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4 Reasons To Take A Family Trip To Chiswick

When you think of London you’re probably picturing big buildings and hordes of tourists bustling around everywhere. Large areas of London are like that, but it’s a large city with lots of different boroughs, some of which offer a more relaxed experience. Chiswick is the place to go if you want a nicer, less hectic London experience and it’s perfect for a family weekend with the kids. It’s a beautiful blend of village and city that is almost unrecognisable as London. These are just some of the reasons you should visit Chiswick.

4 Reasons To Take A Family Trip To Chiswick

Great Places To Stay

Trying to find a nice place to stay that’s also affordable anywhere near central London is almost impossible. You’ve got the choice between paying a ridiculous amount of money or staying somewhere a bit rubbish. But in Chiswick, you can get some great luxury apartments from http://www.londonservicedapartments.co.uk/. Having your own apartment where you can all stay together is much better for a family trip than staying in a hotel. You’ll be in a great location in Chiswick with easy access to all of the great stuff that the area has to offer.

Great Cafes And Restaurants

Cafes are a central part of life in Chiswick so you’ve got plenty of great little places to choose from. You can sit in a quaint little cafe along the river and have some breakfast as you watch the world go by. The Hothouse is one of the most popular places, with a nice relaxed atmosphere and a great lunch menu.

In the evening you can go for some dinner at one of the many great restaurants in Chiswick. There are plenty of gourmet restaurants but the kids probably won’t be on board with the food and they’re expensive so you’re probably better off going somewhere like The Dove which serves good quality pub classics.

Go To The Beach (sort of)

You’re probably thinking, there’s no beach in London? You’re right, there isn’t, but you can get the next best thing in Chiswick. If you head down to the Strand when the tide is low you can go down to the bank, skim stones and dip your feet in the water. It’s a great outdoor activity for the family in the summer. Just remember that the tide moves fast so always keep an eye on the kids and don’t wander too far down the river.

Chiswick House

Chiswick House itself is probably a bit boring for the kids but the gardens that surround it are perfect for a family day out. There are plenty of wooded areas where they can run about and climb trees. There’s a great sandpit and play area with a nice cafe as well. If you can convince them, the house itself is worth looking around but that’s something for you rather than the kids. Visit http://chiswickhouseandgardens.org.uk/visit/opening-times-prices/ to see the opening times and prices.

If you’re fed up with the hustle and bustle of London and you want a more relaxing experience on your next visit, Chiswick is the place to go.