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How to Design a Room that Will Shape Your Child’s Mind

A child’s environment can greatly influence their general development, mindset and state of mind. Therefore, it’s important that you design a kid’s room that will be inspirational, organised and inviting. When designing your child’s room, you need to be careful with the choices you make, because you can unconsciously shape their personality and bring about certain attitudes and opinions.


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A reading nook

Parents play a crucial role in developing their children’s love for reading, especially in their early childhood. Not only is it important for parents to read to their children, but they should also surround them with books children can explore on their own. There’s no better way to spark your child’s interest for reading than by providing them with their own reading nook. Whether it’s in a corner of the room or by the window, a personal reading space will help your child develop their reading skills, imagination and cognitive skills in general. All you need to do is place a comfy armchair, install appropriate lighting and introduce several shelves where you’ll add new books every now and then. This way, you’ll implicitly teach your child that reading is important and help them acquire proper values.

Artsy surroundings

Nothing can boost a child’s imagination like art, especially if they participate in creating it. You can inspire your child and enhance their creativity by being creative yourself. There are plenty of artistic DIY projects that can help you create an art-inspired room for your child. You can create a wall mural, hang your child’s drawings, decorate your kid’s room with letters and numbers or frame fabrics and transform them into interesting pictures. Turn this into a fun activity and engage your child as much as possible. Not only will you have a whale of a time together, but your child will also develop their motor skills and imagination while helping you out.

When installed methodically by following the included instructions, these easy-to-install wall murals adhere well to dozens of smooth, flat surfaces, such as painted drywall and finished wood.

Another great way to help your child develop and express their creativity is by providing them with their own space where they can draw, paint and create. You can add a chalkboard or transform an entire wall into a chalkboard where your kid can draw. In a corner of the room, you can create an art station with plenty of blank pieces of paper, water colours, crayons and other material. This way, your child will have a space where they can create their own masterpieces and acquire the love for art.

A study space

Since education in your child’s early childhood is of the utmost importance, their room should be suitable for both play and study. You don’t have to spend a fortune on designing a study space for your child, but introduce several simple yet necessary items. Add a desk, a comfortable chair, a desk lamp and several shelves and your kid’s study space is ready. You can buy dictionaries and encyclopaedias for your child, or other resources they can use to study more efficiently. This way, you’ll help your child become an independent learner and set them out on the road of lifelong learning.

An organised and enjoyable environment

Teaching your child responsibility is an important task of any parent. The best way to achieve this is by giving your child certain duties, such as taking care of their pet or tidying up their room. Designing a clean, organised and enjoyable room for your child will affect their own sense of responsibility for taking care of their space. Teach your child to clean their room regularly and keep it organised. Introduce plenty of storage solutions where they can keep their toys or fold their clothes. Since it’s important that your kid’s room is a healthy environment, you can get an air purifier. This will increase indoor air quality and eliminate all the allergens that your child brings in from outside. Make sure to take a look at reliable air purifier reviews before buying one. This way, you can find a high-quality air purifier at an affordable price. Once you’ve done your part in designing a clean and organised room, your child can be assigned the important task to take care of it.

In just a few steps, you can design an inspirational, creative and healthy environment for your child. Not only will they love to spend time in their room, but it will also help them develop their creativity, cognitive skills and acquire proper values.

Author: Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and has spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for a better life.

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