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Baby Monitor Review – Top 5 Baby Monitors

We looked at the best baby monitors and wrote a review about it so you do not have to. Please check out our baby monitor reviews and see what baby monitor works best for you.

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Best 5 Baby Monitors at a Glance
Baby Monitor Checklist
Different Baby Monitor Types
Baby Monitor Reviews

Best 5 Baby Monitors at a Glance

Best wifi-free Baby Monitor: Philips Avent SCD713/26 baby monitor for £121.59

Best Budget Video Baby Monitor: Motorola Nursery VM481 baby monitor for £89.99

Best Split Screen (HD) Baby Monitor: Babysense MaxView baby monitor for £159.99

Best wifi (HD) Baby Monitor: Nanit Pro Smart baby monitor for £209.99

Best AI (HD) Baby Monitor: CuboAi Plus Smart baby monitor for £199.99

Baby Monitor Checklist

Let’s start off with what you should look at if you compare and buy a Baby Monitor:

Safety: There are normally two units of a baby monitor, one with the little one monitoring its behaviour, the other with the parents reporting what’s happening. Your parent unit should make you aware if the connection is interrupted.

Battery: Make sure that parent unit lasts at least 4 to 5 hours without needing a power socket. The champs in this category last up to 24 hours.

Range: Some people think a good monitor needs a range of at least 150 meters. But be aware of – first, the top-notch digital ones go up to 300 meters. Second, when you’re inside, walls can reduce the range down to about 20% of what vendors claim! Wifi connected monitors bypass the range issue by using Wi-Fi and apps, but have a look at their security standards. Make sure they use secured connections and your wifi has a proper password. You do not want to broadcast live videos or pictures of your little one online.

Sensitivity: Adjustable noise sensitivity keeps you from leaping out of your skin with every false alarm.

Connectivity: There’s a discussion about digital and high-frequency technology, some people argue about the radiation. However, to my knowledge, none of those monitors crossed the legal limits in the test. If you prefer not to risk it, there is also a range of low-radiation analog monitors as the “healthier” alternative.

Camera: A camera for monitoring your mini-me might not be a must-have, but some people prefer having an eye on their baby. In my honest opinion, it can help to tell the difference between a bad dream and real “save me, Dad” moments.

Extras: Playing lullabies, AI analytics or having a temperature sensor? Nice-to-haves, but honestly, a dedicated baby nightlight sometimes does the job.

Different Baby Monitor Types

There are many different monitoring types that can help you keeping an eye on your little one, catering to different needs. From the traditional “baby’s crying” speaker alerts to modern spy-level surveillance systems gathering all sorts of data, ensuring your baby’s every wiggle is accounted for, these monitors have come a long way. Understanding your needs first and then being able to match the functionalities of each can guide you in selecting the right monitoring system.

Audio Baby Monitors

Reasonably prices, the auditory monitoring system captures your baby’s activities on the sound level. There are normally two units of a baby monitor, one with the little one monitoring its behaviour, the other with the parents reporting what’s happening. Some operate on batteries, while others can be recharged.

Video Baby Monitors

These have a camera and sound, thus provide visual and auditory information on your baby’s status. They need some work to setup the camera, where it is placed in the room and often require a stand or mount. Most of them are wired and thus need a nearby power source.

Movement Sensor Baby Monitors

Offering an additional layer of monitoring, these ones include a thin mat underneath the cot mattress. They aim to provide reassurance by tracking movements during sleep and alerting the parents if movement stops for a certain period. You can find this functionality with some high-end video monitors that have built-in movement sensors.

Wearable Baby Monitors

Technology that many of us know from fitness trackers, these devices track mini-me’s movements and breathing during the night. These devices come as clothing or a clip-on monitor and send data to an app. Sometimes these are used to complement video monitors. Wearable Baby Monitors help parents that might have additional needs during sleep while also offering interesting information on the baby’s sleep patterns.

Baby Monitor Reviews

Philips Avent SCD713/26: Best wifi-free Baby Monitor

Philips Avent SCD713/26 Baby Monitor

The Philips Avent SCD713/26 is the classic device with robust basics that help parents to kick back and relax since many years. This baby monitor has top results if it comes to reliability, continuing Philips’ image of a reliable helper in the long nights of parenting a baby.

What is it famous for? Its range and resilience. This monitor maintains a robust signal through old buildings, scaling differnt floors, ceilings, walls, and even Wi-Fi signals. The connection only has issues when you venture off the property. In addition to that the sound quality, is very good.

The parent unit has a black-and-white display, which is user-fiendly making it easier to navigate than some other monitors. Even the baby unit has clear, easy-to-understand pictograms. The only downside is the design, being a bit chunky. It is round and has a bulky shape.

Additional features are adjustable mic sensitivity to turn down the screaming (nice to have fo the parent that has the night off), nightlight and lullaby functionality for your baby’s pleasure. As the price is very reasonable, it is all in all a great help for your little mini-me and the first long nights.

Advantages: Excellent sound quality + Long range + Can be used with batteries or power supply + Night light and lullabies

Disadvantages: Large Size – no camera (if needed)

Buy the Philips Avent SCD713/26 here.

Motorola Nursery VM481: Best Budget Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Nursery VM481

Let’s have another look at a baby monitor with a reasonable price. This Motorola includes all the essentials without going overbaord with the budget. It might not have all the new innovations of smart monitors that one can see more and more in the market, but it’s a solid choice from a brand that built its good reputation over many years.

This monitor is not connected to the Wi-Fi, so great if you’re a bit concerned about having your baby monitor on the home network online or want to avoid apps and keep it simple (especially being half asleep at night dealing with a screaming worm). The vendor promises a 300m range, but it should have your typical house covered. The camera’s has a useful stand that you can adjust assuring a good view of the crib. The 2 inches parent unit’s screen is for some people a bit small, but for a bit more budget you can upgrade to the next model the Motorola VM483, getting a 2.8-inch screen and a talkback function.

Motorola monitors have a good reputation for their video quality and range. But like many parents have experienced, Motorola’s battery life is a bit short. Typical baby monitor dilemma, a high performance monitor has a short battery life-time if not plugged in.

Advantages: reasonable price + good design + secure (not on wifi) + camera included + solid range (+ talkback function with upgrade)

Disadvantages: small screen (upgrade possible!) – battery life a bit short

Buy the Motorola Nursery VM481 here.


Buy the Motorola Nursery VM483 here.

Babysense MaxView Baby Monitor

Babysense MaxView Baby Monitor

The Babysense MaxView Baby Monitor – it’s like being a director in your baby’s film and the little one is the star, every move is in HD. This camera has great functionalities that can catch your baby breaths in night-vision mode. The 5.5-inch split-screen display from two cameras give you a great overview, which you can manage via remote camera controls. One can have an eye on two of you little ones at the same time or the same one in different rooms or from different angles. If you need flexibility monitoring your offspring, here you will get it.

This device has also an entertainment program with white noise, lullabies, and night-lights; all you can ask for to help your baby to fall and stay asleep. These functionalities can help you also through the toddler years and beyond. For the price its good that you can take advantage for longer.

Advantages: Excellent sound quality + Large Screen + Excellent display quality (HD) + Night vision + Two cameras + white noise, lullabies and night light

Disadvantages: Large Size – pricey

Buy the Babysense MaxView Baby Monitor here.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

The Nanit starts off with good basics having high quality picture and sound. The camera is HD which you can pair with your smartphone delivering a live stream, being good quality even when zooming in. Nanit’s is connected to the wifi and thus has no range issue. You can have an eye on your little one from practically anywhere, whether you’re on another floor, outside in the yard, or at work being an uber parent as long as the wifi is stable.

If your family is going on a trip the Nanit’s a camera easily pops in and out of its stand. That helps with fumbling cords or forgetting the angle. The Nanit app is user-friendly giving you a good overview on the different functionalities of the device. The Nanit Pro has a high security standart, which is important as it is dependend on being connected to the network. For all the nerds out there, it has encrypted cables to 256-bit encrypted data.

If it comes to budget, all the extras come with a price tag. The floor stand is an extra and not cheap, bought in a bundle you can save a bit of money. In addition, the monitor doesn’t have a talk back functionality. So if you want to speak to or serenade your baby you have to get up and go to the baby’s room. The camera is fixed, so placed wrong, and the parents will be staring at anything but the baby.

Advantages: Great sound and display quality (HD) + Unlimited range (Wifi) +Travel friendly + User Friendly app + High security standards + Bird’s eye view

Disadvantages: Locked angle – Very pricey especially for additional items such as a floor stand

Check out our detailed Report on the Nanit Pro.

Buy the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor here.

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Let’s have a look at the Cubo Ai, the new generation baby monitor that uses artificial intelligence to keep a close eye on your little one. It can send you alerts if the baby rolls over or gets its face covered. It’s like having skynet looking over your child, minus the danger.

It has a bird-shaped camera that chirps when it boots up or connects to your wifi. It has a certain charm, fitting right into your babys room without giving “surveillance central” vibes. In addition, the picture and video quality are very good. Snapshots are automatically saved and you can play 18-hours of video back.

Clear disadvantage is the struggle with the setup. This device can be a bit frustrating during setup with its tricky connections and signal losses during the night without you knowing it. Through the walls, Wi-Fi connections can be difficult, but once setup, the camera connection is solid. In addition, wall-mounting requires you to a drill and its usual effort, but if you are willing to have an extra budget for mounts, Cubo Ai offers a trio of mounts: crib, floor, and travel-ready tabletop.

Last but not least, the video and audio are decent, but it’s missing a noise-canceling functionality, giving you background noise without options.

Advantages: Good sound and display quality + Unlimited range (Wifi) + Sleep analytics + AI based alerts + Two-way audio

Disadvantages: Difficult setup – Very pricey especially for additional items

Read our in-depth review here.

Buy the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor here.


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