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Choosing a Cardiologist That Fits Your Needs

Choosing the right cardiologist in London is a very important decision to make after all this is your health. The last thing that you want to deal with a one size fits all clinic, or hospital, that focuses on their bottom line, rather than the health and well being of their patients. You want a cardiologist who focuses on the individual needs of their patients to ensure that they are receiving the best treatment possible.

Why Choose a Private Clinic?

When it comes to your overall health and wellbeing, you want to deal with a medical team who understands that every patient is unique, and thus needs a personalized treatment plan that will best fit that patient’s specific needs. A good private practice places their focus on the individual needs of their patients while ensuring that they are being treated in a calm, clean, and comfortable, atmosphere. The staff these clinics are deeply sensitive to the vulnerable time that their patients and families are going through, and are dedicated to making each appointment and treatment plan as painless, and stress-free, as possible.



World Class Doctors

In order for a patient to receive the best possible treatment plan, they will need to be assessed and treated by the best possible medical team. A team of private cardiologists is likely to consist of world-class doctors who have vast expertise in both cardiology and general medicine. Patients will be placed with a doctor who specializes in the patient’s specific medical needs. Areas of special expertise in private clinics can include:

  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Heart Failure
  • Varicose Veins arterial problems
  • Valve Disease
  • Cardiology
  • General Medicine
  • Arrhythmias
  • Pacing
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardio-Oncology
  • Cardiac Imaging

The doctors at private clinics usually have the time to ensure patients should have a complete understanding of what their treatment plan will entail as longer appointment times are available, as well as having time to explain why this treatment plan has been designed for them – allowing both the patients, and their families, to feel confident in the treatment plan that they will be receiving.NHS appointments are usually shorter and it may not always be possible for you to take enough time to ask the questions you want to.

State of The Art Machinery and Equipment

Cardiovascular treatments are constantly evolving. This is also true with the machinery and equipment that is used to diagnose, monitor, and treat, patients with cardiovascular health problems. Private clinics often use only the most state of the art and up-to-date equipment to ensure that patients are receiving only the most accurate diagnosis of their conditions, and the most effective form of treatment. It is not unusual for you to notice new or upgraded equipment from the time of your last visit to a private clinic.

Private Clinic

Private Clinic

Most NHS hospitals do not upgrade their cardiovascular machinery and equipment until it becomes broken or is so outdated, that medical guidelines are requiring an upgrade. This often puts hospital equipment years behind the equipment and machinery found at a private clinic.

No Waiting Times 

Patients who need to visit a cardiovascular clinic have already been anxiously waiting for the day of their appointment to arrive – the last thing that they want to do once they get to their appointment is sit in a crowded waiting room for any amount of time. Most NHS hospitals will book several patients into the one-time slot without even taking into account how long each appointment may take. Private clinics respect that fact that every patient’s time is valuable – they never overbook appointments, and have virtually no wait times.

Staff members who book appointments will also provide the patient with a general idea of how long they should expect the length of their appointment to be. This allows patients and their families the convenience of being able to easily plan their day around the scheduled appointment.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why many people choose to go private with any cardiovascular health issues.