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How to Decorate Your Landscape with The Help of River Rocks

River rock is a kind of stone that is used for adding a natural element to the landscape designs. They are popular amongst many residential landscapes because of their diverse shapes, colour and size, and giving the opportunity to decorate the space just the way you want. This article highlights some of the finest designs that can be implemented for enhancing the aura of your existing landscape with river rocks!

How to Decorate Your Landscape with The Help of River Rocks

Before revealing the amazing designs, let’s know more about river rock and why they are considered to be an essential element of the landscape.

What is A River Rock?

River rock is a combination of gravel, pebbles and associated stones that are formed deep in the river. Because of their sources, these rocks are together named as river rocks. Their fine texture, incredible colour shade and the captivating natural look is something that uplifts the theme of any landscape in no time. You can consider having them in almost any part of the area, based on the layouts and the elements that are present in them. 

Create Beautiful Designs with River Rocks

Though there are many designs that can be created with the help of these rocks, here are the top 4 amongst them:

  • River Rock Path: When you want to bring a variety of colour and style to the same old landscape then you can opt for river rock path. This is a simple, yet effective way to breathe a new life into the design. In this, all you have to do is spread the rocks across the walkway and notice the difference that it can create. Remember, there must be some sort of border aligned with the walkway in order to place them precisely.
  • Creek Bed: The creek bed can be the star attraction of your landscape. This is where you can add your favourite plants, boulders or trees that would flow with the rhythm of the bed. Having them is indeed a treat to the eyes, so why not to create a spectacular design with the use of river rocks.
  • Fountain Splash: If you have a fountain in the landscape, then the time has come to revamp it with river rock. Place these rocks beneath the fountain or in the area where the water is accumulated. This creates a river like a feel and enhances the aesthetic value of the design to a dramatic extent.
  • Spread Across Flowering Plants: This innovative use of river rocks amplifies the theme of landscape. Here you can use rocks of the different shades across flowering plants so that when the flower grows it gives a beautiful contrasting effect that completes the look of the landscape.

Other Potential Ideas with River Rock for Landscape

There is so much that can be done with the river rock in your landscape. Some of the ideas to look after are:

  • Uses these rocks for filing a particular border at the place, as these rocks can prevent the growth of weeds too.
  • Use them on bender boards so as to shape them into various structures at the desirable places.
  • Spread it as a form of accent where new plants tend to pop.
  • Use the river rocks as a form of mulch rather than relying on the conventional wood mulch.

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What are you waiting for? The time has come to take the beauty of your landscape to new heights with the help of a river rock. Further, there are many stores out there that offer these rocks at a remarkable value, so that you can grab the best without spending too much for the same.