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Top Cape Verde Family Holidays: Your 2024 Guide to Island Bliss

Would you like to take Cape Verde Family Holidays? Our guide gives you tips on what to do and where to stay to make your trip memorable. No matter what your interests are, whether relaxing on the beach or exploring volcanic peaks, we have something for you. Our guide to Cape Verde’s beautiful islands can help you plan the perfect holiday for both kids and adults.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cape Verde Islands are ideal  for family vacations. Besides visiting cultural sites, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and watersports.
  • It is easy to find family-friendly accommodations in Cape Verde. To ensure that everyone has a good time, resorts and hotels offer amenities such as mini clubs, splash parks, and entertainment.
  • Make sure you consider practical details when you plan your trip. Check for discounts for children, luggage allowances, and seasonal sandstorms. On specific islands, you should also review health tips, vaccinations, and be aware of malaria risks.

Discover Cape Verde Islands for Families

Family enjoying on the beach in Cape Verde

This article discusses Cape Verde Family Holidays, a group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are a mix of African and Portuguese cultures, making them a good family vacation destination. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are tons of things to do and plenty of culture to absorb. It’s also worth mentioning the tasty local food, especially seafood!

Whether you want adventure or just chill vibes, Cape Verde is an ideal destination for all types of travelers. Each island has its own vibe, like Boa Vista with its large beaches or Santa Maria with its lively vibe. The lush shores of Cape Verde promise a memorable vacation for families.

Boa Vista Holidays

Families can enjoy leisure and excitement on Boa Vista, an island in Cape Verde known for its white sand beaches. Discover the history of shipwrecks on fascinating shipwreck tours during your beach holiday. Sandstorms may disrupt air travel plans to and from the island between December and February. Due to its idyllic atmosphere, it still stands out among Cape Verdean island destinations for family holidays.

Families staying at Boa Vista have various opportunities, such as:

  • Exploring its beautiful natural scenery
  • Enjoying fun activities designed for families
  • Having outdoor beach picnics
  • Exploring the rich marine wildlife through snorkeling

The island’s resorts and hotels guarantee comfort for Cape Verde Family Holidays. They offer a perfect mix of services for all ages.

The soft sands and sunny skies of Boa Vistas Beaches provide the perfect backdrop for family getaways. When visiting these calm shores from December to February, it’s important to be aware of possible dust storms. The waters off Africa’s coast hold treasures for history buffs. Amazing experiences, like exploring historic wrecks, await those seeking unique adventures.

Santa Maria Adventures

A bustling town on the island of Sal, Santa Maria is renowned for its dynamic vibe and has become a popular tourist destination. In particular, it appeals to families seeking a fun and exciting environment. The Cabo Santa Maria shipwreck is an intriguing historical site on the island that invites families to explore its rich history. Santa Maria offers experiences similar to Santa Monica. But Santa Maria also provides a unique and memorable journey for visitors.

There’s no shortage of aquatic recreational activities available in Santa Maria that cater both family-friendly fun and adrenaline-pumping adventure such as:

  • Riding jet skis
  • Gliding across waves in banana boats
  • Soaring above water while parasailing
  • Paddling through serene waters via kayaks
  • Balancing atop paddleboards

Visitors can be engrossed by the local lore at historical sites. They can also bask under sunny skies partaking in oceanic sports. These activities guarantee an extraordinary escapade. Santa Maria will charm every member of the family.

Island Hopping in Cape Verde

Island hopping stands out as one of the most enriching experiences in Cape Verde. Guided tours can be organized with planned itineraries. These tours offer families a chance to explore the natural beauty of multiple islands. They also showcase the cultural richness of these islands. Activities during these tours may include:

  • Beach relaxation
  • Exploring active volcanoes
  • Diving into oceanic wrecks
  • Savoring traditional music

This provides a comprehensive Cape Verde experience.

While visiting islands like Brava and Fogo, it is advisable to check with travel providers regarding seismic activities. This ensures safety during the family island hopping adventure. In spite of this, families visiting Cape Verde must experience island hopping to experience their unique charm.

Family-friendly Accommodations

Cape Verde Family Holidays: Family-Friendly Accomodations

Families will find a selection of accommodations that cater to their needs in Cape Verde. Guests of these accommodations will enjoy vibrant atmospheres and activities suitable for children. They will also appreciate proximity to pristine beaches that will appeal to guests of all ages. The Cape Verde Islands offer easy-to-plan holiday packages. These packages include air travel, hotel stays, ground transportation, and inclusive meals and drinks.

As well as offering access to water sports, Cape Verde’s hotels offer families the opportunity to explore local attractions and savor traditional dishes. Throughout your stay in Cape Verde, resort staff are always on hand to assist or guide you, playing a vital role in making your holiday seamless and memorable.

Sol Dunas Resort

With a range of amenities and activities tailored to families, Sol Dunas Resort is a top choice for families visiting Cape Verde. These include:

  • A dedicated mini club
  • An engaging splash park
  • A sumptuous luxury spa
  • A selection of four bars
  • Family-focused entertainment options like a cozy mini cinema for movie nights and an energetic mini disco for the kids

Its design is aimed at making family vacations as enjoyable as possible.

A lively club filled with age-appropriate activities ensures that children and teenagers have plenty of exciting experiences. Families seeking leisure in Cape Verde love the Sol Dunas Resort’s comprehensive facilities for crafting unforgettable holidays.

Other Inclusive Hotels for Families

There are several inclusive hotels in Cape Verde that offer amenities specifically designed for families. This guarantees that both adults and children have a pleasant and enjoyable stay. The Sol Dunas Resort and Melia Dunas Resort cater to younger guests with baby clubs. Places like Riu Santa Maria have kids’ clubs suitable for slightly older children.

As the sun sets, family fun continues with a variety of entertainment options. Guests at the Melia Dunas Resort can enjoy evening shows in the amphitheatre. At the Riu Santa Maria, family entertainment programs are available. These facilities guarantee that your holiday at Cape Verde’s inclusive resorts will be packed with joyous moments. You will also experience peaceful relaxation amidst an unforgettable backdrop.

Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Cape Verde Family Holidays: Outdoor Activities

Those who enjoy the outdoors will find Cape Verde a haven full of activities. These activities can be enjoyed by family members of all ages. Families are invited to explore the island’s varied landscapes. These landscapes range from the volcanic peaks of Fogo Island to the coastal cliffs and hidden beaches of Sao Vicente. A variety of activities abound on Cape Verde’s shores, ensuring that there is always something to do.

Families can participate in various outdoor adventures on the islands. These adventures include horseback riding, spotting sea turtles in their habitat, windsurfing, and scuba diving to explore marine life. Music and dance festivals provide a glimpse into Cape Verde’s rich cultural tapestry. They enhance your active pursuits with an indigenous flair.

Monte Estancia Hike

Santo Anto Island’s Monte Estancia hike offers a thrilling adventure for hikers, leading adventurers to the island’s highest peak. Here’s why it merits your attention:

  • The peak sits at an impressive 387 meters above sea level.
  • It is accommodating to families that delight in trekking adventures.
  • Hikers are treated to breathtakingly lush scenery throughout their journey.
  • A selection of trails is available, showcasing diverse aspects of the island’s allure.

Set off on a quest up Monte Estancia and lose yourself in an adventure that will enchant your senses.

Scaling Monte Estancia delivers:

  • An invigorating physical test
  • The chance to behold and traverse through Santo Antão’s awe-inspiring natural vistas
  • Expansive panoramic views from across the island
  • The exhilaration derived from conquering the loftiest point on this spectacular landmass

Trekking up Monte Estancia promises enduring memories packed with excitement and grandeur.

Beach Fun and Watersports

Cape Verde Family Holidays: Beach Fun

The beaches of Cape Verde are ideal for families or water sports enthusiasts. Jet skiing and banana boating are among the exhilarating activities available in Santa Maria. In these shores, beachgoers can experience unforgettable encounters with loggerhead turtles.

Whether you’re building sandcastles with your children. Or searching for seashells on the coast. Cape Verde’s waves invite a multitude of delightful family experiences. The sun-kissed beaches provide families with a vast playground where they can make precious memories.

Cultural Experiences and Sightseeing

Cultural Experiences and Sightseeing

There will be plenty of cultural and historical experiences available to visitors to Cape Verde. Potential activities include:

  • Exploring significant historical sites like the Fort of the Duke of Bragança
  • Connecting with residents in their communities
  • Sampling traditional dishes from Cape Verdean cuisine
  • Experiencing local music and dance celebrations
  • Unwinding on scenic beaches

Take a trip to the Cape Verde Islands and experience all that the country has to offer.

Each island in this archipelago has its own history and culture, which makes for a diverse experience for visitors. Whether discovering each island’s past, eating native food, or strolling through bustling markets. Participating in these cultural pursuits will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this beautiful nation.

Pedra de Lume Salt Mines

Experience an extraordinary cultural journey at the Pedra de Lume salt mines. Located within a former volcanic crater, these iconic salt ponds are steeped in history. They date back to 1796 when Manuel António Martins exploited this precious mineral.

After a slump following Brazil’s prohibition of Cape Verdean salt imports in 1887. Salins du Cap Vert began reorienting production towards health and beauty. Small quantities of salt are still produced at Pedra de Lume despite no longer being involved in large-scale industrial production. This is for use in various therapeutic and skincare products.

A Cape Verde family vacation would not be complete without a visit to these famous mines. With an educational component that not only uncovers the island’s rich heritage, but also enhances its verdant landscape.

Sal Rei Town Exploration

Sal Rei, Boa Vista’s principal city, offers visitors a glimpse into everyday life and customs. Due to its salt extraction activities, it rose to prominence as an economically significant town in the 1800s. A variety of social events, cultural displays, and athletic competitions are held at Sal Rei’s annual festival.

Sal Rei’s bustling street markets and stores offer an authentic taste of local culture through traditional foods and lifestyles. It is also a great place to find souvenirs, such as locally crafted goods.

14-Day Itinerary for an Unforgettable Family Holiday

Especially when traveling to a new destination, planning a family holiday can be overwhelming. Our 14-day itinerary provides families with a well-rounded Cape Verde holiday experience, combining adventure and relaxation. This itinerary features a well-rounded exploration of islands such as:

  • Santiago
  • Maio
  • São Vicente
  • Santo Antão

They offer a variety of landscapes and cultural experiences, each unique in its own way.

First day activities include wandering through Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, and savoring local cuisine. It offers leisure time on beautiful beaches. Engaging activities include market visits, historical sites, and child-friendly hikes.

Families can focus on enjoyment rather than logistics with packages that include internal flights and transfers between islands. Internal travel is easy with taxis and buses (shared vans), ensuring a smooth and enjoyable vacation.

Practical Tips and Information

In order to have the best experience during your family holiday in Cape Verde, it is essential to have practical knowledge. Throughout your stay, the resort’s staff will assist and guide you to ensure that your stay is hassle-free. Our UK booking team for Cape Verde holidays has over 35 years of experience regarding West Africa.

Some travel operators offer complimentary places for children at select hotels when accompanied by two paying adults. The availability of this benefit determines its value. With such information, planning your family vacation to Cape Verde becomes straightforward, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Child Discounts and Luggage Allowance

Family holidays in Cape Verde are economical and practical, especially for families with older children. Children aged 2 to 12 qualify for reduced fares when returning to the UK. This makes it an affordable destination for families with children.

Airlines servicing the route typically permit 10kg of luggage for children’s belongings. This allows you to bring along all necessary items hassle-free. Families visiting Cape Verde are frequently able to travel with prams or buggies at no extra charge.

Health and Safety Tips

When planning a family holiday to Cape Verde, health and safety should be your top priority. There is no malaria on the islands of Cape Verde. There is a higher risk of hurricanes on Santiago Island from September through November.

Travelers planning to visit Cape Verde should seek medical advice regarding vaccinations that are recommended for the region. Keep these health precautions in mind to ensure a safe and worry-free stay in Cape Verde for your family.


Cape Verde has become a leading destination for family vacations. It offers cultural engagement, scenic wonders, and activities for all ages. Families can indulge in the excitement of aquatic sports. They can also bask in the serenity offered by untouched beaches or dive into the depths of local culture. Engaging attractions, like Pedra de Lume’s historic salt mines, ensure lasting memories. Trekking up Monte Estancia adds to the island’s charm.

The nation offers accommodations catering to families and numerous open-air adventures rich in cultural heritage. When organizing your holiday to Cape Verde, remember it’s not just the verdant landscapes and coastal beauty that captivate. Equally enchanting are the people’s heartwarming hospitality, vibrant culture, and diverse array of unforgettable moments waiting around every cape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some family-friendly activities in Cape Verde?

Families seeking an ideal getaway will find Cape Verde brimming with activities suited for all ages. These include tranquil beach outings, water sports adventures, and hiking trails of varying difficulty levels. Additionally, they can immerse themselves in cultural experiences such as historical site visits and interactions with local communities.

What kind of accommodations are available for families in Cape Verde?

When families visit Cape Verde, they have an array of lodging options to select from. These include hotels situated right by the beach and comprehensive resorts designed with children in mind. These establishments provide easy access to the magnificent beaches that make Cape Verde a sought-after destination.

What is the best time to visit Boa Vista?

Visiting Boa Vista is ideal at any time throughout the year, except for between December and February. Sandstorms may interfere with air transportation during these months.

What health and safety precautions should be taken when traveling to Cape Verde?

Before traveling to Cape Verde, seek advice from a medical professional regarding necessary immunizations. Note the heightened risk of malaria on Santiago Island during the months of September through November.

Keep up-to-date with health advisories and adopt appropriate measures to safeguard your well-being while visiting these islands.

Are there any child discounts and luggage allowances for family holidays in Cape Verde?

Keeping in mind that children between 2 and 12 are entitled to a discount. They are frequently permitted a luggage allowance of 10kg by airlines.

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