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The Many Different Interior Design Styles

Do you know the difference between the Scandinavian interior design style and the modern? When does a room boast a rustic style and when is it a farmhouse finish?

When it comes to styling your home, you want an interior design scheme that not only suits your property but suits how you use your home. This is effectively the foundation of interior design styles: it is not just about decorating but how style and detail enhances a home and how it is used.

The Many Different Interior Design Styles

Why is getting the right style is important?

The style of your home says a lot about you, your character and the people who live there. It is the running narrative of family life but also hides the smaller details that enhance as well as hide features.

It is also about exercising stylistic choice. But, like fashion, interior design ideas come and go, falling in and out of favour at a great rate.

But, understanding the principles of each design style, from the rustic to the Scandinavian to the minimal, helps you to create an interior that you now only love, but works well with how you live in your home.

The Many Different Interior Design Styles

Which Style is Your Style?

Whether you like the pedigree and details of the vintage look or the simple raw elements found in the rustic style, this Guide to Interior Design Styles is a must-read.

Well-written and researched, it accurately describes several interior design styles and what they will bring to your home.