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How to Travel Comfortably in a Car with Kids

To be on the road for hours at a time with your kids and perhaps a pet can’t be your dream, or if it is, your next holiday is going to completely disprove that. If you’re impatient or short-tempered by nature, this one isn’t for you. Kids demand a lot, particularly your attention, and keeping them occupied while you drive or play navigator can difficult. Still, there will always be some high points to such a holiday if you follow some of the pointers listed below. They are:

Keep the car temperature cool: Make your trip unforgettable by first fitting the windows with sun shades so that it’s cool inside. Place a blanket where each child sits so that he has something warm to snuggle up to if he feels cold. If they feel warm, you might like to give them battery-operated personal fans. If they want to nod off to sleep, give each of them a small soft pillow. Neck pillows are also a good option.


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Install a car air purifier: So much for all the preparations you can make before leaving. But how about setting up your car with a car air purifier that will instantly help your kids breathe cleaner air? If you’ve been eating burgers or any heavy foods in the car, the air inside absorbs the food smells and takes it over. An air purifier cleans the air so that you and your kids breathe clean air.

An air purifier also catches large particles like pollen and dander, in case you’re travelling with a pet too, yet again purifying the in-car air. If you or your spouse is a smoker and has been smoking while driving, the smoke that hangs in the car can easily be absorbed by a smoke eater air purifier and replaced by clean air.

Any bacteria, viruses or toxic gases present in your car’s air can also be eliminated by the presence of a car air purifier, thus preventing your child from breathing in impure air and suffering with respiratory problems. By ensuring that they are comfortable, whether they feel hot or cold, you’ll take care of all the possibilities.

Decide who sits where: Make a rough plan of which child sits where and when. Divide the number of hours you’re going to be on the road by the number of kids in the car. For instance, if there are three kids in the car and you’re making a nine-hour drive, each child can sit in a different place for three hours. Let each child decide where he or she wants to sit so long as he or she sits in all the places by the end of the trip.

Ensure they dress comfortably: Unless you’re driving to a formal occasion, let your kids dress casually in jeans and T-shirts or shorts. Allow each child to carry a sweatshirt or a light jacket in case he or she feels cold at some point.

Is your car filled with snacks? If you’re travelling a long distance with kids, you need to take a lot of snacks of all kinds, if only to keep them occupied and their stomachs full. Every now and then, pull out a few packets of food and share them out. Choose low-sugar snacks if you don’t want your kids to have an adrenaline rush. Give them cheese-based snacks, or whole nuts, slices of apples and rice cakes. Fill up a cooler with filtered water so that no one feels thirsty for long. Also, take along some paper wipes, a trash bag and paper towels.

Engage them for some time: Don’t let your kids get bored by the length of the road trip by giving them a few video games, books and stuffed animals to play with. Older kids can be given handheld devices along with earphones to keep them engaged for as long as possible. Let each older child pack his own set of toys in a little bag and be responsible for them.

Reward them appropriately: Ask your kids to read a short story and then ask them questions about it. The ones that get a good grade on your quiz can be given a toy, cash or coupons they can redeem in a store.

Take along a first aid kit: It’s possible that your kids fall and have scrapes. So, be prepared with a first aid kit so that you can stop the initial bleeding and calm your kids down.

Sit in the back seat sometimes: If there’s another adult travelling with you, take turns to sit in the back seat with your kids. Your closeness to them will make them enjoy the journey and perhaps you can sing along or play a game or two.


Your next trip with your kids can be a wonderful experience if you follow the above-mentioned tips.

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