful way for your entire family to discover Bali’s vibrant marine life.

Seasonal Delights: When to Plan Your Bali Trip

When organizing your trip to Bali, timing is crucial. For a family outing during your holidays, it’s best to aim for the dry season which spans from April through June and again in September. This is when you’ll find reduced humidity making the beaches truly alluring. Visiting during these months could mean enjoying lower prices on accommodation compared to peak holiday times – presenting an ideal opportunity for a family getaway.

Bali Trip

Conversely, Bali’s rainy season stretches from October until April and is characterized by tropical heat and moisture with December and January experiencing some of the heaviest rainfall. Nevertheless, over Christmas holidays many families still flock to Bali regardless of sporadic showers so they can revel in its festive atmosphere while capitalizing on school recess periods.

Dining and Cuisine: A Taste of Bali for All Ages

Taste of Bali

Bali’s gastronomic landscape offers a plethora of choices suitable for every palate and age group, making dining an exploration of the island’s diverse tastes. Families can enjoy child-accommodating venues such as Biku in Seminyak, Splash Bistro at the Hard Rock Hotel Kuta, and Sprout Cafe in Canggu that turn each meal into a chance to indulge in local flavors. Night markets are perfect for tasting genuine Balinese food while international options abound at locations like Made’s Warung Berawa which also boasts kid-friendly amenities.

Embark on a distinctive culinary journey with options like Children’s High Tea at Biku or relish time spent at Pizza Bagus in Ubud and The Cashew Tree in Pecatu where play zones captivate young diners. These establishments are dedicated to ensuring that mealtimes go beyond just enjoying great food. They’re about crafting delightful memories for families.

Essential Bali Travel Tips for Families

Before setting off on your holiday, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some essential travel advice. A new tourist tax has been imposed, costing around 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah for each foreign visitor. This levy can be settled either upon arrival or in advance online and contributes to the upkeep of local facilities while offering financial protection for tourists. For British nationals looking forward to their family adventure in Bali, there is the perk of visa-free entry for stays up to a month as long as their passport remains valid at least six months beyond their entry date. They just need to dedicate a few hours ahead of time preparing.

Bali Family Holidays: Essential Bali Travel

To ensure that your holiday kicks off without any hitches, these tips are tailored towards facilitating a seamless transition into Balinese life so you can concentrate more on crafting unforgettable moments rather than worrying about trip logistics. Keep this guidance top-of-mind when planning your trip—you’re paving the way toward an enjoyable vacation free from unnecessary interruptions in beautiful Indonesia.

Unique Experiences for Families in Bali

Families visiting Bali have the opportunity to engage in extraordinary activities that are unique to the island. Embark on an early morning adventure with a sunrise climb, and afterward, enjoy a breakfast experience like no other as orangutans join your meal at Bali Zoo—making unforgettable memories for your family. Take your kids to Krakakoa Chocolate Cafe & Factory where they can play as a chocolatier for the day. This interactive lesson also sheds light on Indonesian farmers’ practices.

Bali Family Holidays: Experiences for Families in Bali

For those who revel in cultural experiences, making time for the Blanco Museum is essential. Here art seamlessly merges with history, showcasing Antonio Blanco’s perspective of Bali’s story. These encounters aren’t solely about entertainment—they’re immersive learning moments that will deeply enrich you and your children’s appreciation of Balinese culture and lifestyle.

Planning Your Arrival: Flights and Transfers to Bali

Bali Family Holidays: Flights and Transfers to Bali

Virgin Atlantic has simplified the travel experience to Bali with their direct flights, offering a straightforward path for your family’s holiday in this idyllic island destination. Departing from London Heathrow on selected weekdays, these non-stop services will recommence seasonally starting October 2024—perfectly aligning with your upcoming holiday plans.

As you touch down, official taxis are readily available to transport you comfortably to your resort of choice, mirroring the ease and tranquility of viewing Bali’s scenery from above. With transit arrangements efficiently handled, your family is free to immerse themselves in the enchanting Bali holiday atmosphere that promises each moment there will be as delightful as the one before.


As we conclude our mesmerizing exploration of Bali, it’s evident that the island offers a plethora of opportunities for families in search of an adventurous and culturally-rich escape. Nusa Dua presents opulent accommodations fit for family indulgence, Seminyak buzzes with energy perfect for vibrant stays, and Ubud stands as a sanctuary steeped in Balinese culture. This destination accommodates every type of family through engaging activities suitable for children and teenagers alike, culinary delights to satisfy all taste buds, and distinctive learning experiences that both intrigue and entertain.


Cherish the moments spent sharing breakfasts with orangutans or crafting chocolates together as inspirations to plan your next family vacation to this idyllic paradise. With a comprehensive 14-day itinerary at your disposal complete with seasonal advice on travel intricacies, coupled with varied lodging possibilities tailored just right – setting off on your Bali journey is within arm’s reach. Immerse yourself in the majesty and excitement found only when venturing through Bali side by side with those dearest to you—and let the essence of this exotic locale linger long after its beaches are but memories upon returning home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we need a visa to travel to Bali for a family holiday?
    • British nationals can take pleasure in traveling to Bali without a visa for durations not exceeding 30 days, provided their passports remain valid for at least six months after they arrive.
  • What is the best time of year to visit Bali for a family holiday?
    • For a family holiday in Bali, the optimal period to visit is within the dry season which spans from April to June and then September. This timeframe presents perfect weather conditions for families looking forward to spending time on Bali’s picturesque beaches during their holiday.
  • Are there any family-friendly activities for children in Bali?
    • Certainly, Bali offers an abundance of activities suitable for families with children, including excursions to theme parks. They can engage with wildlife at attractions like the Bali Safari & Marine Park and the Bali Zoo, or partake in various cultural experiences.
  • Can families find accommodations that offer both luxury and a cultural experience in Bali?
    • Certainly, in Bali, esteemed establishments such as The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan and Kappa Senses Ubud deliver an opulent cultural experience ideal for families seeking a blend of lavish comfort and engagement with the local traditions.
  • Is there a tourist levy when visiting Bali, and how much is it?
    • Yes, there is a tourist levy for foreign tourists visiting Bali, which is approximately 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah and can be paid online or upon arrival.

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