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Luxury Family Holidays: Top Destinations for Every Age

Seeking luxury family holidays that deliver delight for all ages? Our guide presents destinations that excel in both upscale amenities and kid-friendly excitement. Escape to places where sophisticated luxury and family entertainment coexist seamlessly. Assuring an indulgent yet inclusive getaway. Let’s find your family’s dream luxury family holiday.

Key Takeaways

  • Luxury family holidays cater to diverse interests and age groups, offering a mix of adventure, culture, and relaxation in destinations like the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, and Costa Rica.
  • High-end accommodations range from villas with private pools to hotels with kids clubs and all-inclusive resorts, ensuring comfort and entertainment for the entire family.
  • Personal travel planners assist in crafting tailor-made luxury itineraries, focusing on family preferences with services like road trip adventures, cultural immersions, and wellness retreats, while special discounts make luxury accessible.

Discover the World with Your Loved Ones: Top Luxury Family Holiday Destinations

Luxury family holidays in Mediterranean destinations

Imagine taking your family on an expedition to some of the most captivating and picturesque spots around the globe. Imagine exploring everything from the warm, golden beaches of the Mediterranean and pristine isles dotting the Indian Ocean to Costa Rica’s verdant rainforest. The planet offers a plethora of destinations ripe for discovery.

Indian Ocean: Maledives

Each destination presents a distinct mix that caters to adventure, cultural experiences, and leisure alike. This guarantees that each member of your family will enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience, no matter their age or personal tastes.

Mediterranean Marvels

Discover the allure and enchantment of the Mediterranean alongside your family. Nations such as Italy and France offer a plethora of experiences that perfectly mix culture, gastronomy, and scenic seashores. From venturing to the pristine shores in regions like Sicily and Sardinia in southern Italy to enjoying comprehensive amenities at esteemed resorts like Ikos on the Greek islands, every minute here becomes an unforgettable memory.

Sailing in Greece

The Mediterranean, like the Amalfi coast transcends being merely a destination. It embodies an adventure that imprints enduring memories upon families, instilling within them a longing to revisit.

Amalfi Coast

Indian Ocean Idylls

Luxury family holiday in the Maldives

Imagine waking from sleep to the soothing symphony of waves softly caressing immaculate white shores. As a balmy tropical zephyr wafts the briny fragrance of the sea. The Indian Ocean encapsulates this serene dream, presenting families with a secluded escape into splendor. Indulge in opulent lodgings within Mauritius and Seychelles. Lounge on their alabaster beaches or partake in distinctive adventures such as navigating between isles and meeting rare creatures.


A bastion of serenity and allure, the Indian Ocean crafts an impeccable canvas for an extraordinary family holiday that will be etched in memory forever.

Adventure in Costa Rica

Adventure in Costa Rica

Costa Rica stands as an ideal destination for families seeking both luxury and adventure in nature. This is a place where you can:

  • Traverse the grandiose Arenal Volcano
  • Delve into underwater exploration at Cano Island Biological Reserve
  • Indulge in relaxation with top-tier amenities at opulent resorts, including The Springs Resort and Spa.
Arenal Volcano

In Costa Rica, thrilling escapades like white-water rafting and treks through dense jungles are juxtaposed against peaceful moments on serene beaches. With its lush biodiversity, Costa Rica provides an array of activities tailored to adventurous clans.

Luxury family holidays in Costa Rica

The Pinnacle of Comfort: Luxury Family Hotels and Resorts

At the core of a luxury family holiday is the exceptional ease and comfort provided by luxury family hotels and resorts. These sanctuaries deliver a wide array of amenities and services tailored for every age, ensuring that each member of your family has access to indulgent thermal spa features and engaging activities. Staying at premier destinations such as the Royal Corin Thermal Water Spa & Resort or Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa guarantees that your luxury family getaway prioritizes not just relaxation but also pure enjoyment for everyone involved.

Villas with Private Pools

Luxury villa with private pool for families

Families in search of both luxury and seclusion for their holiday will find that villas equipped with individual swimming pools are the ideal choice. These magnificent retreats, situated amidst luxurious five-star hotels, provide families with an exclusive haven. Envision basking in the sunshine within your own secluded space:

  • in the Maledives
  • at Crete’s Minos Beach Art Hotel
  • luxuriating in a private pool at Tenerife’s Las Villas Bahia del Duque

Such lodgings not only provide privacy, but also grant entry to the high-end amenities available at these hotels. Guaranteeing a comprehensive and delightful luxury family holidays.

Hotels with Renowned Kids Clubs

Renowned kids club at a luxury hotel

Imagine a family holiday where your children are swept away into a world of creative play, cultural engagement, and enchanting journeys. All while being carefully overseen by skilled experts. Prestigious luxury hotels provide this extraordinary kids club experience that will leave an indelible mark on your child’s memory. Privte golf lessons or horseback riding are always popular.

At establishments like Borgo Egnazia and Pine Cliffs, the design of their kids clubs incorporates local traditions with captivating activities and quests. This ensures that throughout the family holiday, children receive not just entertainment but also educational enrichment and inspiration in these luxurious settings.

All-Inclusive Excellence

A stress-free holiday for families is perfectly embodied by an all-inclusive luxury resort. Every aspect of your stay, from entertainment and activities to dining, is managed so that families can concentrate on creating cherished memories together. In places such as The Westin Reserva Conchal in Costa Rica, luxury conveniences and family-oriented pursuits are bundled into a single package. Guaranteeing smooth and unforgettable luxury family holidays.

At these resorts, convenience meets indulgence. Whether enjoying the culinary delights at gourmet restaurants or participating in delightful activities designed for guests of all ages. Everything required for a splendid vacation is readily accessible.

All-Inclusive Excellence

Tailor-Made Luxury Holidays: Crafting Your Perfect Family Escape

Imagine luxury family holidays crafted to match your family’s unique tastes, desires, and rhythm. This is what tailor-made luxury holidays are all about. A dedicated concierge service excels in creating bespoke travel plans that cater to the individual likes of every family member. Delivering an impeccable holiday experience.

From exhilarating road trips to enriching cultural explorations or rejuvenating sports and wellness getaways. Your dream family escape can be realized with just a phone call.

Road Trip Adventures

Indulge in a luxury family holiday that offers the thrill of adventure and the ease of exploration at your leisure. Journey through scenic landscapes such as the exquisite Salzkammergut Lake District in Austria or the captivating Garden Route in South Africa, all while engaging in pursuits that resonate with your family’s preferences. Take pleasure in cycling alongside Austria’s awe-inspiring lakes or experience exhilarating wildlife encounters on a safari within South Africa’s wilderness. A road trip promises an intimate and personalized approach to relishing every moment of your luxury family excursion.

More and more popularity find luxury train adventrues, such as the Rovos Rail in South Africa. Combining comfortable traveling with Safaris and stunning vistas on the African continent. Other examples are the Maharajas’ Express in India or the famous Orient Express connecting Europe with Asia.

Cultural Immersion Journeys

Immerse your family in the deep cultural mosaic of places such as Italy, Japan, and Morocco. Engaging in interactive activities like taiko drumming workshops in Japan. Crafting pasta from scratch in Italy or venturing through the lively havens of Casablanca. Allows your loved ones to develop a more profound recognition and valuation of each destination’s traditions.

These journeys steeped in cultural involvement elevate the quality of your family’s vacation. While simultaneously fostering intrigue and an enhanced comprehension about different cultures across the globe.

Venturing through the lively havens of Casablanca

Sports and Wellness Retreats

Ensure your luxury family holidays are a perfect blend of indulgence and wellness with luxury sports. Retreats designed for both adults and older children. The available activities include pursuits such as:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Spa treatments

For families aiming to preserve their active routine or just wanting to relax in peaceful surroundings, these sports and wellness retreats serve as an outstanding addition to enrich the luxury experience of your family holiday.

Spa treatments

Celebrate Special Occasions: Luxury Holidays During School Breaks

The periods during school holidays, present an ideal opportunity for families to break away from daily life and indulge in a luxury family holiday. Whether it’s commemorating a significant event such as a birthday or anniversary, or just relishing precious moments together. These occasions can be celebrated with panache.

Luxury holidays designed for the whole family span all four seasons. From snowy retreats at ski resorts during winter months to sun-drenched beach vacations throughout summer breaks. These luxury escapes guarantee lasting impressions that will remain etched in your family’s collective memory.

Ski Resorts for Winter Fun

Imagine a scenic, snow-capped paradise where your whole family can experience the excitement of skiing coupled with the comfort of snug homes and picturesque snowy vistas. This is what awaits you at ski resorts around the world that are tailored to be family friendly. These destinations ensure an unforgettable winter escape by providing top-notch amenities specifically designed for families.

Ski Resorts for Winter Fun

At these holiday havens, whether it’s honing your skiing prowess in Les Menuires in France. Or relishing in accommodations crafted for families in Serfaus, Austria. These resorts create a wonderland of winter delights perfect for every member of your family.

Beach Bliss for Summer Getaways

The onset of summer heralds idyllic beach holidays. When the academic year concludes, throngs of families are drawn to coastal retreats. Eager for a dose of vitamin sea and sandy fun. From crafting sandy fortresses on Ibiza’s shores. To exploring marine life through snorkeling in Cape Verde’s crystal-clear waters. Or embracing tranquility on Scotland’s secluded Shetland beaches. There is an ideal destination for everyone.

Ibiza Holidays

These scenic spots promise more than just striking vistas. They’re havens for water-based adventures and serene respites alike. They serve as perfect settings where one can rejuvenate, find peace, and forge lasting memories during the summer months.

Activities Galore: Ensuring Entertainment for All Ages

Organizing a luxury family holiday involves the essential task of providing amusement suitable for all ages. The myriad choices range from

  • engaging in water sports
  • aquatic escapades
  • partaking in enlightening and hands-on activities

Accommodating various age-related preferences. Ensuring that every member of the family discovers delight in their experience.

No matter if your young one dreams of unearthing ancient relics. Shows promise as an emerging culinary artist, or has the spirit of an intrepid adventurer. You can be confident that their holiday will abound with enjoyment, education, and thrilling experiences.

Water Sports and Aquatic Adventures

Family enjoying water sports at a luxury resort

Engaging in water sports can bring a thrilling dimension of adventure to a family holiday. Consider these options for your next trip.

  • At Spice Island Beach Resort located in Grenada, children as young as eight years old have the opportunity to participate in diving courses.
  • Experience surfing along the scenic coastlines of The Gower, Wales.
  • Enjoy an assortment of aquatic activities at resorts like Concorde De Luxe.

Incorporating such experiences into your vacation not only provides amusement for the whole family, but also fosters moments where they can learn new skills and strengthen their bond together.

Educational and Interactive Experiences

A luxury family holiday isn’t just a break from the norm. It’s an educational journey that allows children to blossom through unique experiences. Whether they’re delving into cooking workshops at Verdura in Sicily or uncovering the ecological past of Botswana’s Makgadkgadi Pans at San Camp. Such enriching activities ignite young minds and enhance their understanding of diverse cultures and the global community.

Planning Made Easy: Personal Travel Planners at Your Service

Arranging a luxury family holiday can often seem like a daunting endeavor. As it involves selecting the ideal destination and securing lodging and experiences that cater to your preferences. Personal travel planners are invaluable in this scenario due to their deep expertise and ability to tailor-make an itinerary that aligns with what your family desires.

From the moment you first reach out until you’re back from your trip. These experts offer candid guidance aimed at facilitating a smooth and enjoyable holiday experience for everyone involved.

Taking Care of the Little Things

Attention to detail is crucial in creating a seamless and delightful family holiday. Sovereign’s Personal Travel Planners excel at predicting the needs of your family. Tailoring each aspect of the trip from start to finish for an exceptional experience. They go beyond by arranging complimentary extras like breakfasts and preparing cot beds for the little ones. Taking care of every minute element so you can fully immerse yourself in enjoying your luxury family holiday.

Connecting You with Local Experts

Utilizing personal travel planners offers families a major benefit through the planner’s extensive local knowledge and network. Helen Lippe, who boasts two decades of expertise in Andalucia, uses her knowledge to offer genuine recommendations and insights into the locale.

When families engage these regional specialists for advice, they can avoid the daunting task of sifting through vast online data. Allowing them to tailor their itineraries perfectly to meet their anticipated experience.

Exclusive Offers for the Ultimate Family Retreat

There exists a range of exceptional deals and price reductions that render luxury family holidays surprisingly affordable. From bespoke package holidays to travel concierge services designed for families. These promotions enable family units to indulge in a luxury holiday while adhering to their financial constraints.

Early Bird Discounts

Booking your family holidays at a luxury resort in advance can often lead to considerable savings. As many resorts and travel companies provide early bird specials. Families can enjoy upmarket vacations with more manageable costs by taking advantage of offers such as EuroParcs’ 15% discount for reservations made over 90 days ahead. Or the attractive rates offered by favored luxury family resorts for those who book early.

Last-Minute Luxury Deals

If you’re someone who prefers to arrange trips on the fly, or if a surprise chance for a brief escape with your family has arisen, there’s no cause for worry. A wealth of travel agencies provide last-minute deals that allow you to indulge in a luxurious 5-star holiday experience in luxury destinations such as Greece, Tenerife, or Marbella without breaking the bank.

No matter when you decide to schedule your luxury getaway with your family. Take comfort in knowing that luxury family holidays are accessible.


Embarking on a luxury family holiday provides an exquisite mix of relaxation, cultural exploration, and thrilling adventures. From the enchanting Mediterranean to the tranquil Indian Ocean hideaways. Or the wild escapades in Costa Rica, there are countless destinations across the globe ripe for discovery. Leveraging expert personal travel planners can help tailor your ultimate family escape to perfection. While offering you a smooth and unforgettable holiday journey. With numerous activities at hand along with exclusive deals available. Indulge in a luxury family vacation is an ideal means to forge enduring memories with those dear to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best family holiday destination?

Numerous excellent destinations await families looking for the perfect holiday. They include Spain, the Caribbean, France, South Africa, Maledives, Greece, Como, Seychelles and Mauritius.

When selecting a destination for your family holiday. It’s important to take into account the likes and requirements of your family members.

Where is the most luxurious holiday destination?

Destinations renowned for their luxury and exclusive experiences, such as Italy’s Lake Como, Tuscany, Portofino, and Sardinia, the Seychelles, Barbados, the Maldives, and Dubai, are among the most extravagant holiday spots.

Where is the safest place to take children on holiday?

For the 11th consecutive year, Iceland retains its title as the world’s most secure destination for a family holiday with children. With New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, Denmark, Canada, Czech Republic and Singapore trailing closely behind.

What is a luxury holiday?

A holiday steeped in luxury revolves around customizing your trip to suit your tastes. From a secluded desert camp without electricity to an opulent five-star riverboat journeying through the tributaries of the Amazon. This type of holiday ensures that you experience bespoke service, premier accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and access to unique destinations.

What are some of the top luxury family holiday destinations?

For families looking to indulge in a luxury family holiday, destinations such as the Mediterranean region, with countries like Italy and France, provide luxury experiences. Similarly, the Indian Ocean’s islands of Mauritius and Seychelles offer lavish escapes for a luxury family retreat. Costa Rica is an ideal choice for those seeking adventure and extravagance on their family holiday.

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