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Cyprus Family Holidays: Fun & Relaxation for the Family

Is Cyprus a family-friendly destination? With its array of gentle sandy beaches, child-approved adventure activities, and engaging cultural spots, Cyprus welcomes families for a holiday full of ease and excitement. This guide offers a peek at the island’s top picks for Cyprus family holidays. Guaranteed to please every family member. Here’s to stress-free planning. A trip that scores high on fun, comfort, and cherished memories without overselling it.

Holidays to Cyprus

Key Takeaways

  • Cyprus offers a variety of family-friendly Blue Flag beaches like Nissi Bay, Coral Bay, and Fig Tree Bay. Featuring shallow waters and amenities like changing rooms and dining options, making them ideal for family holidays.
  • The island provides a range of adventure activities suitable for all ages. Including water sports, go-karting, and explorations through wildlife parks and nature trails. Ensuring fun and educational experiences for the whole family.
  • Cyprus is rich in history and culture with places like the Paphos Archaeological Park and traditional Cypriot villages. Alongside providing family-oriented accommodations and year-round outdoor activities suited for diverse interests.

Top Family-Friendly Beaches in Cyprus

Family enjoying a sunny day at Nissi Bay beach in Cyprus

The essence of Cyprus Family Holidays is often found along the stretch of its beaches, and Cyprus doesn’t disappoint with its offerings. Notably, Nissi Bay in Ayia Napa boasts crystal-clear waters that have earned the prestigious Blue Flag distinction. While throughout the Larnaca region you will find an array of soft sandy shores. The shallow depths here are particularly suited for families to enjoy without worry. Providing a perfect space for youngsters to play whilst adults can relish in constructing sandcastles or basking in sun-drenched relaxation.

Let us delve deeper into these coastal havens as we examine their allure.

Nissi Bay and Ayia Napa

Nissi Bay

Tucked away in the lively resort hub of Ayia Napa, families will find a haven at Nissi Bay. Renowned for its 500 meters stretch of pristine white sand and transparent waters. It’s evident why Nissi Beach has been honored with the Blue Flag distinction. Families can enjoy convenient amenities such as:

  • Extensive parking facilities
  • Restrooms
  • Places to change
  • A vast array of nearby eateries.

Designed with family vacationers in mind. The welcoming Nissi Beach Resort serves as an ideal launchpad for seaside adventures. Taking a stroll over to Nissi Island presents an exciting opportunity for family discovery!

Coral Bay in Paphos Region

Scenic view of Coral Bay beach in Paphos, Cyprus

Continuing our exploration, we come across Coral Bay, an exquisite blue flag beach nestled in the scenic Peyia region of Paphos. Its gentle and serene waters make it an ideal retreat for families and young ones. Here’s what the beach provides:

  • A picturesque setting with green foliage draping over limestone cliffs
  • Amenities catered to family needs such as restrooms, bathing facilities, and changing places
  • Availability of sun loungers coupled with parasols for hire

This locale is a dream spot to capture your cherished family holiday moments.

The addition of numerous water sports and lively pursuits caters splendidly to older kids. Crafting a seamless blend between tranquil leisure and vibrant entertainment.

Fig Tree Bay in Protaras

Fig Tree Bay beach in Protaras, ideal for family holidays in Cyprus

Make your way to the delightful Fig Tree Bay in Protaras for a family holiday that ticks all the boxes. This Blue Flag-awarded beach boasts immaculate soft sands and gently sloping waters suitable for both adults and kids alike. It’s equipped with an array of amenities tailored to families’ needs such as

  • restrooms
  • changing areas
  • loungers
  • sun shades
  • facilities for various water sports activities
  • free WiFi.

No matter how you choose to travel. On foot, by bicycle or by vehicle. You’ll find ample parking available ensuring your trip is smooth sailing from start to finish. A visit to this golden sand haven comes complete with modern comforts and conveniences. Truly elevating what one could envision for an ideal beach-centric Cyprus Family Holidays experience.

Unforgettable Adventure Activities

Certainly, the allure of Cyprus extends far beyond its stunning shorelines. Whether it’s engaging in water sports beneath the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun. Or experiencing the thrill of go-karting that ignites a competitive spark. Cyprus guarantees a daily dose of enjoyment.

If you’re inclined towards natural encounters. There are numerous wildlife parks and scenic nature trails ready to be explored. Embrace your adventurous side by delving into the captivating outdoor experiences available across Cyprus.

Water Sports for the Whole Family

Water Sports for the Whole Family

A holiday on the beach is incomplete without engaging in some water sports. Cyprus presents a plethora of choices that cater to families. Whether your interest lies in:

  • mastering the waves via windsurfing or kayaking
  • seeking excitement through parasailing, waterskiing, or jet skiing
  • indulging in non-mechanized pursuits like stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)

You’ll find that Cyprus has all these activities readily available. They are designed to provide enjoyment for individuals of every age group and skill level.

For those who are fascinated by life under the sea, make sure you take advantage of scuba diving adventures available in Cyprus. With numerous hotels situated along the shore providing convenient access to these aquatic pastimes, families can anticipate an exceptionally fun-filled experience!

Go-Karting Fun

Go-Karting Fun

Should your family not be inclined towards water sports, consider the excitement of go-karting instead. As a leading attraction in Cyprus for an exhilarating family outing. Paphos Go Karting offers tracks replete with tunnels and challenging curves designed to foster family bonding and unforgettable experiences.

There’s no need to haul any equipment. The facility supplies all essential gear such as helmets and footwear. Thus, prepare yourself for a heart-racing adventure on the track!

Wildlife Parks and Nature Trails

Families seeking a tranquil retreat to bask in Cyprus’s stunning natural landscapes should not miss the opportunity to explore its wildlife parks and nature trails. Picture this:

This adventure offers an ideal mix of enjoyment and education for an unforgettable family holiday.

Are you ready to delve into the wild?

Gazing out at breathtaking waterfalls

Historical Sites and Cultural Experiences

The island of Cyprus is a treasure trove for families interested in delving into a deep historical and cultural landscape. It boasts archaeological parks, like Paphos Archaeological Park. Brimming with ancient roman relics as well as quintessential villages that embody the island’s rich cultural past. Providing ample opportunities to explore and gain knowledge.

 Selimiye Mosque

Embarking on an exploration of Cyprus is akin to setting out on a journey through time. Such as the Selimiye Mosque, which was built originally as a gothic church in byzantine times. Ideal for enthusiasts eager to unearth the narrative woven into its fabric. This odyssey offers history buffs an array of stories waiting to be discovered within this storied destination.

Paphos Archaeological Park

Embark on a historical adventure at the Paphos Archaeological Park, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The park is renowned for its remarkable assortment of ancient ruins. Spanning from prehistoric eras to medieval times, especially noted for Roman relics. Highlights include the intricate and remarkably conserved mosaics in Roman villas. The shared necropolis known as ‘Tombs of the Kings,’ and remains of the early Christian Limeniotissa Basilica. Each providing insights into long-gone civilizations. This site promises an educational exploration steeped in history and splendor that families across all ages can appreciate together.

Paphos Archaeological Park

Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement

We then explore the Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement, also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This excellently maintained site offers an insight into some of the earliest civilizations in the eastern Mediterranean. It features archeological findings such as ancient agricultural buildings, fortifications, and rounded homes that allow families to deeply understand life during the Neolithic period, adding a captivating dimension to their journey through history.

Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement

Traditional Cypriot Villages

No family holiday in Cyprus would be truly fulfilling without a journey through its quaint, traditional villages. Omodos and Lefkara are prime examples where the island’s rich cultural legacy comes to life. These locations allow visitors to experience historic crafts, savor authentic Cypriot dishes, and view unique architectural styles.

Traditional Cypriot Villages

Such villages present an enchanting glimpse into the true spirit of Cyprus and are essential destinations for families seeking a genuine touch of the local atmosphere during their holidays.

Museums and Castles for Cyprus Family Holidays

On Cyrpus you have a range of interesting museums or castles. To name a few:

Year-Round Sunshine and Outdoor Exploration

Renowned for its consistent sunny weather, Cyprus invites visitors to enjoy the great outdoors at any time of year. This island is an ideal location for those looking to

  • wander along nature paths
  • bask in the warmth of the sun on its beaches
  • relish Greek culinary delights in open-air settings

Come and be captivated by the charm of Cyprus beneath its expansive azure skies.

Year-Round Sunshine and Outdoor Exploration

Hiking and Nature Walks

The varied landscape of Cyprus presents numerous hiking paths and nature trails. Ideally suited for Cyprus Family Holidays with a passion for outdoor exploration. The picturesque trail at Oroklini Park, which includes an observation point, as well as the Tripylos Summit. Recognized for having the greatest altitude increase on routes that are welcoming to children. Are just some options where these pathways provide stunning panoramas and opportunities to immerse in natural surroundings.

Cyprus Family Holidays: Hiking and Nature Walks

Lace up your boots and prepare yourself for a memorable adventure!

Outdoor Dining and Greek Cuisine

Experiencing the pleasure of al fresco dining while indulging in Greek cuisine is one of the highlights when on a holiday in Cyprus. You can relish fresh seafood at eateries along the shore or immerse yourself in local flavors. At classic Cypriot tavernas, making every meal an event to remember.

Cyprus Family Holidays: Outdoor Dining and Greek Cuisine

Enjoying a family dinner beneath the night sky or having a laid-back lunch adjacent to the beach. Cyprus’ gastronomic offerings will undoubtedly enchant your senses and enhance your island adventure.

Travel Tips and Advice for Cyprus Family Holidays

Having delved into the vast array of experiences Cyprus has to offer, it’s crucial to focus on some essential travel tips and suggestions for a hassle-free family holiday. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the local traffic rules, stay updated on current entry prerequisites to make your family’s journey through Cyprus smooth and enjoyable.

Best Time to Visit

Cyprus offers a destination that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Yet if one seeks optimal weather and more tranquility, visiting from mid-May to October is advisable. The shoulder seasons flanking the summer’s pinnacle are perfect for visitors who enjoy moderate temperatures and sparser tourist populations.

Local Customs and Etiquette

While visiting Cyprus, honoring local traditions and behaviors is key. It’s seen as courteous to accept offerings of food or beverages. One should be aware that the Cypriots tend to have a casual attitude towards timekeeping.

Although tipping isn’t compulsory in Cyprus. It’s customary to leave a 10% tip at dining establishments when the service charge is not included in your total bill.

Safety Tips for Families

When traveling with your family to Cyprus, the utmost priority should be placed on security. The country is considered very safe, pickpockets do occur tho. Follow this:

  • Stay alert and protect your personal items
  • Think about obtaining travel insurance for your valuables
  • Steer clear of any protests or political events
  • Remember that there is a strict no-tolerance stance regarding illicit substances.

Families can feel reassured at Coral Bay thanks to the presence of lifeguards and access to a First Aid Station. Guaranteeing an environment conducive to safety.

Cyprus Family Holidays: Family-Friendly Accommodations

Once you’ve spent the day indulging in beachside pleasures. Delving into history, and partaking in exhilarating activities, it’s essential to find a relaxing spot for some well-deserved rest. Cyprus is home to a plethora of accommodations catered towards families which include:

  • Resorts featuring kids clubs
  • Secluded private villas
  • Comprehensive all-inclusive packages
  • Independent self-catering villas

Cyprus ensures that your family’s needs are met with precision. Whether you’re in search of an all-encompassing all-inclusive retreat or you want the autonomy offered by a self-catering villa.

Holiday Resorts with Kids Clubs

Family getaways should focus on delighting the younger family members, and Cyprus holiday resorts excel at providing such engaging experiences. These destinations are equipped with kids clubs that deliver tailored amusement and activities designed specifically for children. Establishments like Olympic Lagoon Resorts and Grecian Sands. Hotel guarantees a blissful and carefree family holiday in Cyprus. Filled with joy for both the little ones and adults.

As your kids revel in unparalleled fun, you can embrace a much-needed respite during your stay!

Hotels with Entertainment for All Ages

Should you be in search of a destination that provides amusement for the entire family. Consider Cyprus’s hotels, which feature entertainment suitable for all ages. Establishments such as the Alexander The Great Beach Hotel and the Avlida Hotel deliver an extensive array of activities designed to engage every member of your family.

No matter if your travel companions include young children, adolescents or senior citizens. These hotels guarantee a holiday experience that will leave lasting memories for each individual.

Villas for Family Privacy and Comfort

Luxury villas stand as an ideal selection for families that prioritize both privacy and comfort. With establishments like Cyprus Villa Retreats, Captain’s Villa, and Villa Marina providing ample space accompanied by private swimming pools, stunning views of the sea, and contemporary comforts. These properties furnish a perfect setting for families to spend cherished moments with one another away from the typical commotion found in more populous resorts.

There is a special kind of pleasure in returning to your secluded haven after spending the day discovering the wonders of Cyprus!


To sum up, with its enchanting beaches, rich historical landmarks, thrilling adventures, and accommodations suitable for families—all bathed in endless sunshine—Cyprus is the ideal destination. It caters to all interests. From history enthusiasts and culinary aficionados to thrill-seekers or those who just want to unwind. Don’t hesitate any longer. Start organizing your family’s holiday to Cyprus now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which part of Cyprus is best for families?

For a Cyprus Family Holidays seeking a classic beach vacation filled with activities, Protaras and Ayia Napa in Cyprus are exceptional choices. Conversely, the historic city of Paphos offers an excellent alternative for those looking to explore beyond conventional holiday pursuits.

These destinations come highly recommended for a memorable family adventure.

What is the nicest area of Cyprus?

Depending on what you’re looking for and your financial plan, the most appealing locations in Cyprus can differ. Limassol is an ideal choice for those who have never been to Cyprus before. For those travelling with their families, Paphos and Protaras come highly recommended, while Ayia Napa is famous for its vibrant nightlife scene.

For avid shoppers, Nicosia stands out as a prime destination. Meanwhile, both Paphos and Nicosia provide opportunities to immerse oneself in deep historical culture.

Is Paphos good for families?

Absolutely, Paphos presents an ideal spot for families seeking to combine relaxation with adventure. The city offers stunning beaches and charming local dining spots. To exploring the UNESCO-protected ancient ruins that abound.

Embark on a delightful journey suitable for your family as you delve into the scenic beauty and deep historical significance of this vibrant city.

Is Cyprus good for family holiday?

Certainly, Cyprus stands out as an excellent destination for a family holiday. Offering a variety of amusements such as waterparks, zoos, mini-golf courses and museums. Its sandy beaches also present numerous watersports activities. This ensures that there is entertainment for everyone in the family to indulge in – from kids to adults.

What are some of the family-friendly beaches in Cyprus?

Consider exploring Nissi Bay in Ayia Napa or Coral Bay within the Paphos region, alongside Fig Tree Bay in Protaras for engaging family beach outings.

Make the most of your visits to these stunning beaches across Cyprus.

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