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Plumbing Tool Reviews for Plumbers

The most novice, at times, has to make repairs or repairs related to plumbing, but the work can be complicated if the proper instruments are lacking. The absence or lack of knowledge of any kind of specific tool for plumbing therapy can turn a simple task into an impossible mission if we use the inappropriate material. Learn the uses and characteristics of some of the most common tools that will allow you to complete your work easily. When you encounter a breakdown or a plumbing problem, many times you look for ways to solve it.With the help of a professional plumber.

The plumber should have these plumbing tools:

#1. Wrench: 

We can find it in different sizes classified by inches. It serves to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts. Its opening is adjustable, allowing its adaptation to different sizes.


This feature differentiates it from the rest of the keys and is the key to its success. One of the most common tools, and the one that you will use the most in practically any type of fault you find. Keep in mind that it is not enough to have only one since there are different measures. It is a specialized tool in plumbing. It is used for the screwing of pipes, the jaws are serrated and adjustable, which allows a greater grip on round tubes or other pieces that also have a cylindrical shape.

#2. Saws:

It’s best to use a Power Saw, a good affordable reciprocating saw can do the job easily for you, but if you prefer manual saws; you can use a handsaw as well.

It is created by a blade with a serrated edge, is manipulated manually and serves to cut all kinds of material to perform a plumbing job; depending on the tubes that you want to cut, you will need one or two blades with a serrated edge to achieve the objective, since it will wear with the use for each activity.

With a saw, you can easily cut pipes of many materials. Do not forget that the model of arc saw that you have to use will depend on the material from which the tubes that you need to cut are made.

It is formed by a blade of a serrated edge, is handled by hand and serves to cut all kinds of materials. Depending on the composition of the tubes or plates to be cut, it will be necessary to use one type or another of a sheet.

#3. Grippers Grip:

This plumbing tool is a wonder, as it offers a grip for your material in an exceptional way; it is perfect and it is used for all the materials that with the passage of time lost their original shape, like the round nuts, the screws or simply the different wet elements where other tools would slip and they would not do the work that is needed for that moment.

Grippers Grip

They offer an exceptional grip, perfect for elements that have lost their original shape, like rounded nuts, or wet elements in which other tools would slip.

#4. Tube Cutters:

There are different sizes and uses, so there will be no pipe that cannot be cut by this tool. Its operation is very simple and the perfect cut, much better than if we made it with a saw.

Tube Cutters

It exists in the market in different sizes and for various uses, with this plumber tool, there will be no pipe that cannot be cut accurately and quickly. It serves to achieve in a simple way the perfect cut and in the same way as a saw without many complications.

#5. Pliers:

It is normally used to extract nails or tips and cut all kinds of wires, the pliers is a very useful tool when holding items that with pliers could not because of its smaller opening. Its extensibility makes it a key piece of the plumber’s toolbox.

#6. The Abocifer:

It is a tool that is used to work flexible pipes. It serves to flare or extend the ends of the tube to be placed on the chamfers of the connection. Its function is very specific so it can only be used for what has been created. A tool that we will only find in the plumber’s bag.