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How to Make Your Wife Feel Special on Valentine’s Day

It goes without saying that you should try to make your wife feel special everyday of the year. Sometimes with work obligations, kids and our daily life we tend to overlook this fact. But with such holidays like the Valentine’s day you have a chance to remedy this with a few grand gestures that might not be something you would do on a daily basis.

How to Make Your Wife Feel Special on Valentine's Day

Now if you are stuck and unsure what is the best way to go about making your wife feel special on this day, here are some great ideas that you can implement to make the 2018 Valentine’s day the best one yet.

Make sure you put her first

If you truly want to make her feel special devote all your time and energy on this day to her. From the time you both wake up ‘till you go to bed. Make sure that everything you do is related to her and her needs. Weather is making sure you stalked the fridge with her favourite food, that the stereo is playing the music she loves or that you have bought her the perfect bouquet of flowers. So that she knows that you took the time to make this day all about her, and you can be certain that she will feel truly special.

Level up your romantic gestures

No, any old flowers and a card will not be enough on this day. This is the perfect time to upgrade your romance game. Start with little post-its all around your home, you can write some love messages of your own design or find some great quotes to use. In addition, you could create a custom scavenger hunt with clues and little gifts all around you home leading her to the big present you have prepared. This is something you could get your kids to participate in too, making the whole thing even more special.

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Find the perfect gift

Now, this will take some time and more importantly you will need to actually listen to your wife on the daily basis. There is a good chance that she will mention what she wants or needs, and based on that you can get her the perfect gift. Just make sure it is appropriate for this specific holiday. So household appliances are out of the question no matter how often she says she needs a new ironing board. A Valentine’s day gift needs to be something she will feel good about like a pair of Quay sunglasses, such a gift will show her that this day is all about her and what makes her feel happy and beautiful.

Organise a kids-free weekend

Of course you love your kids to bits, but a day or two away from them might be just what your wife needs. Book a hotel or a spa centre and provide your wife with a well-deserved rest. You can have couples massages, romantic dinners, or order room service, whatever makes her feel happy and relaxed. Devote all your attention to her and she will feel so special and appreciated on this trip. On your way back make sure to pick up a few gifts for the kids, and try to make the relaxed atmosphere last as long as possible.

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Take on the domestic role

During the few days before the Valentine’s day start picking up more and more chores. Help her with the dishes or do the vacuuming without being asked to. Your wife is guaranteed to be in shock. You can even prepare the entire lunch on February the 14th, and just sweep her off her feet.

Nothing can make her feel more special then you showing an understanding of everything she does for you and your family. It is the little things like these that mean the most. Of course even a grand gesture such as this one asks for a bit of romance, so a bouquet of roses and a little gift still need to make an appearance.

There you have it, some great ideas on how to make your wife feel special on Valentine’s day. Just you making an effort to make this day extra special will mean the world to her, and if by doing so you are able to show her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her then you are going to score some serious husband points.