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Owlet Baby Monitor Duo 2: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to your baby’s safety and comfort, is the Owlet Baby Monitor the right choice for vigilant, yet non-invasive, nighttime observation? Employing advanced technology such as pulse oximetry, the Owlet Baby Monitor claims to track your baby’s vital signs while providing HD video surveillance. But do these features perform as promised, and are they worth the investment? In this review, we critically examine the capabilities and real-world performance of the Owlet Baby Monitor to help you decide whether it’s a reliable guardian for your little one’s peaceful slumber.

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The Owlet Baby Monitor Duo 2

Key Takeaways

  • The Owlet Dream Duo 2 is an advanced baby monitor combining the Smart Sock 3 to track heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep patterns, with the Owlet Cam offering HD video monitoring.
  • While the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 provides a comprehensive suite of health and safety features, user reviews have highlighted durability as a potential concern, noting instances of connectivity issues.
  • The baby monitor’s real-world performance has been largely validated by users, reflecting accuracy in vital monitoring and providing valuable sleep tracking insights, though its premium price point positions it as a high-end nursery cam in the market.

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Introducing the Owlet Monitor Duo 2

Introducing the Owlet Baby Monitor

Introducing the Owlet Monitor Duo 2, a state-of-the-art baby monitor system that combines features of two popular products: the Smart Sock 3 and the Owlet Cam. This is not a typical baby monitor. It claims to stand out as smartest baby monitor on the market, promising to:

  • Track heart rate,
  • Measure the baby’s oxygen level,
  • Monitor sleep patterns,
  • Provide HD video monitoring

The Smart Sock 3 is a crucial component in this setup. It’s a designed fabric sock equipped with sensors for comfortable wear on your baby’s foot. The Owlet smart sock actively monitors important factors such as heart rate, oxygen level and sleep quality throughout their sleep to ensure optimal care. The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 has additional features like high-quality footage through its companion product. The owlet nursery cam offers

  • wide-angle viewing (130°)
  • 4x zoom capability
  • auto adjusting night vision
  • access to recorded clips for comprehensive tracking

With the smart sock the baby monitor sets itself apart from traditional alternatives available today. The technology in combined devices (smart sock + baby monitor) can justify its higher price point. Especially for parents that have to worry about a baby with health issues or preemies. However, before making any decisions, it’s worth putting these claims under scrutiny. We will delve deeper into testing the Owlet smart sock and baby monitor in subsequent sections. We will determine whether they hold up against real-life scenarios. In addition, we discuss the difference between the Smart Sock 3 and Dream Sock in our FAQ section below. Therefore, let us examine how all the above functionalities translate when put to use with actual babies.

Promises to Test

The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 combines a unique feature the Owlet smart sock that sets it apart from traditional baby monitors. Combining it with the nursery cam, it claims to have a comprehensive view on the baby. By utilizing pulse oximetry technology, the Smart Sock 3 is able to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels in real time, giving parents valuable health data. This goes beyond the standard sound and motion alerts of regular baby monitors, offering an added sense of peace for parents. Especially for parents with a baby that has serious health issues, this can be a very helpful insight.

Another interesting aspect of the Smart Sock 3 is its sleep tracking capabilities. Owlet claims to offer insights into your child’s sleep trends and quality. It achieves this by monitoring various trends such as

  • total hours slept
  • number of wake-ups during sleep
  • heart rate
  • oxygen levels while sleeping

While promising on paper, examination will determine how accurate and helpful these features are in practical use.

Furthermore, the Owlet Monitor Duo aims to keep parents informed through timely notifications for different events including:

  • sounds
  • movements
  • crying
  • deviations in preset thresholds for oxygen level or heart rate
Notifications for the parents

This all-inclusive baby monitor suite with combined Owlet smart sock offers potential reassurance for caretakers. Nevertheless, its effectiveness remains uncertain until tested out with real-life situations. We need a complete picture to compare it to a traditional baby monitor.

Overall, this innovative sock sensor claims to provide advanced functions designed specifically for babies. Owlet wants to take extra steps towards ensuring not only security but also optimal well-being. The goal is to provide a complete picture via the combination of sock sensor and nursery cam. Having the baby’s heart rate and other data available, shall reassure parents of the baby’s well being. This should bring comfort to parents via an alert systems that facilitates adequate notifications.

Setting Up Your Owlet Monitor Duo 2

What you will find in the box

To install the Owlet Monitor Duo 2, follow these steps:

  • To charge the Smart Sock and connect it to the base station via the micro USB charging cable.
  • Put on the soft fabric sock onto your infant’s foot. This special sock contains the sensor that tracks their heart rate, oxygen level and sleep patterns.
  • Ensure that the sock is snug yet comfortable for your baby. The Smart Sock 3 has been designed to fit comfortably on your child’s foot in order to accurately monitor vital signs.
  • Next, download the Owlet app, set up and link the Owlet nursery cam with its corresponding Owlet app. The camera provides high-definition video surveillance accessible from anywhere through the app. This gives parents a visual when they are not physically present with the little one.
  • The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 connects securely via encrypted WiFi network to any smartphone or tablet device of yours. The encrypted wifi connection should guarantee privacy for monitoring.
Setup Instructions
Setup Instructions

Setting it up is relatively quick and easy and Owlet proides can also provide the setup guide. The monitoring can begin as soon as possible after installation takes place and all devices are charged. The camera can be placed in the nursery or mounted to a wall.

Camera mounted to a wall

Aesthetics and Durability of the Owlet Monitor Duo 2

Socks in different colours

While the functionality of a baby monitoring system is crucial, it’s also important to consider its aesthetics and durability. The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 has been designed to monitor your baby, and blend in with their surroundings. It is designed to withstand daily wear and tear for the sake of your child’s well-being.

The Owlet fabric socks look like stabilizer one knows from sport and come in different colours. It is possible to purchase an additional smart sock that fits an older baby. This allows to keep the monitoring going until the age of five.

Monitoring until the age of five

Some users have raised concerns about durability issues with this product. These include connectivity problems between the sock and base after several weeks of use or failure to establish any connection at all. Such factors are worth considering before investing in an item like this which comes at a premium price point.

Despite these reported challenges, overall, the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 strikes a good balance between design and everyday usage demands.

User-Friendly Functionality

Ease of use is crucial when it comes to baby monitors. Being able to quickly understand and navigate through features, especially during late-night alerts, is important. The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 is a good choice for new parents as its app design and accessible features make monitoring an relatively easy task.

Operating the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 is quite simple. It allows you to monitor your baby’s sleep patterns, heart rate, and oxygen levels while streaming HD video from any location using the Owlet App. For beginners in particular, there are tutorials provided by the manufacturer on how to use this device. They are available on their support website along with user manuals for both the Owlet Smart Sock and Cam 2 models.

With easy access via a the app, users can keep track of their child’s sleeping habits, breathing, oxygen saturation, and enjoy uninterrupted live viewing. To Guide newcomers, the makers offer detailed instructions under ‘Owlet Care’ including informative resources specifically meant for mastering one’s operations over an Owlet smart sock or cam.

Real-Life Performance Assessment

To fully assess the performance of the Owlet Monitor Duo 2, it is necessary to test the smart sock capabilities in real-life situations. While a product may boast impressive features on paper, its true effectiveness can only be determined through practical use.

Owlet Baby Monitor

The heart rate monitor of the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 has proven to be accurate in most cases. With evaluated pulse oximetry technology incorporated into its design. This device ensures monitoring of oxygen levels regarding the baby’s well being. There have been some cases of misleading health readings like bradycardia and desaturation. So we recommend to take the notifications as helpful indications, it is not a medical device applied by medical professionals, but parents. Though, these cases are rare, some parents received notifications of levels leaving the parameters, which turned out was not accurate. However, the overwhelming majority of parental feedback regarding the device was positive.

One noteworthy feature of the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 is its ability to promptly notify parents about any changes detected in their baby’s environment such as sounds or movements. This real-time alert system keeps parents informed at all times. There are several reports avilable from parents with baby’s that had health issues or preemies. Especially for them the additional insights of device was the first baby monitor that provided peace of mind. The Owlet smart sock and camera is a combination that can provide additional information that is not available from a traditional baby monitor. Thus, via the Owlet app parents can receive a more complete picture of the little one.

User Feedback

Assessing Sleep Tracking Features

The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 also provides a function of tracking sleep. This feature includes monitoring details such as total hours slept, instances of wakings, and the overall quality of sleep. It utilizes pulse oximetry technology to keep track of oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleeping patterns.

Some notable features that the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 offers are:

  • Calculates total number of sleeping hours by measuring duration and frequency of wakings
  • Offers an indicator for evaluating overall quality through its Sleep Quality Indicator
  • Connects with the Dream App to provide parents with a holistic view on their baby’s sleep analysis

With its comprehensive system for tracking sleep patterns being one key aspect that sets it apart from others in this category, the Owlet Monitor Dueo 2 is beneficial for new parents looking to gain valuable insights into their child’s rest routine including metrics like duration spent asleep or waking up during naps.

The Owlet Monitor Duo 2: Worth the Investment?

After thorough evaluation of the characteristics, set up process, capabilities and performance of the Owlet Monitor Duo 2, one question remains: is it worth investing in?

Priced at £399.00, the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 falls on the higher end of baby monitors available in the market. Considering its integrated Smart Sock and Owlet Cam features along with additional functions such as two-way audio communication and room temperature/humidity sensor, it makes for a valuable investment.

Feedback from customers who have used the Owlet MonitorDuo has been mostly positive. Users are particularly pleased with:

  • The good camera quality
  • Intuitive functionality

The comfort provided by using smart sock (especially parents that have many worries regarding the child health).

Ability to zoom through phone app.

  • High-quality adjustable volume control

In summary, buyers have had a satisfactory experience when purchasing and utilizing this product for their babies’ needs.

User Feedback


The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 stands out among traditional baby monitors for its extensive range of features. Its ability to track heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep patterns. To high-quality video monitoring makes it a top choice for parents. Although it comes with a higher price tag, the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 delivers on its promises by providing valuable insights and peace of mind for caregivers. While there have been some reported issues, overall customer feedback is positive – making this an excellent investment for those seeking close supervision over their little ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Owlet’s Smart Sock being discontinued and replaced by the Dream Sock in the US and Canada?

The FDA said that the Owlet Smart Sock should be classified as a medical device in the US because of the live heart rate and oxygen notifications. Due to a warning letter from the FDA stating that Owlet’s Smart Sock is being sold without proper authorization as a medical device, it has been announced that Owlet will discontinue the sales in US and Canada. As per compliance with FDA regulations, the socks have also been removed from their website for purchase in the US.

The Owlet’s Dream Sock, was cleared by the FDA and rolled out for all users in the United States. This measure aims at FDA approved features are available for monitoring through a sock-like contraption.

What is the difference between the Owlet’s Smart Sock and Dream Sock?

The main difference is the notification of parents. The notification of the Dream Sock does not refer to oxygen level or heart rate issues if the data falls outside the preset values, but only to “sleep state and sleep quality”. So you will not get a notification that something is wrong with the oxygen level, but rather with the “sleep quality”. In addition, the Dream Sock notification is based on a 10 minutes average and not live data as in the Smart Sock. Thus, the Smart Sock is more reactive compared to the Dream Sock. The Dream app shows 10-minute historical average of oxygen, instead of the second-by-second oxygen levels of the Smart Sock app.

Low Oxygen Notification in the Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock

Why are pediatricians against Owlet?

The use of Owlet, a baby vital signs monitor, has been opposed by pediatricians due to lack of approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and lack of evidence showing its effectiveness in preventing life-threatening issues among healthy infants. The Owlet’s Smart Sock device had some cases of misleading health readings like bradycardia and desaturation.

Does the Owlet actually prevent SIDS?

The Owlet and other similar monitors do not claim to prevent SIDS.

What is the Owlet Monitor Duo 2?

The Owlet Monitor Duo 2 is an all-in-one baby monitoring system that combines the features of the Smart Sock 3 and Owlet Cam. This innovative device allows parents to keep track of their child’s health through a smart sock, while also providing video monitoring capabilities. With this comprehensive monitor, parents can ensure their baby’s well-being at all times.

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