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A Dad’s Guide to Dressing Better in 2018

We all love babies – what a cliché sentence, but that doesn’t make it any less true. However, it somehow seems that babies possess a secret power as in many cases, once they arrive, parents forget about their style and the way they look. Ugh, those babies, style ruiners! Just kidding – but it seems that due to many chores people have to do around the house when the baby comes, style comes a distant second.

A Dad’s Guide to Dressing Better in 2018

And that’s perfectly normal, but one of the biggest mistakes is letting it fall under that. So, if you’re a dad and feel like you lost your sense of style and that your t-shirts are not the same as the t-shirts you once wore, take a look at this simple guide to get you back on track when style is concerned.

Pay attention to your size

There are three types of dads out there – the ones who wear their size, the ones who like to wear clothes they used to wear when they were young, and those who somehow fall into baggy clothes for no apparent reason. Let’s focus on the latter two – even though it is very probable that you’ll gain a bit of weight once the baby arrives, know that your size has probably changed, so try not to wear your skinny jeans from a couple of years ago.

Also, stop wearing oversized clothes (especially pants) – you’ll have plenty of time to do that once you hit 60. The best way to know your size is based on the length of your trousers – if their ends reach the half of your heel, that’s the right size for you. Definitely not longer.

Invest in clothes

Even though you sometimes might end up with having a bit of barf on your t-shirt thanks to your newborn, that’s not a reason for you not to have high-quality nice clothes. Since you will continue to pursue your career, it’s of utmost importance to invest in the proper clothing, basically in the live-forever pieces. Always own a good suit, a good leather jacket and a thick sweater that you will wear when it’s cold.

A Dad’s Guide to Dressing Better in 2018 - Invest in Clothes

Look up to style icons

You might be too old to have idols, but looking up to celebrities in terms of fashion is something that always right. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are also dads, but their style is seriously impeccable. The first thing you should do is find a celebrity dad with the same body type as yours, and whose style you like. Never copy them, but you should always look for similar items to wear. Use their ideas and their colour palettes (most probably black, white, grey and beige) and try to make your wardrobe based on that. The tip is to start easy and small, and once you’re confident about it, you’ll have time for experimentations.

Wear comfortable shoes

Parenting brings many obligations, so wearing footwear that’s not comfortable is out of the question. However, you should always look for shoes and sneakers that are fashionable and nice. As far as comfortable and nice footwear is concerned, start off with nice men’s Birkenstock shoes that you could wear around the house and neighbourhood. These shoes are a classic, and they can be very fashionable if you know to match them regularly with the rest of your outfit. A small tip: never wear them with socks. Moreover, pick nice athleisure sneakers with a neutral colour that you could wear with practically anything – the best option would be whites as they are the most fashionable and can be incorporated in any outfit, ranging from formal to the sporty ones.

Groom properly

If you like growing facial hair and you’re good at it, make sure to keep it trimmed and in the perfect condition, always. If you’re not satisfied with your beard or cannot grow a proper one, keep it shaved. Also, it’s a good idea to look at men’s grooming sites such as electricshaversuk.co.uk for tips and advice on the best shaving tools for use at home. The most important thing is that your face looks meticulous. Moreover, pay attention to your hairstyle. The best hairdo for dads at the moment is keeping the sides very short with a little extra length on top. You’ll always find one hour every two weeks to go to your local barber and have your hair and beard refreshed.

A Dad’s Guide to Dressing Better in 2018 - Groom Properly

Being a parent is never an excuse for not looking your best. Also, it is very important for your kid to look at your photos from this age and be very proud of the way their dad looked back in 2018. You don’t want them to be embarrassed by your style, do you?