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Cubo AI Plus: In-Depth Baby Monitor Review

Is the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor the added peace of mind you’re looking for? Our in-depth review assesses its performance in daily parenting scenarios. We’ll cover its AI-enhanced features, ease of use, and whether it truly offers the reliability and clarity you need. Does it deliver for your baby’s safety and your peace of mind?

Key Takeaways

  • The Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor leverages AI technology for advanced monitoring. It is offering features such as covered face and rollover detection, cough detection, and clear audio & video quality.
  • The nursery cam integrates with smart home systems, like Google Home. It supports multiple camera connections, allowing monitoring and control through the CuboAi app.
  • Despite lacking color night vision, the Cubo AI Plus delivers high-quality night vision. It offers a comprehensive set of features such as lullaby playback, sleep analysis, room temperature, and humidity monitoring. All in all worth its higher price point if parents seek additional peace of mind through AI support.

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Introduction to Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor

Cubo AI Plus baby monitor with temperature and humidity sensor

The Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor stands out for its use of nursery cam artificial intelligence. It alerts parents to important events like a baby’s covered face. What sets this monitor apart from others is its wide range of features. They include video and audio monitoring, temperature and humidity tracking in the room, playing lullabies as needed and providing detailed sleep analysis. Warning alarms for danger zones or if the baby cries.

This device’s integration of advanced technology offers impressive capabilities. It detects when a baby has their face covered or rolls over onto their stomach while sleeping. The Cubo AI can also detect breathing movements and coughs. It improves visual and audio quality by eliminating background noise, but also gives parents an added sense of security. Little wonder why it is hailed as one among the best baby monitors.

Despite promising performance levels, real-world results may vary at times.We shall put these claims under scrutiny to test how well The Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor performs.

Manufacturer’s Claims

According to the manufacturer, the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor offers a range of advanced features. These include face detection alerts, danger zone notifications, cry alarms and detailed sleep analysis. The monitor claims to be one of the best baby monitors. They argue with top nursery cam and video quality on the market for parents looking for a reliable baby monitoring solution. We will put these claims to test in our upcoming review.

The company also states that their baby monitor is compatible with popular home automation systems (like Google Home app). Through this integration, users can control and view live feeds. They can use voice commands through devices like Google Nest Hub. This is possible without needing additional wearable monitors like smart socks. We will have a look at this feature will also undergo thorough testing during our evaluation process.

Furthermore, the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor has been advertised as capable of connecting multiple cameras onto one account. This means parents have easy access switching between different camera views when using it as a video monitor, not only convenient but highly efficient, especially when keeping an eye on several rooms or angles.These capabilities too would come under scrutiny in our assessment phase to see if it is really on of the best baby monitors.

Unboxing and Setting Up

Upon unpacking the Cubo AI Plus baby monitor, we found it included a variety of useful items such as:

  • A Sleep Sensor Pad for monitoring your baby’s movements during sleep.
  • The Cubo AI Plus camera itself.
  • A multi-purpose stand that can be used in various ways to mount the device.
  • A floor base for stable placement on any surface.

There is also an attachment specifically designed for easy crib mounting and a mobile stand if you need to relocate the monitor. From the beginning it becomes apparent that this is not a simple baby monitor, but most monitors also do not have the range of extra features.

On one hand there is a wall mount provided with this product, on the other hand its versatile stands offer as well convenient alternative options. With the stands the installing the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor was simple and did not require any special tools, just approximately 30 minutes of your time. First step involves connecting both temperature sensor and humidity sensors before powering up your new gadget. We have not tested the wall mount option.

Next comes downloading the dedicated app called “CuboAi” which enables pairing with existing devices already connected within its range at home (in case of multiple rooms). From here, tap into the settings area where linked video monitors appear listed atop. Then proceed by configuring appropriate settings related to controlling video screen views. If necessary, consult the manual guide instructions for better understanding of the crucial features of the video monitor. Check the video feed of the baby monitor at the end via the home wi fi.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The design of the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor is sleek and modern, fits into any contemporary nursery.

Constructed with child-friendly materials that are UV-stabilized, this baby monitor is both durable and reliable. Weighing only 220g / 9.9oz, it’s also lightweight and easy to handle. The camera delivers an excellent hd video at 1080p resolution in all lighting conditions.

While lacking colour night vision capabilities, this baby monitor makes up for it with its high-quality night vision mode ensuring clear visibility of your little one even in low-light situations.

User Interface and Ease of Use

User Interface and Ease of Use

The user-friendly interface of the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor includes a Home Screen, Moments Wall, Full Screen Features and Sleep Reports. Setting up the baby monitor through its companion app is relatively straightforward.

To navigate the interface:

  1. Open the Cubo Ai App.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Select your connected monitor.
  4. Access camera options.

Adjust baby monitor features as needed.

This baby monitor provides audio monitoring and also advanced video capabilities that can be tailored to individual preferences by tapping on Camera settings in the app’s menu for their specific device.

One interesting feature of this baby monitor is its customizable settings. They allow users to personalize it according to their liking by accessing Camera Settings within an option under Connected Monitors in General Settings.

Testing the Visuals

Clear night vision of the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor

The visual capabilities of the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor have received positive feedback from users. Its 1080p video resolution was well perceived, providing clear images during both daytime and low-light situations. It is considered a top contender among other baby monitors in terms of visuals.

Other baby monitors

With its nursery cam video feed is a high-definition 1080p quality, the Cubo AI Plus offers sharp imagery and video for better monitoring of babies’ activities.

Also in dark conditions, parents can use the night vision abilities of the CuboAI Plus Baby Monitor. This feature allows for clear visibility of babies during nighttime, proving necessary visuals and making it a popular baby monitor.

Testing the Audio Features

Two-way talkback function and sound sensitive lights of the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor

One essential aspect of a baby monitor is its audio features, and the Cubo AI Plus provides the important ones in this area. The two-way talkback function allows for clear communication between parents and their baby or each other from a distance.

Differentiates between cries and environment noises
Cough Detection

The sound quality of the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor is very good with little background noise or interference. Parents can adjust the volume directly from their mobile device while viewing the video stream. To advanced audio capabilities, there are also visual indicators on the basic audio monitor that provide real-time updates on your baby’s surroundings.

Lullaby Schedule

Soothing lullabies are included as an added feature for both parent and baby comfort. These lullabies enhance overall user experience when using the Cubo AI Plus baby monitor.

A lullabies playlist for the baby

Testing the Special Features

To its audio and visual capabilities, the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor boasts a variety of features that enhance its value. One such feature is the room temperature display on both the Home Screen and Full Screen modes of the CuboAi app, providing accurate readings for parents to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their baby.

The room temperature and humidity sensor can be complemented with the Smart Temp device that is attached to the baby detecting unsual temperature changes. This can be linked to sickness or overheating due to being too warm.

Smart Temp

The monitor also offers sleep analysis through a Sleep Sensor placed under the mattress, detecting breathing movements while your baby sleeps as an extra safety measure.

Breathing Motion Detection

Another standout feature is danger zone detection, which notifies parents when their baby enters any predefined “danger zones,” allowing them to intervene promptly if necessary.

Danger Zone Detection

An extra feature is the Covered-Face & Rollover Detection. It helps parents detect potentially dangerous positions of the baby and sends an alert if there might be something worng.

Covered-Face & Rollover Detection

If you want to check if you missed anything important, you have the possibility to use the 18 hour playback feature. Checking in on the baby (and the nanny).

18 Hour Playback Feature

Value for Money

Priced at £289, the Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor may seem expensive, but the tech features can be worth the investment. Its extra features including covered-face and rollover detection, breathing motion detection powered by AI technology, as well as room temperature and humidity monitoring can justify the cost. The nursery cam serves as an alternative to both simple baby monitors and wearable baby monitors.

Frequent promotional offers and discounts are available for the Cubo AI Plus monitor. For example, “cuboverb” can be used to avail a $10 discount. One of its added advantages is that it comes with a 1-year warranty period.

We believe this device is a good recommendation to parents that look for that extra level of peace of mind and are willing to pay for it. Other wise simple audio baby monitors will do that are cheaper. It is always the balance between paying for a more sophisticated baby monitor and saving money on audio baby monitors that can do the job, but offer less assistance.

Comparing Alternatives

The Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor stands out among highly-rated video baby monitors for its useful features and functionalities. Other sophisticated baby monitor options in the market include the VTech VM3254, Nanit Pro Baby Monitoring System, Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor, Motorola ConnectView65 Plus, Vtech RM7764HD, Babymoov YOO Go Plus 5” Video, and Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro Baby Monitor.

Compared to most baby monitors like the Nanit Plus and Angelcare AC327 Baby Monitors, the Cubo AI Plus sets itself apart with A.I.-powered detection of covered face and danger zone events. In terms of visual quality, it delivers high-definition 1080p videos that are clear both during day or night, fairing well against competing brands such as the Babysense Video Baby Monitor.

Lastly, the CuboAI Plus is rated well for its performance as a pro baby monitor with superior features and clarity. In addition to its functions mentioned above, it also boasts an great sleep evaluation feature, making it an all-in-one solution to your baby monitoring needs.

Sleep analytics feature

While other alternatives may offer similar features, this baby monitor provides comprehensive functionality and good video capabilities. It’s a top choice in the smart baby market, rated well by parents.

Sleep analytics feature


To summarize, the Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor is a well-equipped device that provides great visuals, audio quality and additional useful functionalities. Despite being pricier than other options on the market, its advanced features and performance may make it worthwhile for numerous parents concerned about their baby’s wellbeing. One has to reflect on if baby monitors with additional features are worth it and bring additional peace of mind. If not, simple audio baby monitors could be considered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best baby monitors to buy?

Discover the most highly recommended baby monitors for 2024 to find top-quality options that will keep an eye on your little one in our BEST 5 BABY MONITORS REVIEW.

Do doctors recommend baby monitors?

Most doctors do not recommend at-home monitors for healthy babies without medical complications. The American Academy of Pediatrics only recommends a home apnea monitor for babies with specific medical needs, such as those requiring home oxygen or with serious breathing problems.

Are baby monitors worth the money?

In the beginning, if your baby is sleeping in the same room as you, a baby monitor may not be necessary. If you have a two-story house and intend to let your baby nap upstairs, having a baby monitor could prove quite useful. Here tips on how to help you baby sleep might also help, find our article here.

Ultimately, whether or not you need a baby monitor will depend on factors such as your living situation and specific needs regarding monitoring of your child’s sleep patterns.

How do I choose a good baby monitor?

When selecting a suitable monitor, it is essential to seek out characteristics like sound-activated indicators and double channels that reduce interference. It’s also important to consider the quality of video footage, night vision capabilities, and the ability to zoom in on your little one.

Stay away from monitors with colored night vision if it compromises image clarity.

What are the main features of the Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor?

The Smart Baby Monitor from Cubo AI Plus is equipped with advanced features such as detection for covered faces and rollover incidents, breathing motion analysis through artificial intelligence (AI), cough recognition, and real-time monitoring of room temperature and humidity. This system support parents with the safety and well-being of the baby.

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