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Getting Your Little Ones About: Best Family Transport Options

Family outings are an inherent part of family life. Whether it’s a venture out for a special occasion or the standard school run or trip to the supermarket, you want to get your little ones about safely, quickly, cheaply and with as little hassle as possible. Here are a few of the best family transport options for you, your family and your budget.

Getting Your Little Ones About Best Family Transport Options


Many of us neglect walking. We are so used to alternative transport options that we sometimes forget that most of us are equipped with our own two feet for making our way to local destinations. So, start walking more. If you’re heading to the corner shop, down the road to a friend’s house or to school, get some fresh air in your lungs by heading there on foot.

Getting Your Little Ones About Best Family Transport Options

This will have a good influence on your little ones. It will provide them with necessary, easy exercise. It is free. What’s more? You get time to talk with them or teach them as you move through familiar surroundings. You can use this team to teach them how to cross the road correctly, read road signs and street signs and know their way around their hometown. Walking is also an extremely environmentally friendly option so you can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Perfect!


Some journeys, of course, are much too far to travel on foot conveniently. Either that or you will have too many things to carry. For example, heading on holiday or going to the local supermarket and picking up the week’s groceries. For these trips, a family car is the best option. Invest wisely. You need to ensure that it can safely fit you and your family inside it. This means there should be sufficient seats and space for car seats or booster seats, if necessary.

Getting Your Little Ones About Best Family Transport Options

If you have a family pet who will be joining you on journeys, such as a dog, invest in a safety harness and seatbelt, to ensure that they are securely seated too. Make sure that you drive safely, following the rules of the road, and have all of your necessary documentation at hand: driving licence, insurance policy, proof of road tax, etc. Breakdown cover is also useful too. Having a car can be costly, but there are areas that you can save on. Find the best insurance policy for you at cheapautoinsurance.co.uk, keep an eye out for lower fuel prices between competitor companies and clean your car yourself rather than having it cleaned professionally.

Public Transport

Admittedly, public transport isn’t always the most convenient option when you have very young children. Opening and closing prams, trying to keep toddlers still at the bus stop or train station platform and keeping them entertained and non-intrusive to other passengers during the trip can be difficult. However, as your kids grow a little, public transport will be a feasible option and a good way to save cash and the environment at the same time.

Getting Your Little Ones About Best Family Transport Options

These are the three most common family transport options available to the majority. But don’t be scared to try out different and more alternative methods too, such as cycling, rowing or jogging. Each family will quickly find what best suits them and their lifestyle. So try different things out. You never know what might suit you best!