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Family Holidays France: Destinations for Fun & Adventure

Looking for Family Holidays France that caters to both the little ones and the grown-ups? With a mix of beach relaxation, theme park excitement, and cultural treasures, France is a great destination for families. This article guides you through the top spots and activities that make family holidays France magical and stress-free. Ensuring a trip that’s as unforgettable for the children as it is restorative for the adults.

Eating during the Family Holidays in France

Key Takeaways

  • France offers a diverse array of family-friendly destinations, from the thrill of Disneyland Paris and historical explorations in Northern France to beachside retreats and mountain adventures in the French Alps.
  • A variety of child-centric accommodations and all-inclusive resorts throughout France ensure memorable and stress-free holidays with varied budgets catered for. Complete with activities and amenities for both children and adults.
  • French holidays can include cultural immersion experiences such as museum visits, château tours, culinary delights, and local festivals, providing educational and entertaining ways for families to explore France’s rich heritage.

Exploring Family Holidays in France

Family enjoying a beach holiday in France

Family holidays in France offers an array of experiences to suit every taste. In the north, families can bask on expansive sandy beaches and explore historical landmarks. While down south, they are greeted by the stunning vistas of regions like the Côte d’Azur. The Vendée is especially popular for its ample beaches that provide a perfect backdrop for seaside family vacations.

For those seeking enchantment during their family holidays in France, Disneyland Paris emerges as a prime attraction. It’s where both kids and grown-ups have the chance to

  • interact with beloved characters
  • immerse themselves in exhilarating attractions
  • be captivated by spectacular shows — all contributing to unforgettable moments.
Family Holidays in Disneyland

When it comes to lodging options throughout France that cater specifically to families, there’s no shortage of choices fitting any budget range. Ensuring comfort for both young ones and adults is key. You might select from accommodations such as villas right on the beachfront or chalets nestled within mountainous terrain. A stay at a rural gîte also promises an authentic French countryside experience. Each setting ensuring your holiday memories will be treasured.

Enchanting Island Escapes in France

Islands in France serve as an excellent getaway for families looking to experience a holiday that stands out. Take Corsica, with its array of spectacular and untouched shorelines complemented by tranquil scenery. It guarantees a family trip filled with unforgettable moments.

Corsica, with its array of spectacular and untouched shorelines

Exploring the island can be quite unique when taking Le Trinighellu. This leisurely train carries families through picturesque parts of Corsica. Where they encounter remote beaches and quaint areas at a relaxed rhythm. Providing breath-taking vistas and opportunities to stumble upon some of the island’s secret treasures.

Picturesque parts of Corsica

An additional attraction while visiting Corsica is embarking on a boat excursion in Bonifacio. Situated on the southern extremity of the island. Such tours offer glimpses of dramatic white cliffs and lead to captivating caves, presenting an exceptional adventure suitable for every member of the family.

Corsica: dramatic white cliffs

Paris: A City for Families to Love

Family exploring Paris

Paris, affectionately recognized as the city of love, holds an equal charm for families. This metropolitan treasure is dotted with attractions tailored to entertain and educate kids, including:

Such establishments are perfect environments in which children can explore the realms of art, scientific wonders, and historic narratives.

Places rich in history like the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle delight young minds with natural world marvels. While Le Musée de la Magie captivates them through enchanting magic shows. By transforming a visit to the celebrated Louvre Museum into a riveting scavenger hunt adventure, this experience becomes memorable and enjoyable for youths eager to uncover its many secrets.

When it comes time to dine out in Parisian style, every member of your family will find something delightful to indulge in. Some treats include:

Sample Itinerary: 14 Days in France

Embarking on a family getaway to France may seem overwhelming given the vast array of experiences available. We’re here to simplify your planning with several 14-day itinerary choices that encompass an extensive selection of activities and areas for families to discover.

Castle explorations in the Loire Valley

Take, for instance, the Paris and Environs Itinerary which could feature:

  • A delectable tour through Marais focused on pastries and chocolates
  • An engaging family-friendly excursion around Montmartre
  • Adventures like castle explorations and canoeing along the Cher River in Loire Valley
  • A delightful visit to a cheese farm located in Amboise
  • Finally making your way down towards Aix-en-Provence
Provence in the South of France

Those who have an affinity for seaside locales might find their perfect match in our Normandy and Brittany itinerary. This particular plan includes:


Alternatively, families longing for sunshine-soaked adventures should consider our Southern France itinerary comprising activities such as:

  • Basking on Concarneau’s sun-kissed beaches
  • Venturing off toward Bordeaux where you can indulge in gastronomic tours
  • Taking day excursions over to Avignon
  • Escaping onto kayaks beneath Provençal’s Pont du Gard
Provençal’s Pont du Gard

Wrapping up this unforgettable journey by visiting Monaco’s esteemed Oceanographic Museum before departing from Nice.

Monaco by night

With these itineraries tailored specifically for families looking forward to venture across different parts of French terrains together. Each moment during holidays promises plenty of adventure joy cultural learning.

The Charm of the French Countryside

Family enjoying the countryside in France

Escape the frenetic pace of urban living by retreating to the serene French countryside. The Lot region is renowned for its idyllic lot countryside appeal. It is dotted with charming villas amid breathtaking vistas and quaint towns that line the River Lot. Families have an opportunity to dive deep into the local way of life. Enjoy the culture in peaceful hamlets such as Frayssinet-le-Gelat and Montcuq.

The villas are thoughtfully equipped with amenities including:

  • private swimming pools
  • climate control via air conditioning
  • internet connectivity through WiFi
  • recreational spaces like games rooms
  • leisure equipment such as table tennis tables
Private swimming pools for the Family

With these comforts at their fingertips, families won’t encounter a single moment of boredom. Some residences are even conveniently positioned within a casual stroll from top-notch eateries offering delectable regional dishes. Allowing guests to readily sample local gastronomy.

Sample local gastronomy

Beyond relaxing in villa luxury, there’s an array of outdoor pursuits available for family fun:

  • navigating canoes along the Dordogne river
  • cycling through bucolic paths
  • embarking on scenic hikes towards expansive vistas

All set against the stunning backdrop that is uniquely characteristic of rural France. It is poised to forge unforgettable experiences for all members across generations.

Adventure Awaits in the French Alps

Family tracking in the French Alps

Adventure-seeking families will find a treasure trove of activities in the French Alps. Family mountain biking stands out, with trails designed for young riders aged 5 and up that meander through the valley floors. Making it an unforgettable way to witness the breathtaking alpine vistas together.

In particular, the Hautes Alpes region of the Southern French Alps is renowned for its family-oriented rock climbing courses. These are tailored not just to provide a challenge, but also offer immersive experiences into stunning scenery and native wildlife encounters. To augment this adventurous undertaking, local International Mountain Leaders are on hand to guide your family safely across these climbs. While imparting knowledge about regional geology, geomorphology, and ecology.

Rock Climbing during Family Holidays in France Hautes Alpes

Exploration extends beyond rocks to water as families can delve into various lake activities in this picturesque region. From canoeing and paddleboarding to simply swimming. Following such exuberant days filled with fun adventures or learning new sports skills under sunny skies. You may seek some restful downtime. There’s no shortage of welcoming accommodations catering specifically toward traveling kin. With options ranging from quaint lodges nestled within mountainsides to resort luxuries amidst high Alpine. Ambiances offering perfect relaxation spots post-adventurous endeavors.

Canoeing during your Family Holidays

Cultural Immersion for the Curious Family

In France, families looking to dive into cultural experiences will find an array of options. Children and parents alike can enhance their knowledge while having fun as they explore historical sites such as

  • the Loire châteaux
  • delve into Bordeaux’s wine cellars
Bordeaux’s wine cellars

A particularly interactive educational activity is available at Calvi Citadel. Where a treasure hunt interweaves with a tour, allowing children to uncover history within this storied fortress.

Engaging in festivals is another avenue through which French culture comes alive for visitors. One notable event is the Sedan Medieval Festival held at Château de Sedan. Europe’s largest castle from the Middle Ages. Here families can witness jousting bouts, colorful parades and browse goods in a traditional medieval marketplace. All making history tangible and exciting. Those interested in gastronomy might visit Maison du Miel in Murzu where beekeeping is demystified. Attractions include exploring a honey plant garden or participating in cooking classes that highlight honey.

Château Fort de Sedan

For those closer to Paris’ heartland near the iconic Eiffel Tower. La Gaîté Lyrique stands out. Once an opulent Belle Époque theatre. Now transformed into a hub of digital arts boasting both exhibitions and a café space suitable for family relaxation over coffee. These ventures not only entertain, but also serve as gateways for familial immersion into various facets of French life:

  • its pastimes
  • culinary arts
  • history
  • technological strides within culture

Where to Eat with Kids in France

Enjoying a meal with the family in France can be a charming experience. Especially given the country’s esteemed gastronomic culture. In Normandy, kids will have fun trying out local specialties such as

  • apple-based ciders
  • calvados
  • fresh seafood including mussels and oysters
  • not to mention the region’s celebrated Camembert cheese

Meanwhile, in Brittany, it’s essential for families to try the renowned crepes. These come topped with an assortment of flavors and are especially appealing to children.

Family Holidays France: Renowned crepes

For those little moments when children crave something sweetly satisfying on their exploratory walks through town. Pain au chocolat is an excellent choice due to its delicious chocolate center encased within light pastry. Ideal for munching while sightseeing.

Family Holidays France: Pain au chocolat is an excellent choice

The dining scene in Paris also offers plenty of excitement for young ones. Restaurants designed with families in mind like Breizh Café provide menus that resonate well with youthful taste buds. What’s more convenient is these establishments are just a short hop away from some of Paris’ most captivating sights that await Discovery by adventurous families.

France affords ample culinary choices. Spanning both traditional local fare and diverse global cuisine suited perfectly for family enjoyment. Whether you’re visiting snug bistros tucked away on cobblestone streets of Paris. Or savoring seaside delights along the Côte d’Azur shoreside eateries. There’s never any difficulty finding spots where all members of your clan will feel welcomed at French dining tables.

Family Holidays France: French Bistro for Families

Navigating France with Kids: Transportation Tips

Navigating Family Holidays France with children need not be a hassle if you are equipped with the right transportation advice. The Eurail France Pass, for instance, makes travel more manageable. It allows flexibility in travel days and offering discounts to those traveling as a family. It allows kids aged 11 and below to ride at no cost. While even children under four years old can use the French rail network free of charge. An economical choice for families.

Should driving be your preferred mode of transport when moving around with your kids in France. Car hire services are accessible. It’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the specific regulations that apply to drivers in this country. Including having travel breathalyzers on hand—to guarantee a safe journey throughout France. Opting either for train or car journeys armed with these tips will help provide an easy and delightful trip experience for you and your family.

Family Holidays France: Accommodations that Suit Every Family

Securing the perfect lodging is crucial to enjoying a delightful family holiday. France presents an abundance of selections tailored for every type of family. Whether it’s the sophisticated self-catering villas nestled in areas like Normandy, Brittany, Dordogne, or Cote d’Azur, or the historic gîtes and picturesque farmhouses that catch your eye, there’s no shortage of choice for families.

These properties are equipped with amenities designed to please families such as:

  • heated pools
  • tennis and badminton courts
  • play areas
  • indoor aqua parks

These accommodations provide activities including kids’ clubs and assorted sports to keep everyone entertained. So regardless if you have a preference for

  • a secluded villa stay
  • enjoy the community atmosphere found at gîte clusters
  • relish in the country charm offered by farmhouses

Rest assured there’s an option available that will cater perfectly to your family’s needs.

Family Holidays France: All-Inclusive French Resorts for Stress-Free Holidays

Family getaways to all-inclusive French resorts are the epitome of a carefree family holiday. Designed with families in mind. These havens offer an extensive selection of recreational activities, sports opportunities, and enjoyable events that appeal to every age group. At such destinations, you can anticipate finding:

  • Secluded areas for children’s play including sandpits
  • Indoor spaces like play barns crafted for kids
  • Organized children’s clubs featuring supervised pursuits
  • Aquatic centers boasting water slides within swimming pools
  • Recreational installations ranging from tennis courts to mini-golf courses
  • Family-oriented evening shows and entertainment

While catering to keep the younger members engaged throughout their stay at the resort. These establishments provide parents with much-needed downtime allowing them some time off.

For adults seeking extra pampering on their vacation. Services offered include indulgences such as:

  • personal chefs cooking meals exclusively for your family
  • babysitting options so you can have alone time when needed
  • mobile beauty therapists and masseurs who come directly to you

Elements that enrich a parent’s relaxation during the family retreat. Thus secured in comfort provided by comprehensive planning where everything is taken into consideration. What remains is simply unwinding together as a family unit amidst this delightful setting.

Family Holidays France: Coastal Retreats for the Whole Family

Family Holidays France: France’s seaside getaways

France’s seaside getaways provide an excellent mix of leisure and entertainment. Making them superb destinations for family holidays. Sites such as La Presqu’ile de St. Mandrier Campsite, Le Méditerranée Plage, and La Rive cater specifically to families by providing features like

  • expansive pools in a lagoon style
  • exhilarating water slides
  • shallow paddling areas adjacent to stunning beaches

The wide sandy beaches offer a fantastic playground for creating sand sculptures with the kids. Or indulging in various beach games and simply soaking up some sunshine.

Holiday parks including La Grande Metairie and Le Fort Espagnol go the extra mile with

  • on-site water parks
  • indoor swimming pool
  • fun-filled aquatic play areas

that cater specifically to children’s enjoyment of all things watery. These amenities also serve as an opportunity for parents to kick back and relax while their kids have fun.

Enhancing the family friendly holidays are additional amenities provided at these retreats like

  • engaging children’s clubs found at Dunes Et Soleil
  • inviting playgrounds available at La Palmeraie
  • bicycle rental services offered at Le Jard

all designed to enrich the holiday experience for every member of the family.

Given this plethora of activities along with facilities tailored for both excitement for youngsters and relaxation opportunities for adults. Securing your next family vacation at one of France’s coastal havens promises a delightful time packed full of happy memories.

Preparing for Your French Holiday: Packing & Planning

Before setting off on your family getaway to France. It’s essential to get organized and pack with care. Gather all critical documents you’ll need, including

  • passports
  • European health cards (EHIC)
  • insurance paperwork
  • route directions to where you’re staying

Starting a week before departure, put together a comprehensive packing checklist. This is also the perfect time for supervised older children in the family to start packing their belongings.

When your travel day arrives, make sure you have prepared an assortment of snacks. Think

  • picnic eats
  • refreshing beverages
  • homemade treats

to maintain everyone’s energy levels and hydration throughout the journey. With some foresightful planning and careful preparation. Steps taken care of beforehand can help promise that your trip will be filled with enjoyment during every step of this French holiday adventure with your loved ones.

Family Holidays France: Summary

To summarize, France presents an array of opportunities for a family holiday. ncompassing its

  • picturesque coastlines
  • majestic mountain areas
  • captivating countryside landscapes
  • magical islands.

If your family is on a quest for adventure or yearns for tranquility and cultural engagement during your vacation. France caters to every possible desire. Don’t hesitate. Begin organizing your French getaway now and forge enduring memories with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is best for family holiday in France?

When planning a family holiday to France. You might want to include destinations such as Paris, Dordogne, Nice, Bordeaux, and the French Alps on your itinerary. They provide a mix of cultural discovery and outdoor adventures that cater to family members of every age.

Have a splendid time with your family during your holiday in France!

Is South of France family friendly?

Indeed, families will find the South of France accommodating to all age groups. Featuring an array of options that range from beach outings to historical landmarks. There’s a myriad of enjoyable pursuits available for every member of the family.

Is Nice France a good family holiday?

Absolutely, embarking on a family holiday to Nice in France is an excellent choice. It boasts numerous attractions that cater well to children and provides splendid natural surroundings for the whole family to explore.

What are some family-friendly activities in Paris?

In Paris, your family can delve into numerous activities tailored for all ages. Including engaging with interactive exhibitions at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and Le Musée en Herbe. You can immerse yourself in historical sites or savor delightful dishes at local cafés and eateries.

Cherish moments with your loved ones while exploring what Paris has to offer!

What is the best way to navigate France with kids?

Opt for an Eurail France Pass if you desire flexible travel dates and seek to benefit from family discounts, notably with kids 11 years old and younger who can ride at no cost.

Should your preference lean towards driving, make an effort to acquaint yourself with the typical driving customs of the area.

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