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Cheap and Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

No matter what kind of work you do, you simply have to be eager to spread the word about your business. Fail to do this and chances are your business won’t survive too long. However, not too many companies out there can afford to spend a lot of money on marketing and if this is the case with your business, you probably don’t know what to do. Luckily, there are some cheap and easy ways to promote your business. Here are five of them that are guaranteed to do the trick.

Cheap and Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

Make your vehicle a mobile billboard

There’s no need to pay for huge billboards when you can easily turn your vehicle into a mobile one. Just think about how much people will get a look at your company’s logo and phone number while you’re on the road. And even if you end up being stuck in traffic, you’ll still be promoting your business. According to some reports, a single vehicle wrap can generate even up to 70,000 views on a daily basis. Another great reason why you should think about doing this is that all you’re going to need are removable stickers you’re going to apply to your vehicle.

Get on social media

Right now, social media is one of the best places where you can promote your business. All you’re going to need in order to market on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some visuals and interesting content to share. Just bear in mind that you should use all of your social media pages to communicate with your customers. This means you should go through all the comments made about your post and reply on some of them. You should make sure you respond to negative comments as well if you want to show everyone that your business has nothing to hide.

Videos are also a great way to engage with your customers on social media and across the internet. It’s easier than you may think as well, find a good video maker and away you go!

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Use buddy marketing

Buddy marketing is another marketing option you just can’t go wrong with. Basically, what you’ll need to do is find businesses that offer similar (but not the same) products or services you do and have them refer their customers to you. What so great about buddy marketing is that you won’t to spend any money on it. The only thing you’ll have to do is return the favor and refer your customers to your buddy companies. It’s always a good idea to make business cards and have your buddy companies give these to their customers.

Start using promotional items

Every person out there enjoys getting something for free and this is something you can use to your advantage. Give out cheap promotional items and not only will you be forming strong relationships with your current customers but you’ll also be encouraging them to refer your business to their family and friends. Luckily, there are tons of interesting promotional items you can go for. For years, companies have been using promotional t-shirts, keychains and pens, and while these still work like a charm, you can now go for something different, such as custom stress balls or USB flash drives with your logo on them.

Work with influencers

Influencers are the next big thing in the world of marketing and there are quite a few benefits working with them brings. First of all, it’s important to mention that they’ve already reached the audience you want to bring your products or services closer to. Not only this, but their audience trusts them and having them recommend your business is always a huge plus. Another great thing about influencers is that working with them won’t cost you too much as all you’ll have to do is send them freebies or give them a discount.

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These five ways to promote your business won’t cost you too much but they’re guaranteed to attract you more customers. Bear in mind that you should always keep working on your marketing efforts as that’s the only way to keep your business afloat.