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Smart Ideas for Designing an Eco-friendly Kitchen

Have you been thinking about redesigning your home in order to make it more sustainable? After all, this is definitely one of the smartest homeowner moves if you want to save energy, reduce your monthly expenses and help the environment in the process as well. However, sometimes it’s not easy to start on a project like this. In case you can’t decide where to focus your attention first, you may want to start with your kitchen. Not only is the kitchen the heart of your home but it’s also the place where eco-friendly changes can be incorporated in numerous ways, thus allowing you to save more energy and money in the most obvious way.

Smart Ideas for Designing an Eco-friendly Kitchen

Reduce the water waste

One of the major things you need to pay attention to in your kitchen is the amount of water you use. Having a dishwasher would be ideal, but that’s not always possible. When hand washing your dishes, you can easily waste a lot more water than you actually need. Turning the tap on and off is not really practical either. Therefore, when designing your eco-friendly kitchen, consider investing in sensor faucets. That way, you’ll use just the right amount of water and nothing more.

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Safe and eco-friendly cookware

It’s strangely easy to forget about the cookware you use, even when you have sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle in mind. However, there are some materials that are safer for your health and eco-friendlier than others. If possible, ditch Teflon and go for all-clad aluminum or cast iron cookware for your green kitchen.

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A water-purifying pitcher is a great addition

You may wonder why a water-purifying pitcher should find its way to your eco-friendly kitchen. Essentially, if your tap water is safe for drinking, you can save a lot simply by filling the pitcher with tap water and keeping it in the fridge. That way, you’ll always have clean and cool water to drink, without the need to buy bottled water or constantly turn the tap on and off.

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Use Energy Star rated appliances

Kitchen appliances are the biggest reason why so much energy waste happens in the kitchen. After all, these are probably the largest appliances in one’s home that constantly consume energy. With that in mind, your best bet is to invest in Energy Star Rated, energy efficient kitchen appliances. Moreover, don’t fall into the consumerism culture. Everything can be repaired, including your high-quality ILVE appliances, so don’t feel the need to replace things with new ones constantly. You should also use an energy comparison site to see if you can switch onto a green tariff.

Tips and tricks on using appliances

Obviously, you know what buttons to press when using your kitchen appliances. However, there are some tricks that can help you save more energy and live a sustainable lifestyle. For instance, if you have a dishwasher, never use it unless it’s full. If you have just a couple of dishes to clean, hand wash them. Leave the dishwasher for big loads so that you don’t waste energy or water. When it comes to your fridge, you don’t really need to set the temperature to the lowest possible, do you? Even if you don’t own an energy-efficient refrigerator, you can probably still get away with turning the temperature up a bit. If your food and drinks are still cold and fresh, there’s no need to use the lowest setting that wastes the most energy for no good reason.

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Green kitchen materials

In case you’re interested in changing the look of your kitchen completely and want to use sustainable materials in the process, you have several different options. The most durable one is definitely concrete, and you can get it in numerous designs these days. Salvaged wood is also a great option for those of you who really like the look of it. Moreover, you can opt for bamboo, which is a true favourite among the eco-friendly homeowners. There are also different possibilities if you’re looking for separate floor and kitchen elements materials, so make sure to take the time to opt for those that suits you the best.

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It’s true that redesigning your home, and kitchen especially, in an eco-friendly manner is a project that requires investment and time. However, this is one of the proven and most effective ways when it comes to saving money, energy and environment in the long run. Therefore, take things slowly and enjoy the process of looking for eco-friendly kitchen bits and pieces that match your personal tastes as well.